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My Menopause Survival Kit

My friend Steffy tipped me off to a Women’s Clinic that worked for her. They really care about their clients, and they don’t jack up the prices like some of the clinics do. Still, I had to pay out of pocket because they were out-of-network with my lackluster health insurance. Each visit cost about $150. […]

March of the Menopause

In February, I got blindsided by a mental breakdown. In June, I almost killed myself. What happened between Feb and June? The meltdown in February made me think I was going insane. My mom has a long history of severe mental illness, and my daughter struggles with it, too, so I figured it was finally […]

Menopause Madness Ensues

This SCARY thing started happening to me back in February, and I didn’t know what it was. I WAS LOSING MY MIND. My first episode occurred the same day I impulse bought a grandfather clock – how timely! Have you ever impulse bought anything? This year, here are two things I impulse bought: a grandfather […]


Last year, I announced that I’m an alcoholic. But after all the research I’ve done, I’ve decided I don’t care for the word “alcoholic.” Instead, I’ve accepted the fact that I have alcohol addiction.  From the book, Alcohol Explained, by William Porter: “What has been learned can never be unlearned. Alcohol addiction is created when […]

What I Did This Summer

Years ago, I made it a point to post five blog entries a week. Nowadays, I’m more prone to moving old posts to the top of the home page whenever the topic is requested or relevant. It’s pretty easy to do, since I have over 600 posts – some of them I forgot I even […]

Married and Missing Something

The other day a friend asked me, “As a sex worker, do you require married clients to have consent from their wives to see you?” I replied, “Ha, no.” You see, most of my clients are married men. I practice ethical non-monogamy, but what they do is on them. When they come to see me, […]


The following is a list of links that relate to my slideshow presentation Shocking the System: When Your True Life Tales Cross the Line. The presentation was given March 3, 2018 at Shameless Grounds in St Louis, MO, and on March 18 in London at Eroticon. This list is curated from the more than 600 posts […]

I’m Going Places!

One of my goals is to get out of St Louis once a month for a change of scenery. In 2017, I went to Iceland, New York, Kansas City, Indiana, Virginia, Rhode Island, Florida – and I even went crazy a few times! I’m so glad I finally got my mid-life crisis under control, PHEW! […]

Sexual Side Effects of Some Medications

Throughout this whole six month ordeal, my sex drive remained strong. In fact, it was even stronger! Instead of drying up, I was firing up. GRRRR! I had more male energy. I felt juicy and sizzling like a steak on a grill. My friend Joan Price maintains that if you have a healthy libido before […]

Taking My Medicine

At my yearly physical last June, I talked to my doctor about my drinking problem. He didn’t offer me much help. He’s a good man, but the system has his hands tied. This year, I came to him with an even BIGGER problem – my menopause madness. I was at death’s door, but still raging. […]

My Name is Kendra, and I’m an Alcoholic

I’d like to blame Trump for my alcoholism, but in all fairness, I’ve been dealing with it for the past couple years. Menopause and the current social climate has made it much worse, so I’ve been trying to get it under control. But goddamn it’s a STRUGGLE. Like this woman. I started going to therapy […]

The Night I Almost Died

If you have seen me since June 5 and are glad about it, then please thank my partner Matthew for saving my life. If you know him, shake his hand. On June 4, after months of angst and confusion, I was ready to die by suicide. I loved life, but it was all too much […]

I’ve Been Tied Up…

I’m SO behind on updating this damn website!! I have posts in draft and adventures to share, but they keep stacking up as I keep putting out fires (menopause hormones!), attending events, and playing with clients. The pic above was taken by my friend Mike Estes at Naughti Gras, an erotic art show that happens every […]

Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex

Don’t skip this book review just because you’re under age 60. I promise you’ll learn something surprising.

What Happens to Sex When Your Partner is Ill?

In the past three weeks, I’ve had three men approach me for a consultation about a problem they’ve been dealing with for longer than I can fathom: their wife is chronically ill, and they haven’t had sex in years. They’ve cared for her, support and love her, would never leave her, but they are frustrated. […]

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