A Most Romantic and Roguish Fuck Buddy

By Matthew | December 22, 2017

Ed Note: Here is Matthew’s perspective of the sexy story I posted earlier this week! Another first date success story from the pages of polyamory…

Having been acquainted with this woman for almost a decade, I was happy she contacted me after her recent relationship ended.  Here’s how it transpired….

“I need your help,” she blurted.

Aside from seeing her a couple times out and about, that’s the first message I received from her in more than year. I wasn’t quite sure if she needed help moving, or help with her taxes, or maybe some direct pressure on a wound?!

“Okay, but I’m gonna need more details here,” I replied.

“I need someone…”

“Go on,” I encouraged.

“Okay…I need a fuck buddy. Does that even exist? Is that weird?”

“Now we’re getting somewhere. Yes, it exists, and it is absolutely NOT weird!”

The conversation went on from there with me reassuring her that everything she wanted was totally acceptable. I asked her if she had a preference as far as type of person. Male? Female? Brown, white, yellow, big, small, old, young?

“No. I’m really not picky. I just want someone to hang out with, experience some culture, have some drinks, and have sex with no guilt, no drama and no real expectations. Knowing you….I figured you might know where to look.”

To which I replied, “Sounds perfect. How about I start with looking in the mirror?”

“I’m totally interested!” she exclaimed.

Yes!! I’ve always been attracted to her, and received great feedback from her to my flirtatious cues in the past. Now, the timing was finally right. She was well aware of my relationship status, yet still contacted me. That is a major factor in my choosing to see women for anything more than a platonic connection.

I talked it over with Kendra. She was cool with it, and after meeting Lana again a couple of days later, Kendra was excited over the possibility.

The date was set. All details on the table. It was time for Lana and I to get together….

Her hair is truly amazing. She wears it up most often but had hinted at the fact that she liked it played with..sometimes soft…sometimes hard. I greeted her with a kiss and a hug at the door. As she walked into my house I smelled her …subtle ….summer…

We caught up a bit as I poured her a drink and I told her our plans for the evening. I showed her the dress Kendra left for her and she immediately tried it on. She wore it well!!  It accentuated her curves so nicely. A few more drinks and it was almost time for dinner….

“But first, the appetizer,” I said. Taking her hand, I led her to my bedroom…

We kissed deeply and were both into it immediately. She told me a few days earlier that she loved being touched all over, that she could cum from nipple stimulation alone, and that she was multi-orgasmic. Intrigued of course, I wanted to see for myself.

I slid her new dress off and laid her face down on the bed. Applying oil to her body, I massaged her thoroughly. As I made my way down her back, over her ass to her inner thighs, I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. I grazed it with my pinky a few times as I rounded her thighs with my hands. She squirmed toward me every time I got close to her hot spot and I could wait no longer to turn her over.

I started with her forehead and kissed my way down to her lips, over to her cheek, below her ear. Then I mouthed my way down to her neck, her shoulder, collar bone, breasts…slowing way down, I finally took my time to get her nipple into my mouth. She was writhing as I pulled it into my mouth. It wasn’t long before she exploded into her first orgasm of the evening. I was off….down her soft tummy…kissing her hips..the tops of her thighs…

Almost instantaneously as my tongue graced her clit she came again. Very light at first, I strengthened and widened my tongue over her whole pussy. She soaked my fingers as I probed her with intent. She came again….and again…sucking on her clit, rolling it with my tongue…circling her pussy with my fingers… and again… I could have done that for hours! She tasted, smelled and felt so good. I slowed down and we took a breather.

“Water?” I asked.

“Yessss…  Please….” she gasped.

I got her up after a few minutes and we decided to hit the town. She wanted to wear the dress Kendra had given her and I agreed on two conditions: she was to wear no bra, and she had to wear her hair down, untamed. Excited to oblige, we were off.

We heard some live music, met some new people, enjoyed each other’s company…every once in a while sharing a kiss, or a flirtatious touch. Having not cum myself earlier, my cock was heavy pretty much the entire time we were out of the house. She felt it pulsing at one point and whispered, “Ohhhh. How about a blowjob soon?” Practically bursting at the seams, I paid the bill and we were off again!

She dropped her dress on the way home, exposing her amazingly formed breasts. I told her I wanted her to make herself cum by playing with her nipples, as she told me she was capable of doing. She started pinching her nipples, pulling them toward her tongue, licking them and sucking them, all the while staring at me hungrily. Before long, BAM! she came.

Every woman deserves a candlelit bath.

At the next stop sign, I reached over and started circling her clit with my fingers. She reached for my cock and found it rock hard and pulsing through my jeans.

We got out of the car back at my house safe and sound and I led her to a dark corner of my yard.

Unbuckling my belt, I released my cock from its constraints. She was on her knees immediately, sucking hungrily! “I’m going to cum on your tits!” I growled, and about thirty seconds later, I fucking exploded!!  YESSSSSSSSSS! My cum glistened on her in the moonlight.

Inside, I drew a bath for her and washed her beautiful body with a soft, bubbly cloth. Little did she know, I was washing off the disrespect that had been dealt her by past lovers. I want nothing more than to chew that negative energy up and spit it out for her. Soak it up and transform it into something exquisite.

Something worthwhile.

Lit by candles, we ended the evening with a few more orgasms and great conversation. It was nothing short of lovely, and I’m sure it will be again….and again.


santa 2012-08-15 14:16:05



Miss Scarlet 2012-08-15 16:31:28

You are so fucking sexy


    Matthew 2012-08-16 23:23:26

    Thank you, Beloved Miss Scarlet. We will celebrate very soon!! 😉


Shine 2012-08-16 20:09:27



    Matthew 2012-08-16 23:23:47

    I concur!


Dan 2014-03-24 10:54:00

A wise woman once passed kind and dear words to me that I think are true of you, Matthew: “You are a man who loves women.”

Inspiring evening you have given us with Lana here in your writing.

Sad for me to think that some men in fact do not love women; or themselves. That’s the hard one. Seems what you provided Lana with that night was a connection. Was that not what she was hungry for? Sex is way important; but you gave her something more, no?


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