A Session With All the Bells and Whistles… and Cleanup

By Kendra Holliday | October 7, 2017

In addition to offering surrogate sessions, I also entertain fetish exploration (and anything else I feel like!)

Often, a session only involves a condom and lube. Easy cleanup!

On more rare occasions, a session involves A LOT of cleanup. HA!

This week I had one of those… messy sessions. I affectionately refer to my extreme fetish clients as “pervs” or “sluts”. At first, they feel self-conscious about it, but over time, they realize my playground for perverts is safe, and they have fun with it.

Don’t get me wrong – I looove easy sessions that involve sensuality and TLC, but the freak sessions are pretty fun. I like creative sexuality and mixing it up! When I say, “Let your freak flag fly,” I mean it!!!

Here is a (dirty) laundry list of what we did in 90 minutes:

  • Two days ago, I put him in a cock cage and sent him on his way to stew in his own juices.
  • That means he had two days of foreplay. Wearing the cock cage puts him in a completely submissive state of mind. He’s like a whimpering, horned up puppy who wants to do anything for me.
  • He arrived in his boring street clothes. I made him change into a turquoise bikini and hot pink dog collar. Cage remains on.
  • I make him lick my pussy until I cum LOUD. He’s well trained to know what I like, right down to proper tongue strokes – we’ve been seeing each other for about two years!
  • Satisfied, I pull down his bikini bottoms and slap his caged cock around. I affix a few clothes pins to his balls.
  • I bend him over the bed, condom up a vibrating dildo and fuck him with it. He whimpers and wiggles like a little bitch.
  • I take him down to the dungeon and make him my toilet. I have a brilliant contraption another client designed (he needs to market this!) It’s a commode with a cut out space for a head to fit in. It is my Throne. I place him on the concrete floor with his head in the opening. Then, I sit on the toilet seat, my powerful pussy positioned above his trapped head. I piss into his eager mouth, and he drinks my piss. Gulp. Gulp. Gulp… he will do anything for me.
  • I make him shower and mouthwash.
  • We go back to the bedroom and I FINALLY uncage him. Slowly.
  • Liberated, he springs into action and begs to fuck me. I allow him to be a man. I put a condom on his free ranging dick and he fucks me. He loves my pussy. He is swimming in subspace and female energy.
  • I stop him and insist he masturbate into the condom. I drizzle lube on him as he frantically jerks off. As I pinch his nipples and stroke his balls, I whisper filthy things in his ear that involve other men, gang bangs, dogs… he’s a cunt licker. He’s a piss drinker. He’s a cocksucker. He’s my whore. I put him on display for everyone to use however they want, like an interactive art display. I have him by the balls.
  • He’s breathing like a steam engine and has an explosive orgasm in the condom. I inform him he is now a cum licker. I carefully peel off the sopping condom and squeeze the contents into his mouth. He greedily sucks it up and down and all around. I clamp a hand over his mouth and order him to swallow. Of course he does. He will do anything for me.

Before he left, he offered me a tip, which I graciously accepted. “It’s like a cleaning bill.”

After he left, I showered, stripped the bed, washed the commode, cleaned up the trail of condoms and lubes and toys and lingerie… then ran errands, picked up my daughter from school…

Rinse and repeat.

All in a day’s work. πŸ˜‰

Later that day, I was driving in my neighborhood and saw this Halloween display. It totally reminded me of the cock cage – HAHAHAHAHA!

Welcome to my house of whorers – HA!

All shiny and new!













I love being a haunted whore house. Come and face your fetishes and fears – if you dare!

Cursed with Kink!

X marks the spot!

Photo by Mike Estes


Dorothy 2017-10-07 08:46:23

I have a fetish I wish I could explore and see. unfold.

One thing on my bucket list is to dress in women’s lingerie. Like I don’t already do this. I would love to dress 2 women in sexy garter belts and stockings and sit back and watch the women have sex with one another.

Of course I would love to be dressed up and give a blow job to some guy as well. So I guess you can say I have more then one fetish.


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