b-Vibe trio Remote Control Vibrating Plug

By Kendra Holliday | October 11, 2016

b-Vibe with remote

b-Vibe with remote

One of the things I LOOOOOOVE about my “job” is that I get to explore roleplay and role reversal.

This is super therapeutic for both me and my clients, because we are dealing with a patriarchal cesspool and it is EXHAUSTING us.

So, it’s nice for me to take control and power, and for the man to surrender and get in touch with his submissive side – all consensually, of course.

I take great pride in being a fantasy facilitator, a safe haven for perverts. We like to work the kinks OUT.

I’ve played with plenty of remote control vibrators meant for a woman to wear tucked in her panties at a party or bar and for her partner to control, but I haven’t been able to reverse the role – until now.

Of course butt plugs can be worn by any gender, because we ALL have assholes, but for the purpose of this review, I will focus on the man butt in the receptive role.

I had a session scheduled with a darling male client the other day, and he is joyfully creative. He has allowed me to explore things new to me – to ME! – such as the NutBuster and the Humbler (if you don’t know what those are, google them, or beg me for further explanation).

So it was with great delight I was able to surprise him with a test drive of the new b-Vibe trio remote control vibrating butt plug.

This thing is fucking awesome!!! Very deluxe and powerful.

Here it is, next to the Magic Wand for size comparison:

Compare size to Magic Wand

Compare size to Magic Wand

Might be intimidating to a beginner, but a good size for optimum placement and FEELS.

I love that the charger cord is labeled “b-Vibe“, so I can easily find it among my box of sex toy charger cords. Believe me, it can get confusing.

You can plug it right into any USB port to charge it. Two hours of charge = one hour of play.

The remote has a big watch battery:

Plug cord and remote battery

Plug cord and remote battery

The plug is very well designed, made with body safe silicone, a flared base, and lights up all fancy when it’s turned on (it flashes when it needs to be charged):

the underbelly of the plug

the underbelly of the b-vibe plug

Speaking of travel, it arrived in SO many layers – a heavily taped shipping box held the boxed vibe in a sleeve, and in the box it was kept in a zippered shell with a travel lock… it was as if they were afraid it would bust out and tunnel up someone’s butt if it’s not chained down.

But hey, maybe! This little purple beast has THREE motors in it! Tip, middle, base. Damn!

The remote is optional; you can use manual controls at the base.

I bent my little bitch over the bed and put a condom on the vibe for easy clean up, and used lots of water based lube (don’t use silicone).

This thing is so sleek, you can even use it in the shower!

But like I said, we played in the bedroom, so I lifted up her skirt (in his vanilla life, he’s a strong, tall business owner, but in our kinky little kingdom, she’s my SLUT. Her ass is my pussy to use and abuse, I love it!) and slowly pushed it in until it was well seated. I love hearing her whimper.

My favorite part was messing around with the 8 Vibration intensity levels of 9 Vibration Patterns, sometimes from a distance of 30 feet away! I went to go get a drink of water in the kitchen and still got to control her intense sensations from afar.

She reported that some of the vibe patterns were so strong, it felt like the plug was rotating inside her!

It warmed her up good, so then I could switch to my strap on dildo set and fuck her good. I just had a field day with her ass – I plugged it, vibed it, spanked it, fucked it… very satisfying for both of us.

More men and women need to experience this role reversal. It’s good to balance things out. You should try it sometime!

No butts about it, b-Vibe is a great tool to have in your arsenal, as it widens your range to play and explore!



AlanK 2016-10-11 15:52:51

I’ve been doing a bunch of research on changing sexual norms, and one thing I am NOT finding is any real increase in hetero male anal play, although there are clear increases for het women (and not solely driven by male pleading). Obviously, published data are always behind the times. You, out there on the bleeding edge–are you seeing any real INCREASES in normal het men who like anal play just because it feels good? Not power reversal…just getting something in the ass because it’s fun.


Santa 2016-10-11 16:46:10

I would love to try that with you!


Jason 2016-10-12 04:10:42

This is something that I wish more women were interested in doing.


Steve 2016-10-12 23:09:54

I recently had my first experience with prostrate massage, and it was great. Enjoyed it enough that we went to using an insertable vibrator. We discussed going to the strap-on, but decided that will be next time.

I was lucky to be with someone with lots of experience, and she did a great job of guiding me through this and performing the massage.


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