Bra Shopping With Fifi

By Kendra Holliday | March 4, 2016

Ed Note: This is the prelude to my most perverted pinnacle moment! This regular guy had some crazy fetish fantasies and asked me to help him make them cum true. Let’s call him Fifi.



Fifi asked me to take him bra shopping. He also asked me to gift him with a load of cum – he wanted me to force him to eat it, a sneak preview of our grand session coming up.

He was already wearing thigh hi stockings and black panties under his khakis when he picked me up. I came out to the car carrying the cupful of cum from my fridge that I harvested last night.

I asked him, “Do you want this right now? It’s cold.”

He gulped and said, “Whatever you want me to do.”

I smiled slyly and said, “I think I’ll set it between my thighs for a while and let it warm up.”

We drove to the mall. We had to drive to one in Illinois because he didn’t want anyone from his church to run into him at the local mall.

Every once in a while, I would pick up the cup and give it a swirl, checking its consistency. I gave it a sniff. “YIKES, that is bleachy. Here, you smell,” and I thrust it under his nose so he could take a whiff. He cringed. I smirked.

“You know, this load was meant for me. He told me to swallow it, but I was good enough to save it for you. I’m very nice to share, don’t you think?”

He said yes.

We pulled into a parking spot at the mall. A family with two adults and some kids sat in a van opposite our car. Perfect.

I turned to him and announced, “I think we’ll give you cum breath before we go shopping. And look – you have an audience!”

I took the cup in one hand and grabbed his balls with the other. “Look up. Open your mouth.” And TIP – I dumped the load in and set the cup aside. I covered his mouth and ordered him to swallow it, just like my man always does to me. I stroked his throat to coax it down.

It was awesome.

I was experiencing forced cum swallowing from the other side for a change. I felt powerful, wicked, and a hugely satisfying thrill. I got so turned on imagining a bunch of guys jerking off into his mouth…

He swallowed it, wild eyed.

“Good job!” I smiled. “Now let’s go shopping.”

As we walked into the mall, I scolded him. “You didn’t say thank you for that load I gave you.”

He practically had tears in his eyes, and he looked nervous. “Thank you.”

We walked briskly through the mall. He whispered to me, “My stockings are starting to fall down – may I go to a bathroom and take them off?”

“No, you may not,” I said coolly. “You’ll have to duck into a store and fix them.”

He went into a Cardinals sports store and frantically yanked up the stockings through his khakis.

We arrived at our destination – Lane Bryant. I strode into the store with him trailing me and I flipped through the bras. The largest size I could find was a 40.

A saleswoman approached me and asked if she could help me. I said to her, “Do you have any larger sizes than a 40? I’m looking for something in black.”

She helpfully directed me to the 46 line, then said, eying my small frame, “Now I know this isn’t for YOU, honey, who are you shopping for?”

“Oh, it’s for him,” I explained, pointing to Fifi.

He was mortified.

She kept going, then froze slightly and said, “What did you just say?” Surely she misunderstood me.

“It’s for him,” I repeated. I took two bras off the rack. “Would you mind if I went into the changing room with him and helped him try these on?”

She took a deep breath, smiled and replied, “That would be fine.”

She let us into the dressing room. I told him to take off his shirt and pants, as I wanted to see how the bra looked with the lingerie he already had on. He was big and hairy. The stockings were sheer, and slipping again. I told him, “When mine do that I spit on my hand and get them wet – it helps them stay up. Spit on them.” He obeyed.

I put the first bra on him, but it was too small. We tried the second one, and it fit around his chest, but he didn’t have enough to fill the cups.

“O ho,” I chuckled. “Now that is a sight. You look like such a pansy, Fifi, like a little bitch. I have to get a picture of this.” I told him to stand back so I could snap a pic on my camera phone. I made him turn around and model some more, then we took the bra off and I let him get dressed.

We thanked the saleswoman for her time (alas, the bra didn’t fit quite right), and took our leave. On the way out of the mall, Fifi bought me a fabulous burgundy bra and panty set at Victoria’s Secret as a special thank you for such an awesome experience. I let him watch me try it on in the Victoria’s Secret dressing room, but told him he couldn’t touch. He whined about how much it cost. I scolded him, “HEY if you want to PLAY dirty, you have to PAY dirty!”

Sexy bitch in burgundy!

Sexy bitch in burgundy!

When we got back to the car, I checked the jiz cup. It still had a dribble left, so I swiped it up with my finger and stuck it in his mouth.

I didn’t want a single drop to go to waste.

(Click here to read the gag-worthy climax to this story!)

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