Cabin 2015

By Kendra Holliday | November 12, 2016

This was our seventh year at the cabin! Such a magical place to reconnect!

The drive there is always fun – we stop in small towns and look for weird and new things to explore. You know, like the world’s largest rocking chair.

One outpost has moonshine tastings – 12 different kinds! We got apple pie and egg nog flavor, which is amazing in root beer.

Cuba, MO has an Amish store where we bought the most amazing cinnamon rolls.

Finally, we arrived at the cabin in the woods, near a lake:

Cabin in the woods!

Cabin in the woods!

As soon as we got there, he built a fire and made us whiskey cocktails. In celebration, I threw my panties on the fire – I couldn’t help myself! They were kindof ugly anyway. No undies for the rest of the weekend! We mostly stayed in robes or were naked.

We brought loads of pillows and super soft blankets to snuggle up in by the fire. One of them is a fake fur pattern – made me feel like we were in a cave!

I loved stroking the fur, and then my soft tummy, sipping hot toddies and reading gorgeous books, the fire crackling and throwing warm light:

Soft blankets, soft tummy

Soft blankets, soft tummy

We had an amazingly hot roleplay scene in the hot tub (SEX+STL is giving a roleplay talk today!)

Here is the path leading to the hot tub:

Hot tub in the woods!

Hot tub in the woods!

and here is what you see when you get there!

Let's roleplay!

Let’s roleplay!

We pretended we were a father and daughter on a weekend retreat. He was going to show me all about sex and how to be a good lover.

He pulled me on to his lap and kissed me, his tongue in my mouth, his hands exploring my soft body… he showed me his erect penis, had me touch it, had me kiss it, told me about pre-cum, then trained me on cock sucking in front of the fire. He gruffly ordered me to watch as he gripped me by my hair and exploded creamy cascades of cum all over my neck and breasts…

Then he kissed me down there, and introduced toys, a blindfold, his fingers, his tongue… I quivered under his expert touch. He prepared me for other places a cock can go – warm, wet, special places… we made love, and it was wonderful.

This was my view, until I dozed off…



This was HIS view, after I dozed off:

Soft blankies - so inviting!

Soft blankies – so inviting!

Of course he couldn’t resist that view and had to get closer… and closer…

It was so cold outside, which was perfect! We bundled up and ventured out once, to the lake. It was frozen, all blue and white and beguiling, and we skipped rocks on it. The rocks made such a weird echoing, chirping sound as they bounced off the cold, glass sheet of water.

At one point, we were sitting around talking about songs we loved as a child, and I told him about this one song I loved about a girl and her horse in the winter. I told him I cried every time I heard it.

He said, “Darlin’, this next song is for you.” And he FUCKING PLAYED IT. It was on his iPod.

I just burst into tears and almost felt mad at him. HOW DID HE KNOW?? I had never shared that with him – it was kind of a secret part of myself.

He gathered me in his arms and held me as I sobbed. He kept me warm and safe, close to his heart. The love and intuition was almost too much to bear.

He always brings a portable stereo and music playlist, which often plays deep into the night, when we are dozing on and off. It’s so mellow and weaves in and out of my drowsy dreams, making it more mysterious and moody…

This was the theme song of the cabin this year:

So perfect…

Until next year…


Lacy 2015-01-18 10:33:58

I always enjoy your stories of romance and eroticism.


Wild Child 2015-01-18 10:54:59

Sounds like such an amazing time! Beautiful, fun and relaxing. Those are the times memories are made. The role play sounded like wicked fun too!


MnM 2015-01-18 12:11:52

What a lovely time. Thanks for sharing. The wife and I used to go to a cabin in Maine, makes me want to reinstate that little adventure.


youknowme 2015-01-18 22:06:16



Tantric 2015-01-22 13:50:12

Simply marvelous and poignantly intimate yet effortlessly erotic. Tantalizing!


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