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Welcome and thank you for visiting The Beautiful Kind community. We do not expect the guidelines below will be an issue for anyone; however, they are in place just in case.

Only one word needs to be said: RESPECT. If you understand the meaning of that word, then you need read no further. If you need us to spell it out for you, read on.

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In the interest of maintaining a thriving online community, quality of content submissions may be taken into consideration.

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Non-constructive posts designed to harass or insult The Beautiful Kind writers or other commentors are NOT permitted in any way. Moderators will close or remove such posts or topics and users blatantly ignoring the policy.


Spamming the comments is not allowed and could result in an immediate ban depending on the severity. Spam includes – and may not be limited to – the following:

  • Advertisements or links for commercial products or websites.
  • Troll crap.

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