December Dick Patrol

By Kendra Holliday | December 7, 2013 at 8:37 am

One of my clients is into some pretty raw dog shit. He is VERY creative sexually, not to mention a total masochist.

He fantasizes about many things, one of them making it a government mandate that the sex lives of men will be controlled by women, starting at age 14.

At the beginning of this month, he implored me to come up with a game plan for his dick for the rest of 2013.

This means I get to control how many times he has an orgasm, as well as enforce some choice cock torture.

So without further ado, here is our agreed upon schedule for the month:



Dec 1 – He begs me to assist him in controlling his sexuality

Dec 2 – I agree, for a $$ price

Dec 3 – Skype session. I don’t allow him to orgasm during call, but instruct him to cum on “something weird” afterward and send me the pic. (Scroll to bottom of post to see what he came on!)

Dec 4 – Incorporate his ejaculate into ice cubes, then have cocktail with them – Cheers!

Dec 5 – Cock measurements daily from here on out

Dec 7 – Measure and slap cock, all day long

Dec 8 – No orgasm allowed today. Must go to titty bar for the sake of frustration

Dec 9 – Shock balls 20 times at level 65 with dog shock collar

Dec 12 – Fire and Ice Day – alternate between dipping balls in hot water, ice them, apply Ben-Gay

Dec 14 – Whiskey Day – crush balls with bottle of whiskey. Irritate peehole with whiskey

Balls so nice and round...

Balls so nice and round…

That's gotta hurt!

That’s gotta hurt!

Dec 15 – Rest – See, I’m nice!

Dec 17 – Picture day! Send me pic of cock torture – 7 Gates of Hell configuration and semen extraction

Dec 20 – Affix as many clothespins as possible on cock ‘n balls. Flick them off. Film it and send to me.

Dec 24 – Lockup Day. Wear chastity device and go to titty bar. Feel pathetic and frustrated.

Dec 25 – Deck the Balls with Boughs of Holly. Festoon cock with sharpened candy canes and pine needles. Take pic and send to me.

Dec 29 – Krampus Day. Find switch in backyard. Whip genitals for one hour.

Grand Finale at the end of the month – date to be announced, but will involve me and my girlfriend Bianca heckling and torturing him over Skype.

Here is the weird thing he came on – didn’t it turn out artistic?!

Like a Prayer!

Like a Prayer!

God I love this shit!!!


Sandy 2013-12-08 14:10:20

Wow, and I was thinking my solo sex life was kinky. :)

And what’s with the whiskey bottle crushing pictures? It’s not supposed to happen before Dec. 14. Was that a rehearsal? :)

A couple of sites I ran across a few years ago with similar femdom themes. Control of males starts at age 18 instead of 14.


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Trust me -if you tell me youll send me money & then don't, I will not forget.So dont even try circling back months later when you're horny.


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