Doing God’s Work

By Kendra Holliday | July 3, 2014

Never a dull moment!

Never a dull moment!

“I would NOT want to deal with your inbox,” I’ve had more than one person tell me.

“I can’t imagine what kind of random messages you get!” I’ve had others say with slight envy.

Yep, they run the gamut, and they are sometimes annoying, sometimes heartbreaking, and ALWAYS interesting.

For instance, last week I had some guy ask me if he could buy my pubic hair for $20.

I’ve had men ask me if putting Ben Gay on their testicles will cause harm, if I will crush their balls, if I will meet with them and then cancel at the last minute or no-show (hence my reservation policy), if I will fly to Florida so they can shave my head again, if I will do a Skype call with them for advice and then demand I wear a skirt/no panties/blouse/no bra, ask me if they can send me a gift and then not do it (um, why?), if I will sell them my used panties, if I will be their pen pal, ask me for free advice and then not thank me… you get the idea. Lots of entitled time wasters out there.

This week, I had two different men gift me out of the blue. One got me an ebook off of my Amazon wish list (a book all about erotic fantasies!) then requested a consultation with me.

The other gave me $10 via Square.

I wrote him back thanking him, asking if he wanted me to send him a pic in return. He wrote back this awesome reply:


I have followed you at The Beautiful Kind for some time now and really admire both your personal courage to be who you are, and the message that that you bring forth and share with everyone. Your acceptance without judgment is a quality talked about by many but practiced by few. Jesus would be proud to call you his friend and a disciple  of his message.

By way of explanation I think that the real sexual revolution is not about being able to have sex with whomever you want, but the transition from a social structure dominated by masculine values to one that will be more balanced with feminine values. That is why Jesus who by his birth and death planted the seed for liberation of the heart, actually shared the most important understanding of the heart with Mary Magdalene. He knew that the message that would provide knowledge about how to use the fruit that would come from the seed he planted would be safe in a woman’s heart because no man, no matter how brave would ever look in a woman’s heart until the fruit was available for consumption. I think we are at that time, and the discovery of the Gnostic text “The Gospel of Mary Magdalene” is impacting people like you whether you are aware of it or not. So I am probably the first person to tell you that you are doing G-ds work, when you carry forth the sex+ message.

Keep up the good work and rather than worry about pay back, pay it forward.

So heartening! Thank you, thank you, to everyone who appreciates what I’m doing! Praise Jesus!



Creideiki 2014-07-04 07:41:41

I am presently dating a devout Southern Baptist who has espoused very old-fashioned views on female sexuality and what is appropriate for a couple to do before marriage. I have enough devilment in me to send the link to this!


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