Eclipse Symbolism

By Kendra Holliday | August 18, 2017

I see symbolism in EVERYTHING.

I go through life trying my best to PAY ATTENTION. Adding layers to daily life makes things so much more beautiful, meaningful, and intriguing.

Example 1: Noticing tree branches swaying in the breeze like whispers. What are they saying?

Example 2: Coming home to find a murder of crows in my front yard after buying the ingredients for a dessert I’m making for a Halloween party that’s being held in July.

Example 3: Finding a slug on my foot after walking barefoot in the grass at midnight.

So it’s exciting for me to see an entire country FREAK THE FUCK OUT about the total solar eclipse happening right in my neighborhood.

That means they get it, right??

They’re not AFRAID of it – they are in AWE of it.

The image of the moon cloaking the sun

Total solar eclipse OMG. By Javichu el jefe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

reminds me of so many other images, including this one of my eyeball taken during LASIK surgery

LASIK offers better vision

FUN FACT: This pic of my eyeball is the header for my pro site, Be Open and Honest. I’ve got my eye on you… 😉

This is one of the reasons I love Game of Thrones so much – all the imagery, symbolism, and prophecy. It’s all relateable on a deep, visceral level. It’s interesting how George RR Martin swaps the male/female energy in his epic story.

Moon of my life

My sun and stars

via GIPHY …..

Dany starts off with a bully prince – her bratty brother who is like a tadpole version of Frog Joffrey – and ends up with Khal Drogo, who is supremely HOT WILD masculine. She takes his FIRE, and ends up with Jon Snow, who represents cool subservience, deferring to his …



Female energy = moon, cool, wet, water, mysterious, calming

Male energy = sun, hot, dry, fire, blatant, in-your-face aggressive

Here is a pic of me from a photo shoot I did with my dear friend Stan Strembicki this week. I think it captures my female energy well.

Kendra Holliday, Queen of her Realm, Goddess of Wisdom and Beauty

I am full of grace and hope. I am a philanthropist – a lover of humankind.

I am The Beautiful Kind.

I leave you with this clip. I plan on witnessing the total solar eclipse with my parents. It’s a miracle they’re still alive. I hope this extraordinary moment will bring some peace to all the chaos for more than two minutes. I mean, I’m not holding my breath or anything, but you get the gist.

Speaking of breath – you know what? It’s TIME FOR MORE TANTRA!!!!!!!!! The quickest way to access Tantra is to breathe a little deeper, and a little longer….

Try doing that now, as you watch this clip.

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