Fifi’s Cum Fiesta!

By Kendra Holliday | March 4, 2016

A cum of mug in the pantry

Well, it was messy.

In the morning, I took the sinister mug of cum (40 loads harvested from freaky friend’s asses, used condoms, hell I even had people drive through town and stop by to jerk off on my couch for the cause!) out of the freezer and stuck it in my pantry to thaw. I didn’t want a cat knocking it over for lordsake – that would be a cat-astrophe!

My evil girlfriend came over, and we happily prepped for the cum fiesta. She brought one last batch to add to the impressive load (most of it came from her ass – she is the anal QUEEN), and I showed her my stash in the pantry. As soon as I opened the door, the stench of cum hit us.

“DAMN!!” we giggled, and combined it all in a pan of warm water – mmm, semen stew! We also laid out our supplies (see below!)

Just LOOK at what TBK readers created. You all CAME TOGETHER and helped make this happen! My gf Belle surveyed the end result and said with satisfaction, “Now THAT is epic.”

Noon hit, and the little bitch Fifi knocked on the door. We greeted him, made him sign a waiver, and got down to business. He brought a cute pink silky nightie to wear, along with pink panties and black thigh hi’s.

We watched him change and made him go pee pee sitting down like a girl. He came out of the bathroom wearing his cute little pink number, and we walked him into the kitchen, where he got to see the massive load for the first time.

I think he was truly shocked. I asked, “Have you ever seen this much cum in real life at once?”

He gulped and said, “No.”

“And YOU get to drink it!” I said gleefully.

His eyes were bugging out of his head. “I wasn’t expecting that much,” he stammered.

“Aren’t my readers GREAT? Just look at this bounty!” I was so proud.


“I think I need the handcuffs,” he whispered with pure dread.

“No problem,” we said, and cuffed his hands behind his back. We were ready to GET DOWN.

I put on the gloves and said, “Let’s start with the Blo-pop first, shall we?” I peeled the wrapper off and dunked the cherry sucker in the bottomless goo, then popped the coated lolly in his mouth. “Here’s your first taste. SUCK ON IT.”

He did, and the utterly disgusted look on his face was so rewarding, we made him do it again.

We were in the kitchen when our surprise prop showed up ! – my friend Ballsqueezer offered to be milked live and on location so Fifi could supplement his cum diet with some freshly squeezed spunk. He walked in on us making the pink clad Fifi suck on the Blo-pop.

“My oh my, what have we here?” Ballsqueezer said with amusement.

“We’re just getting started!” I said cheerfully.

Next, Belle said, “Fifi, it’s time to brush your teeth.” She unwrapped the toothbrush, dipped it in the semen swill, then marched Fifi to the bathroom.

CREAM soda – EWWW!

“Open,” she ordered, and he did. She brushed his teeth thoroughly with the cum soaked toothbrush, and he grimaced and gagged.

“Stick out your tongue,” she said, and he did. She coated it as well, and then we led him to an area we prepared for him – a cozy pink blanket, paper towels, and a barf bucket.

We sat him on the blanket, and spoonfed him his Freddy Krueger special – the collective cum of 40 perverted men! He kept gagging and freaking out. What a baby!

“Hey Belle, how do you give a puppy medicine?” I asked.

“You shove it in the side of their mouth and stroke their throat to get them to swallow it,” she said.

“Let’s try that with our Fifi poodle,” I said with a smirk, and we gave him some more man medicine. I rubbed his throat as she grabbed him by the balls, and the medicine went down. He choked a little.

Then we made him slurp some up with the pink straw. I felt the straw to make sure the liquid refreshment made it to Fifi’s mouth.

I stripped to my underwear. I said, “I’m ready for Fifi to eat some cum off my COCK.”

Drippy goodness!

I put on the strapon with Belle’s help buckling it for me, and then I dipped my huge dick in the swampy, swirly seed, and then brought it dripping to Fifi’s mouth. “There you go – suck my dick. Lick the cum off. It’s sooo good.” I loved watching him SUCK MY DICK.

It was time to milk Ballsqueezer. I gave Belle the honors of squeezing his balls as hard as she could, I knew she would get a kick out of that, and of course she did a better job than me – she actually hurt him.

His balls went a deep shade of purple and his cockhead blanched white with shock. You should have seen Fifi sitting on the pink blanket in his pink nightie, hands cuffed behind his back, watching us work Ballsqueezer over.  I could tell they were both thinking about the other, “I’m glad that’s not me!!!”

“What’s the best way to get you to cum?” Belle asked Ballsqueezer. He said he’d bust quick if my ass was in his face, so I stripped off my panties and strapon and there we were – Belle knelt behind him squeezing his balls, he was on his knees, and I was standing there with my ass IN HIS FACE, wagging it around and telling him to LICK IT CLEAN. He did a good job.

He came obediently in a bowl, and we turned our attention back to Fifi. I held the bowl in front of him. “This,” I declared, “is the best stuff you’re going to taste today – just look at it – hot and fresh, straight from the source. Nothin’ like locally harvested sperm! Bottoms up!” And I tipped the load into his mouth. He positively gagged on it, and spat it out into the barf bucket.

“Now, now!” I admonished. “If you can’t handle that, how will you handle THIS?” and I picked up the mug that still had gobs of jiz left in it and poured a big amount in his mouth.

He swallowed and puked. Rinse and repeat.

Most got in the bucket, but some was on his nightie, some got on my stockings, some got on the blanket.

“Would you wipe my face please?” he asked meekly, and I did so tenderly, patting his chin, mouth, and nose.

Then I pulled his pink panties to the side and tried jerking him off so he could eat his own load, but wasn’t having much luck with that (“DAMN, Fifi, you have cum breath!”), so we uncuffed him and let him take over as Belle dommed me a little, grabbing my hair, biting and kissing me. We made out in front of him and he jerked his shit, but the reality was too much for him.

He cried for mercy and said he was done. We let him off the hook for cumming, but not for finishing what we started. We took the remaining mug contents and poured it ALL IN HIS MOUTH. It was terrific. He absolutely gagged and retched and spit it back up.

The mug was now empty.

“So do you think you got this out of your system?” I asked Fifi.

“I am certain,” he assured me.

“Well good. Next time you need to come up with a more reasonable fetish, something not so over-the-top.”

“You mean like pegging?” he said with a weak, cum-eating grin.

As soon as the boys left, Belle curled up on the couch and ate a yogurt, I kid you not. And she plans on keeping the mug and using it as a souvenir. I already ran it through the dishwasher and will give it to her the next time I see her.

This all happened years ago, and as it was all cumming together, I thought, “How am I ever going to top this?!”




Servant 2012-09-18 11:18:28

That’s beautiful story!! And that’s a lot of cum for sure!


Gary LaBrot 2012-09-18 14:08:33

@_@ I AM SO DRAINED RIGHT NOW! I CAME TWICE READING THIS! I CAN’T EVEN FIND WORDS….I….I…I’M JEALOUS! I put on heels garter belts and stocking along with a pink nightie before i began to read this because I knew it would be good….But WOW! I’m weak, I”m going to stay dressed and take a nap. Sigh, Such wonderful Beautiful people.


John 2019-01-30 16:05:52

About the people who drove through town and stopped by to jerk off on your couch: What did they jerk off to? Did you give them magazines to help them? Or did you use your own, living body as a visual aid?


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