Golden Pee Party

By Kendra Holliday | May 25, 2013

The other day Bianca and I hosted a Pee Party for Sissy Maid. We did a golden theme and the party served the following purpose:

1. Plan a fundraiser for Sissy’s quality cock cage

2. Have Sissy serve us

3. Pee on Sissy

4. Have him clean my bathroom

The first order of business was to discuss the fundraiser. As you recall from yesterday, Sissy bought himself a cheap cock cage, and it proved to be useless. He needed a real one. Trouble is, Sissy is a man of modest means, but he is rich in friends, so I decided a fundraiser might be a good way to help him make his cock cage dreams come true.

We decided on Indiegogo for our platform, and Mature Metal for the cock cage. Both seem like the best fit for our needs. “Of course I’ll make the first donation and get the ball rolling,” I assured him. Then I asked, “Which cock cage do you like best, Sissy?”

“I like the Queen’s Keep,” he replied shyly.

“Excellent choice!”

Now we just need to set up the page and figure out the incentives. Stay tuned for that.

Next, Sissy served Bianca and me sparkling lemonade cocktails and appetizers. Of course he wore his pretty and elaborate French Maid uniform. We sat and talked about personal things, bonded, and shared crazy stories. You know, perverted girl time!

Finally, it was the moment Sissy had been waiting for – having two beautiful women pee all over him!

Bianca and I were both wearing gold – me, a gold nightie and heels, her, a gold bikini and strappy heels.

We had to figure out logistics – I wanted to do it in the shower, but Sissy is so tall – 6′ 3″ – so we opted to lay towels on the bathroom floor and hope it would catch the spillover.

Bianca had never done this before, so I went first – I’m a pro at piss play. Sissy stripped down to his frilly panties and laid underneath me.

Just look at his face!

Just look at his face!

I let it RIP – I pissed on him like crazy! I was a fucking mare! All over his head, face, chest – he opened his mouth for a bit to drink my pungent nectar. I thought it would be watered down since I drank so much to prep, but it pretty much smelled like piss.

Here’s a tasteful action shot – HA!

Can you believe this piss??

Can you believe this piss??

Doesn’t he look stunned? It got EVERYWHERE. He’d have quite the clean up to do!

But wait, there’s more – Bianca’s turn!

She was so cute – she took off her shiny gold bikini bottom and stood over him like I did, but try as she might, she couldn’t work up the nerve to let loose on him. She even brought this little pee funnel to help her aim.

She laughed apologetically, “I’m sorry Sissy, I was afraid of this – I’m pee shy!”

We tried running water, sticking her hand in a cup of warm water, talking about Niagara Falls – nothing worked. Finally she opted to pee in a glass, and then we dumped it over his head. Her pee smelled less pungent, more like straw. It was a lot like wine and the different bouquets!

Afterward, they showered together and I rinsed off. Then Sissy got down to business and cleaned up the mess while Bianca and I relaxed in our robes. He wiped up the floor, then scrubbed my tub. I’ve lived in my house for five years and there has always been a ring in the tub. I like taking LUSH baths and figured the ring was permanent. He assured me he could get my tub sparkling, and sure enough, he did!

I was so happy and proud! Just look at my clean tub – I wish I had gotten a before pic:

Sparkling tub by Sissy Maid - scrubbed with love!

Sparkling tub by Sissy Maid – scrubbed with love!

It’s so nice we’ve had so many fun kinky bonding experiences – tea parties, PEE parties, gang bangs, role play dates – I love my friends!!!



Kendra Holliday 2013-05-25 08:16:18

Epilogue: Sissy did a great job cleaning my bathroom floor, but some of the pee ended up in a corner and overlooked. The next day, I came home from work and the house was warm, and my bathroom smelled like a GROSS BIOHAZARD SWAMP. Eek! I went over it again with bleach and learned my lesson – put down a plastic tarp next time! Towels don’t cut it, especially when you’re a Pissing Champ!


bimotarich 2013-05-25 08:30:48

You need a wet room… common in Japanese houses… we have a big room that is essentially a shower ROOM with a big bath… in it… so you can get the WHOLE room wet no problem… and its all tile with a huge drain so everything goes down nice n easy!


Castiel 2013-05-25 08:31:44

LOL… this sounds HOT. I bet everyone had a great time. And Ooh how I love you in heels…Mmmmm my weakness. My question is, did he get to taste it? (wink)


Happy Sadist 2013-05-25 08:33:51

Instead of plastic, you could pick up a couple of waterproof, reusable bed pads. They run about $15 for a 3ft x 4.5ft pad. They typically hold about 3 liters of fluid.

When you’re done, rinse them out in the tub and toss them in the washer. If you prefer disposable, you can get a pack of 25 3×4 pads for about $10. Then just toss them when you’re done.

I haven’t used these for piss play, but have used them to protect the bed or couch during catheter play. They work well if you’re blessed with a lover who squirts regularly too.


Bianca 2013-05-25 13:17:23

He did taste both and had something to say about it. Maybe he’ll reply here 🙂 Fun times. Loves me some kink.


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