Goldislut and the Three Butt Plugs

By Kendra Holliday | May 17, 2015

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Goldislut. She was wandering through the forest when she came across a little cottage. However, this wasn’t an ordinary house – it was more like The Three Bears Sex Club.

Bold and impudent, she opened the front door.

There, on the table, were three butt plugs lined up in a row – a small, amethyst glass one, a medium wood plug, and a large, menacing black rubber torpedo.

She flipped up her skirt and tried the little amethyst glass plug first.

“This plug is too small!” she complained as it practically disappeared up her bum. The base was not nearly wide enough.

Then she tried the big, black torpedo.

“OW! This plug is too big!” she whined as she just got the tip in. “Not to mention it’s made out of crappy material!”

Glass and wood butt plugs, oh my!

Glass and wood butt plugs, oh my!

Glorious butt plugs!

Glorious butt plugs!

Then she tried the medium, wooden Treeze tear drop butt plug…

Actually, that’s not exactly how it went down.

Mama Bear and Papa Bear burst in through the other room and caught Goldislut red-handed!

“So, you like entering other people’s homes uninvited, do you?” Papa Bear snarled at the wide-eyed girl, her white panties around her ankles. “It’s time for you to learn a lesson, little girl. I’m going to enter YOU uninvited! Hold her down, Mama Bear!”

Mama Bear was kind and gentle, but she knew to do as Papa Bear ordered, so as nicely as she could, she pushed Goldislut facedown on the quilted bed. Goldislut was too scared to struggle.

Papa Bear snatched the Treeze pluge and dipped it in honey lube. “This is tear drop shaped,” he muttered, “We’ll see if we get any tears out of you as this goes in, you little brat!”

Goldislut fussed and squirmed, but secretly the turn of events got her all excited.

“There, there,” Mama Bear murmured as Papa Bear pushed the gorgeous plug up against her ill-prepared anus, “This is for your own good.”

Beware of Bears!

Beware of Bears!

Papa Bear pushed.

Goldislut screamed and screamed! The plug stretched her tight little hole terribly. She was not used to butt punishment like this!

“Please ow no don’t stop!” she blathered over and over, but he was merciless. It hurt so much – she felt like she was being torn in two – GOD she couldn’t take it –

and then – pop! – the butt plug fit perfectly snug in place, right where it should be, with its round base sticking out.

“Oh my!” she sighed with relief and lust, “That feels JUST RIGHT!”

It did! The smooth, polished, 3 1/2 inches inserted and 5 1/4 inch circumference phthalates free ass toy felt so good and made her feel oh so naughty! It also made her realize she had another hole that wanted filling…

In the wink of a fairy’s asshole, Goldislut was part of a superhot threesome with Papa Bear and Mama Bear!

She jumped right on Papa Bear’s raging cock as Mama Bear rode his face. She fucked him so fast and so hard that she CAME and the butt plug squeezed out with the force of the orgasm. Thank goodness it happened that way, because she was wondering how in the world she would get that thing out!

Then she went down and gobbled up his dick as Mama Bear made out with him. He came with a roar right down her throat and she lustily lapped it all up.

“What a good girl for eating all your porridge!” Papa Bear growled lasciviously. “I think we’ll make you our Baby Bear.”

And Goldislut with the sore butt lived happily ever after!

Here are some bonus shots of that gorgeous glass plug by Crystal Delights

frosted glass butt plug

frosted glass butt plug

enamel design base

enamel design base

sooo pretty!

sooo pretty!

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