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By Kendra Holliday | March 14, 2013

From a website called

I wear nappies every night, I have been an adult baby for ten years now but never liked pooing my nappy but like the feel of a full one. Now when I want that full nappy feeling I pour a large tin of rice pudding down it and I get the feel of a full nappy, it is perfect and no pooey smell.

Found this pic by doing a random ABDL tumblr search

Found this pic by doing a random ABDL tumblr search

An interview I conducted with a 25 year old man who is into being an adult baby:

Q: When did you first get interested in infantalism?

A: I like every aspect of infantilism, and have been involved since I was 8 years old. I got involved in it by wearing diapers and sucking my thumb. When I got older, life got more stressful, so I started using bottles and pacifiers.

Q: Can you think of a specific memory that influenced you?

A: My trigger point was probably when I was around 7 close to 8 and I saw my cousin who was 3 years old getting his diaper changed and it looked so comforting and relaxing to be changed and wear a diaper, so it probably started there but not sure. I did steal diapers from him a few times, just to try them on and I enjoyed it and that’s really when I started liking them and it went from there. I also made diapers a lot of times at that age out of towels, and trash bags, and even my moms pads sometimes just for the feeling of something.

Q: What do you like about it?

A: I am most definitely more comfortable wearing a diaper than underwear. A diaper to me feels like a big hug that does not go away. I love wearing diapers for comfort and relaxing. I like dressing like a baby too, I have diapers, a onesie, baby bottles, adult size pacifier. I just like to let my inner child come out to play when I am regressing to a baby. I like my pacifier and diapers the most probably. When I am a baby it is about comfort and just letting everything go for a little while and relaxing.

Q: Do you have control over your baby urges?

A: Sometimes I cannot control when the baby comes out in me or mostly toddler. When I have had a babysitter, it usually just came natural for me to regress to a baby. I don’t remember a lot about being cared for and loved as a baby, but it is a big part of it of being a baby to me now.

Q: Does wearing a diaper turn you on?

A: Wearing diapers does turn me on sometimes. When I am horny and wearing them I masturbate in them.

Q: Does anyone know about your fetish?

A: About 20 people know about my fetish that know me personally and most ignore it completely. I have friends online into it, but nobody personally around here. I am subscribed to a few sites like and and My parents and a few friends know, but they just ignore this part of me. My mom has became more accepting of it over the years, and even got me a diaper bag last year for Christmas.

Q: How often do you wear diapers?

A: I wear diapers about 60 percent of the time, except for work so they are a big part of my life, especially my #1 comfort in life. I go through about 15 diapers a week.

Q: Does that mean you wear diapers out in public?

A: Most of the time in public I wear underwear over the diaper it cuts down on the crinkling sound by 80 percent. I have worn a diaper on a few dates. When I have been on a date and wore a diaper, it went more smoothly – I was not as shy, I had more to talk about and was not as nervous because I felt comforted and protected.

Q: What kind of diapers do you wear?

A: I wear the Attends medium fitted brief diapers mostly.

Q: Do you soil your diapers?

A: I do urinate and defecate in the diapers. Messing my diaper is very messy to clean up so I usually only do it a few times a month. Most of the time I do use the bathroom, but over time my bladder has gotten a little smaller, so I do dribble some if I am not careful and go when I need to go.

Q: Do you like the feel of a dirty diaper?

A: I really don’t like sitting in a soiled diaper, I usually change 30 minutes after doing it.

Q: Do you like other people to change your diaper?

A: I do like having somebody clean me up, it is very comforting and nurturing and loving to be cared for like that.

Q: Do a lot of people do this?

A: There are millions of people that does this, all involved in different aspects of it, some don’t like diapers and just like a pacifier or bottle and others like it all. 80% of the people into this are men.

Q: Why do you think more men are into it?

A: I guess because guys are supposed to grow up faster and be the man of the house, but I don’t know, that’s just a theory.

Q: Do you smoke or drink or have any other adult habits?

A: Diapers are my main comfort to me, and I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs. As far as I’m concerned, diapers and pacifiers are like smoking, only they are a lot healthier I think. Remember I did not choose to be an adult baby, it just happened and I liked it.

Q: Why do you think people find this fetish so strange?

A: A lot of people do think this is weird, and I know it is different but I am not hurting anybody and I have a full time job and I am just happy I have a comfort. I know a lot of people do not have comfort in their lives. A lot of people’s habits are along the same line as infantilism, with different fetishes or bondages, but a lot of people think this has to do with pedeophilia and it has nothing to do with that at all.

Q: Are you looking for a babysitter?

A: Yes I am. The babysitter I used to have moved away.

Q: What would you want your babysitter to do?

A: I want my babysitter to treat me exactly like a baby, change my diaper, give me a bottle, burp me, feed me, give me a bath, play toys with me, talk to me like a baby. I would like to find someone who could do it two hours every other weekend. I would pay 100 dollars an hour.

A lot of people find this interesting, thanks for being respectful about it, a lot of people are not.


Bianca 2013-03-14 07:27:11

I feel more educated about infantalism now. I guess the bottom line is comfort and that’s not how I saw it before. Thanks to both of you for the great interview.


Ms A 2013-03-14 23:44:58

I would’ve KILLED to come across a client like this when escorting! That would’ve made an interesting change of pace and I’m naturally very nurturing. Thanks for the insight.


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