Hanging Out With Joan Price

By Kendra Holliday | May 30, 2015

Me, Joan, and Kassi Corley, a wonderful sex therapist in town

Me, Joan, and Kassi Corley, a wonderful sex therapist in town

I almost killed Joan Price.

But before I tell you how (it wasn’t on purpose!), let me back up a little bit and set the stage.

I’ve always wanted my group Sex Positive St. Louis to bring in a national speaker and sex educator, and Joan was one of my top choices.

Her focus is on senior sexuality, because while she advocates for ALL adults to enjoy sex on their own terms, she especially wants to reach seniors and remind them they have full rights and permission to continue to explore their sexuality. Too often in our society, people think they have to give up their sexuality at a certain age (opinions vary on what that age is!)

Joan advocates AGELESS SEXUALITY – retire from your job, not your sex life!

Before I dive into the behind-the-scenes of her visit to St. Louis last month, feel free to read my review of her book Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex , her new book The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty, this post featuring female orgasms that will lead you to her awesome blog, and this incredibly moving piece she wrote about the death of her husband – he was the Love of her Life.

I couldn’t believe we were hosting this amazing woman! For months before her arrival, we held naked fundraisers (Happy Nude Year!) and whore workshops in order to pay her fee. She agreed to stay at my house! It’s a small little fairy cottage. I happily gave her my bedroom and slept on a mattress in my daughter’s room.

I was envisioning media coverage, filling auditoriums with doctors and bussing in people from retirement homes all over the area, but we ended up with three smaller affairs – she spoke at a wonderfully progressive synagogue, The Ethical Society, and at Washington University School of Social Work. All in all, she reached about 200 people during her visit. I wanted her to reach 2000! Maybe next time…

I think people thought I was bringing in my Aunt Tilly or something – they didn’t realize how AWESOME she is, and I don’t have the marketing and event planning chops to get things going on a grand scale. Maybe someday…

I knew how awesome Joan was before she came to St. Louis, but her audiences were new to her mission, topic, and presentation style. It was so rewarding watching her knock their socks off! The audiences were rapt, enlightened, and curious! Her positive energy and confidence made a great impression. I attended all three of her talks, and learned something new each time.

Two examples:

1. If you usually do things in a certain order, try mixing it up. For instance, most people plan on having dinner and then sex afterward, but end up begging off the sexy time because it’s too late and they’re tired. Try having sex first, then eat! Learn to prioritize, people! 🙂 This simple suggestion has helped me get laid more!

2. I learned about an incredible sex toy for men called The Pulse. You can use it erect or flaccid! I know at least one guy in St Louis has bought one since Joan recommended it, and he loves it!

She definitely changed lives for the better  during her visit to St. Louis. I am SO grateful we were able to make her visit a reality!

When we talked on the phone about me picking her up at the airport, she said, “Look for the short woman.” I said, “I’m short, too.” People are often surprised to discover that when they meet me in real life – they think I am 5′ 9″ or something, which I take as a compliment, because it means they picture me larger than life!

But actually, I’m 5′ 4″, which is the average height of a woman. Joan is more like 4′ 10″! She’s tiny! And so confident and assertive!

She’s in her 70’s and in super great shape. She teaches dance classes for several hours each week, and is vegan and doesn’t drink or smoke. In fact, she chastised one of the men in the audience who had a pack of cigarettes sticking out of his pocket! Joan is super sweet, but she will say what’s on her mind! Open and honest, for sure!

Here’s a picture of her with my brother from another mother, David Wraith:

David Wraith and Joan Price - cute couple! They match!

David Wraith and Joan Price – cute couple! They match!

While she was here, she gave me a gift subscription to Dan Savage’s Magnum podcast! She’s been featured on his show a few times. I’ve been going back and listening to past shows – it’s good stuff. She gave me the gift that keeps on giving!

I have a wall of fortunes and question cards in my dining room – see in the background here?

My dining room - flowers from a friend!

My dining room – flowers from a friend!

I invited Joan to take one of the cards. She got one that said, “What would you change in your life?”

She dismissed that question, declaring, “I wouldn’t change a thing!”

Isn’t that AMAZING? WHO can say that??

She has worked hard to make her life the best life it can be, and has a super positive attitude. She lives in an amazing cottage in California with a redwood grove, travels the country educating people, writes books, follows her passion, and all around kicks ass!

I’m really glad I didn’t kill her. Here’s what happened: I insisted on taking her to two places while she was in town – The City Museum, and Shameless Grounds. Both are unique fixtures in St. Louis, and if you are ever in town, you HAVE to check them out!!!

She was completely wowed by both. Here is a pic of us at Shameless Grounds – you can find her books in their library!

Joan Price and me at Shameless Grounds!

Joan Price and me at Shameless Grounds!

So we were driving from The City Museum to Shameless Grounds, and I was all flustered trying to navigate my way to the highway. The streets were all diagonal and wonky, the ramp entrance was unclear, there was a couple arguing heatedly on the corner, two cars had just collided and were calling the cops, and I accidentally ran a red light! Joan would have been smashed by oncoming traffic if I didn’t swerve like a maniac!

I was so freaked out!!! I couldn’t stop apologizing. She was completely unfazed. She said, “I was looking down at my phone at the map, so I wouldn’t have even noticed. If you need forgiveness, I forgive you, so there you go.”

I arrived at Shameless Grounds shaky and horrified. I’ve been back a few times, and I don’t think I will ever pull up to the place without flashing back to that near accident.

Thankfully, she got out of St. Louis in one piece, and headed on to New York for a writing conference. What an amazing woman! Spending time with her was a dream come true!

An interesting note: I usually masturbate once or twice a day, but when she was in town, I didn’t masturbate for three or four days, due to close quarters with my daughter. When she left, I got right to it, and found it took me longer than usual to get off. Then, when I did it the next time, I was back to my usual pattern. So even being off the wagon for a few days can cause changes in arousal habits. She spoke about that in her talks – make sure you have at least one orgasm a week! The more, the better!

Also, I didn’t change the sheets after she left. I kept them on and bragged to my friends who were over for a foursome that she slept in the bed. They were so eager to get in the bed and soak up her good energy!

Joan Price is so good for your sex life!!!


Joan Price 2015-05-30 11:57:03

Kendra, I’m moved and honored by your account of my visit! It was such a delight to get to know you, your daughter, your friends, and all the marvelous St. Louis folks who came to my talks and showed me such love. You all treated me like a rock star! I kept the sweet note you wrote me: “St. Louis loves you!”


suggestive 2015-06-01 11:48:40

Some of my favorites in one photo!


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