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By Kendra Holliday | May 22, 2015

Larry Flynt and me! photo by Mike Estes

Larry Flynt and me! photo by Mike Estes

I offer a lot of interesting services, and am always up for suggestions.

One of the services I offer are adult toy store tours.

There’s a really good one near my house – Hustler Hollywood. (I met Larry Flynt there one time!!) There are only 13 locations in the country.

The store is big, clean, spacious, and has a great inventory!

A few years ago, I wasn’t too impressed with the staff. They were surly goth chicks with lots of tattoos and bad attitudes.

When I went in there the other day with a client, I was glad to be greeted by some really nice, helpful staff.

I was all ready to show off for my client my extensive knowledge of adult toys. Was I in for a surprise! As you know, I’ve reviewed sex toys for years, but I haven’t in a while.

Things have changed SOO much in the past few months! There are SO many new, improved products on the market! I felt like a kid getting cake for the first time!

I was so excited, and a little embarrassed to be caught off guard by all the awesome new TOYS!!!

But my client was just as eager and fun-loving as I was, so it was all good!

There are updated we-vibes, cordless Magic Wands, better remote control panty vibes – OH MY!

They had a lube buffet where you could sample all kinds of lubes – I was shocked to discover PUSSY JUICE LUBE. It smells like pussy omg! (They also have jizz scent as well!) We were checking out the amazing flavored selection (I normally don’t like flavored lube, but these were exceptional!), when the guy working there accidentally squirted another customer standing there! Hee hee!

They also had a vibrator station where you could try out all the new, state-of-the-art designs and learn how powerful they are, what they sound like, etc. Really cool!

They have a crazy selection of BDSM furniture and gear. I need to get a riding crop! The guy working there said they get in new stuff every week.

Here is what I got that day – I couldn’t help myself!

Shopping at Hustler!

Shopping at Hustler!

Those hot pink mustache tights were on clearance! The magazines were buy one, get one free! (Remember that time I was featured in Hustler magazine??) The glass chili pepper dildo was too cool!

And, my favorite:

Hee hee Little Penis book!

Hee hee Little Penis book!

Isn’t he sooo cute?! The book starts out sweet but ends up kind of raunchy, which is how it goes sometimes.

We both learned so much that day, and I have new toys on my wish list! The trip made me realize how much I need to stay on top of the latest and greatest pleasure products!


kat&mark 2015-05-26 08:34:23

The first time I ever entered an adult toy store was with my wife – she wanted to find gag gifts for a bridal shower. LOL – she ended up buying more stuff for herself than for the bride.
It is good to have another option to find things she likes instead of the same old jewelry and candy choices!


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