I Can Make Your Sexy Wish Come True!

By Kendra Holliday | April 11, 2017

I’ve had this “I Dream of Jeannie” outfit for a few years.


I got it as a hand-me-down from a fancy woman who was downsizing her closet. It wasn’t my style at all (I hardly ever wear pants anymore!), but I loved how flowy and comfy it was – all sea foam green and billowing in the breeze.

I wore it with a white shirt to a concert in Forest Park, right after I got my hysterectomy in 2012. It’s like wearing PJ’s in public.

Comfy PJs

Now that it’s spring, I got it out to wear it again, and discovered the hanger it was on gave it unsightly yellow stains, so I couldn’t even donate it. It had to be trashed.

But I believe in trashing in style! Anytime I get a run in a stocking or something gets ruined, I don’t just wad it up and pitch it. I let it go out with a BANG!

Like this.

And this.

So after teasing my partner like a matador does to a bull

Come and get it!

I had him rip it off me. Sometimes we use scissors, sometimes a knife, sometimes bare hands.

It’s SO much fun combining creative sex with safe and harmless destruction!

Here’s a pic of me after he had his way with me

Fallen Angel

Don’t I look like a fallen angel, struck down from the heavens by some ruthless God? So classically beautiful, like a Greek painting.

I have to admit, the ripping process really turns me on! It makes me all giddy and aroused. He tore the gauzy fabric and exposed my pussy and did magical things to it with his tongue, while expertly groping my breast with his hand, and occasionally ripping more of the fabric. I came so crazy hard, and then came again out of the blue while he was fucking me!

Then we switched to me jerking him off, and he had a weird orgasm without ejaculating!

It was like unintentional tantra – a kinky sacred profane ritual that took us by surprise!

It was so therapeutic, I’m going to offer the experience to others as a way of processing, playing, and healing.

You can bring an outfit your ex-wife or girlfriend wore (wedding dress? business suit? lingerie?), and then rip it off of me and fuck. Or I can get something at a thrift store. We can roleplay or just revel in the male/female destroy/create energy.

After he left, I took the ripped fabric outside and burned it. It was so satisfying.

Ashes to ashes

It was nice to sit still and watch the pretty blue cotton fabric scorch and turn black, flames licking and dancing in mysterious ways. It smelled like marshmallows as it burned.

Dust to dust

Let me know if you’d like to experience this unusual ritual!



David Wraith 2017-04-12 00:13:00

That “fallen angel” picture is gorgeous. You look like the heroine at the end of a Shakespearean tragedy.


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