I’m a Crowdfunding Addict!

By Kendra Holliday | September 18, 2012

Lakshmi, Goddess of Prosperity

Remember back a year or two ago when I was running around begging people for money for my legal defense fund? I was in such a desperate place back then, and SO appreciated everyone who came forward to help me out during my scary, dark time.

Altogether, over $3000 was raised on my behalf, and my story had a happy ending! My daughter and I are together, and cherishing every moment! (For the record, 1.) GiveForward ROCKS, and 2.) I just now got my lawyer bill down to under $1000!!! Only $935 to go and I can finally kiss that debt goodbye!)

Ever since then, I vowed to myself that if I was able, I would help others out in realizing their dreams, because Karma is Queen!

These days, I’m in a MUCH better place. By no means am I rich, but due to the support of the community hiring me for consultations and whatnot, combined with having an awesome full-time job, I’m able to pay my bills and have a little discretionary income leftover.

Besides my kid, mortgage and bills, here’s what I like to spend money on:

1. Paying off my debts (it sucks, but it still feels good to work toward a goal, plus I hate owing people money! Besides the legal bill, I have my credit card and now my hysterectomy bill to pay off. My goal is to pay those off and then start saving for a new car or furnace, whichever dies first.)

2. Travel (I’ve decided I’m going to Vienna next summer! Never been to Europe, gotta fix that, time to start saving!)

3. Books! (I always check the library first, and any sex books I read get donated to Shameless Grounds library afterward.)

4. Smelly things (WoodWick candles, Soaprocks, and Demeter fragrances are my favs)

5. Booze and food (hey, it’s part of responsible hedonism, right?)

How about you? What are some of your not-so-guilty pleasures?

Lately, I’ve been indulging in a new hobby. Rather than buy into extrinsic happiness (designer handbags, shoes, perfume, clothes, jewelry), I indulge my intrinsic happiness (giving to others). This is where the crowdfunding addiction comes into play.

I know some people groan when they see yet another crowdfunding project show up in their facebook newsfeed, but not me. I see them like tangible dreams that I can help make true, with the click of the button. Hardly any of us are millionaires and can’t sponsor a project single handedly, but ALL of us have a little something to give, and if we all chip in, we can make a lot of great shit happen. And to me, that’s so empowering!

Mollena Williams and Lee Harrington - in St Louis Nov 3!

Here are some of the projects to which I recently contributed:

Playing Well With Others Book Tour. Mollena Williams and Lee Harrington are stellar sex educators who will be touring the U.S. this fall, promoting their new book, Playing Well With Others. They’ll be in St. Louis Nov 2-3! For some reason, people place less value in sex education than other forms of human education, so this fundraiser is instrumental in spreading the Good Word!

Eli’s Top Surgery. My transgender friend Eli is having surgery to alter his bio-breasts to more resemble a male chest. This fundraiser is perfect for all the people who think female breasts/nipples are obscene! This is your chance to rid the planet of a pair! Please share with conservatives like John Ashcroft!

Baden-Powell Service Association For various reasons, I can’t stand the Girl Scouts or the Boy Scouts. BPSA is a new organization that is hoping to provide a national co-ed scouting group that is inclusive – it’s scouting for everyone!

Hugo to Hope Buy a mile, bring these elephants home. The funds raised during this campaign will be used to cover the cost of transporting two elephants named Rosie and Opal from the circus in Hugo, Oklahoma to their new home, a rehabilitation facility in Hope, Maine.

How about you? What projects have been speaking to you? What gets you to run for your wallet? Wait, don’t tell me! Oh fine, tell me. Tell us all. And then everyone pick five to support – together we can divide and conquer!





Fizzy 2012-09-18 06:37:11

Be sure to write, when you come to Vienna. I’m curious ho you’ll like it. 🙂 Though it can be very hot an crowded during summer, I myself prefer winter, snow and the beautiful christmas markets that are open from November ’til Christmas.


Amber 2012-09-18 06:48:57

I still want my divorce! If I could pay for that, I’d be the happiest woman in Missouri.


Stofa Bracknell 2012-09-21 12:49:22

Josie Long is a very funny comedian (comedienne?). I’m happy to give her money to make something interesting happen http://www.sponsume.com/project/romance-and-adventure

Every month a lot of fine people get to split my 20$ on

The Pirate Party. I’ve got plenty of money and getting honest, non-corrupt politicians would be awsome

Goldiebox. I’ve got a daughter deep into Legos. But why not sponsor something exciting?

Karma is queen


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