Just Wait Til Dad Comes Home…

By Kendra Holliday | February 17, 2013

Here is a roleplay date I did the other night that is too racy for FetLife

I’ve been friends with this couple for five years, and we had never done anything sexual. It was just about at that point where I decided they were too much like family to get sexual with, when they asked me out on a date.

After a quick recalibration, I said YES.

They could have taken me to dinner and an art show, but nooo – Capn Marrrk and Bianca know how to court a kinky lady!

Here is my naughty girl look

Here is my naughty girl look

They staged an elaborate roleplay scene that went on all week!

Starting on Monday, they took turns texting me.

She pretended to be my bratty older sister and said things like, “Dad has been in such a bad mood ever since you and Mom moved out. :(”

He would text me things like, “School called. They told me you skipped class. You’re in big trouble, Missy!”

For our date Friday night, they requested I wear a t-shirt and jeans, no bra, striped socks and a backpack. (I love that I’m 40 and can still play games like this!)

Friday night, I eagerly got ready for my date and headed over to their house. On the way there, I got a text from Marrrk – I mean, Dad. It said, “Sorry Hon, I have to work late, but your sister is home.”

When I got there, Bianca greeted me at the door. She and I were wearing matching rainbow shirts!!!

After we took our jeans off!

After we took our jeans off!

Right away, she was in character.

We sat down on the couch in front of the fireplace and she said sweetly, “I miss you, Sis! I’ve had so much to tell you! But first – look! I snitched whiskey from Dad’s cabinet!”

“OMG,” I said, “He better not find out or we’ll get in BIG trouble!”

We giggled and she poured us each a tumbler. We sipped it and talked. Then she pulled out a stack of porno mags.

“Look what I found under Dad’s mattress!”

We flipped through them and speculated on the women, why Dad had the magazines, and what we looked like compared to the girls on the pages.

“I have to tell you something,” Bianca confessed. “The other day I saw Katie naked in the locker room and it made me feel all funny. Do you ever get that way with girls?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, pretending to be naive.

“It’s a tingly feeling, like the one I get when I think of my history teacher Mr. O’Brien. Only it happen when I think about girls, too!”

“Gosh I don’t know – looking at these pictures gives me a funny feeling,” I admitted.

“Do you mind if we practice kissing?” she blurted. “I’ve been practicing on my pillow and it isn’t anything like a person. I want to be ready for boys – or Mr. O’Brien, if I ever get the chance,” she said slyly.

I feigned surprise, but agreed.

We kissed for the very first time. It was wonderful!

She was so lovely and sweet. We were tentative, and started touching each other.

All of a sudden, Dad came walking through the front door, wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase!


There we were sitting on the couch kissing, with his porno mags splayed around us, and his whiskey sitting out!

Right away, he was angry.

“What the hell are you two doing?!” he barked.

We tried hiding our glasses and the magazines, but his eagle eyes quickly took in the scene.

Grabbing the glasses, he thrusted them at us. “You want to drink my whiskey, then DRINK IT. ALL. RIGHT NOW.”

We choked down as much as could. It burned our throats and made our noses sting.

“MOVE OVER,” he commanded, and he squeezed in between us on the couch.

Grabbing the magazines, he started flipping through them. One of them was the Hustler magazine I was in. Opening it to that page, he pointed at my pic and said, “LOOK at these women. They’re all WHORES! Do you want to be a slut like that?”


“Well why do you have those magazines, Daddy?” my sis asked a little belligerently.

“Because I have NEEDS!” he exploded. “Your mother left, that whore! And do you know what? You’re turning out just like your mother.”

With that, he stood up and started unbuckling his belt.

“You know what?” he said heatedly, “Since you’re just like your mother and she’s not here anymore, it’s time for you to take on her wifely duties.”

We stared up at him, open mouthed.

He muttered, “I masturbate, we’re related, so being with you is just an extension of masturbating. And it’s time for you to learn a lesson!”

He pulled out his thickening cock.



“But isn’t that wrong?” we protested.

“NO,” he said definitively. “This…is Georgia. So this is perfectly okay. Now get to it!”

So we started taking turns sucking his dick, pretending to be reluctant.

He continued to be bossy and aggressive, stripping off our clothes. Once we started getting into the sex, we kindof fell out of our roles, but every once in a while we’d say something that fit the scene.

He ordered me to go sit in a chair and watch him fuck my older sister. I acted like it wasn’t fair for me to be punished like that. “How come she gets all the attention!” I whined.

It was SOOO hot watching them fuck. He laid on the couch and she rode him reverse cowgirl. Her ass looked amazing as she moved back and forth, his hands gripping her smooth, white cheeks. She was very vocal and passionate.

Then they let me come back over and they took turns eating my pussy. Then I ate her pussy. We were all cumming like crazy. My pussy got super swollen, pink, and wet. The swelling made it tighter and brighter, it was just incredible. The fantasy was so hot, the real people were so hot, the setting was so hot…!!!

They worked me over and tried to get me to squirt. I did a little, it was so intense and yummy. I haven’t squirted properly since my hysterectomy. I need more practice!

His cock was awesome. He fucked me good, too, from behind. They were both so fit and sexy. She was so gorgeous. I loved her shapely back and waist and how her ass bloomed below it. Her breasts were perfect. She was like a Greek goddess.

After we all came at least twice, we lounged about on the couch together. He stroked my underarm hair, which felt really nice. She stroked my head hair.. I was in heaven…

Then, they revealed a special surprise.

Standing up, they went over to the laptop sitting on a shelf in the corner and pulled off a little cover on the web cam that was hiding the light.

“Guess what? Your partner Matthew was watching the entire time!”


Stunned, I leapt up from the couch and approached the lap top for a closer look.

Sure enough, there he was, looming and glowing on the wavy screen in his wifebeater, smiling.

“Hello, Darlin’.”


I didn’t know it, but they had asked him if he wanted to witness our date, and he said sure.

I was just so surprised! I didn’t feel betrayed or anything, but it was quite a surreal twist on an already unusual night! Do you know that video of the woman who can’t believe she had her wisdom teeth surgery already? THAT’S what I was like staring into the camera! No way! Huh?!

He took pics and video of the threesome, that superspy! Here is one of them, I’m on the left:

Guys love this.

Guys love this.

It was a crazy fun mindfuck night. I spent the night with them, it was so sweet. And I was so grateful my partner was supportive of my fantasies coming true!



Kendra Holliday 2013-02-17 15:27:08

Here are Cap’n Marrrk’s thoughts on the evening:

“Before our date, my wife and I practiced the scenario several times with blow job and riding. I wanted to really get into the Daddy headspace for two reasons,

1. I really wanted to be “Daddy”


2. If I wasn’t, then really my acting would be no better than Porn Level at best. The “problem” was, you can practice your lines and get into the headspace all you want, but soon as you do it for real and add another person, it quickly goes off the rails.

With two women telling me they were underage and this was wrong I had to think fast. “That’s ok,” I said, “Lucky for us we live in Georgia”. I couldn’t hold it anymore and started laughing. Daddy shouldn’t laugh. Damn it!

Kendra tastes delicious and I didn’t wash so I could smell her on me the next day. I did my best to make her squirt, but she was concerned about the sheets and held back. Still though she was overflowing with…honey.

Yes, honey.

She finished herself off and her fingers looked like she poked them into a bee hive. A sweet, sweet beehive.

Sounds are very important too. I loved hearing Kendra moan. I’ve known Kendra for years in a non-sexual way, so it was pretty amazing to see her all turned on and thrusty, and squeezy. I’m getting hard writing about it. I love Bianca’s cries, and I missed out on hearing them both simultaneously. Hopefully next time!

Double Blow job is far, far better than Double Rainbow.

The reveal was hilarious. Bianca is a genius for suggesting it. Google+ Hangout. I could watch from the car while the women got comfortable, to better time my entrance. Kendra couldn’t get her head around it. K is the very definition of Sexual Adventurer. So it’s important to know going in, that chances are she’s already ‘Been there, done that’. There’s nothing wrong with that because she will enjoy herself anyway, but it’s still nice to know that we can slip a new experience in there and blow her mind.”


    Kendra Holliday 2013-02-17 15:30:49

    Yep, my mind was officially blown! Mission accomplished! They were so sweet to go out of their way to offer me an incredibly creative and elaborate experience!

    I wondered how he knew when to barge in on us, he was spying from the car!

    Technology at its finest!

    It was funny how Cap’n Marrrk observed that my cunt was like a boxing glove, it was so swollen and snug.

    I think every man should be able to experience two women worshiping his cock at the same time!

    So hot and memorable! I look forward to the next time! I love these two!!


Kendra Holliday 2013-02-17 15:38:19

Here are Bianca’s thoughts on the evening:

“I wanted to make it special, since to me Kendra has been a very special friend for years.

So the Cap’n and I decided to go the incest route, I had never done it and was excited to be Kendra’s sister. We planned a whole scenario and practiced all week. But how to surprise her even more? I know… get Matthew to watch it all on live video without her knowing it 🙂

We texted Kendra all week in our roles of sister and daddy. I wrote to her about my school adventures, about private lessons with Mr. O’Reilly and the crazy things I did to get an A in History. And how strange I felt when this warm feeling came over me while looking at Kate naked in the locker room. Also, how I hated the way Daddy had been drinking all the time and she was lucky to live with mom.

Friday comes and Kendra shows up in matching outfits: jeans, t-shirt (no bra), knee high striped socks. I don’t waste a minute and went right into character. I gave her some whiskey I got from dad’s cabinet and showing her some porn mags I found under his mattress.

We talked about girls kissing. Then I tell her that i feel I should learn how to be around girls and we decide to practice kissing. This is the first time I ever kiss Kendra and it was very sweet.

I knew the Cap’n was watching from his tablet out in the car. At this moment he bursts in and asks: What the hell are you two doing? We say, nothing daddy, nothing, just talking. But he knows something is up, he sees me shoving the porn under the couch. He sits between us and smells the alcohol on our breaths…. he yells at us and says that when he was a child his father caught him smoking cigarets and he made him smoke a whole pack, so he pours us more whiskey and demands we drink it all. – but Daddy it burns!

He finds the porn magazines under the couch, picks up the Hustler and starts flipping through it. “What are you looking at here? These women are all whores. Do you want to be a whore?” (flips to the page Kendra was featured). “Do you want to be a whore like this woman?”

He says we are only 16 and 17 and that we are too young for this shit. I tell him that i’m old enough and that i have plenty of experience. He looks at me and says oh really? then show me! and you Kendra, go sit over there, i’ll deal with you later.

I decide to show him. I sit in front of him and slowly unbutton his pants. Kendra gasps. I kiss and lick and engulf the whole penis into my mouth, daddy seems to like it.

Then I lay him on his back and ride him reverse cowgirl so that I can face Kendra. She looks delighted. I tell her that he is really hard and oh oh oh he got super hard then soft.

Now daddy wants me to feel good, so he lays me on my back and starts to kiss my vagina. omg I exclaimed, that never happened to me before, it feels so strange and wonderful. I try to narrate this to K. I am stupid excited at this point and reach orgasm right away.

Daddy then says: “Kendra now let’s see what you learn, come over here and taste your sister.”

I’m sure she was relieved to finally be part of it and stop watching it. Kendra is like a delicate little kitty cat licking a bowl of milk – I orgasm again right away… mmmmmm nice kitty.

Then daddy says she should kiss me so I can know what I taste like. It’s sweet and even sweeter coming from K’s mouth. My turn to taste my sister so I go down while he kisses her.

He then says we’ve been naughty girls and pulls out some rope from under the couch. He ties our wrists and then ties us to the couch. I’m standing and K is laying down. Daddy is massaging something inside her vagina and it’s driving her crazy. Her eyes close and her body twists back and forth.

She is so swollen and pink there are visible amounts of honey dripping from her. Daddy please untie us! We are free and daddy spoons her from behind while I kiss her from the front.

Here, finally was our Kendra sandwich!

It felt like a boat in the water and i instantly hear her moan with pleasure. We sway like so for a while until our bodies are satiated and happy.

Now it’s time for the big reveal. Oh hi Matthew, did you like the show?

Kendra looks confused and for a minute doesn’t understand what is happening. She stares at the laptop, mouth open in great surprise! Yes, Matthew her real pretend Daddy (!) did watch it, he even took photos and videos of it. 🙂

Sis did get to spend the night and slept between us. The whole event was really magic and we kept our socks on the whole time.”


    Kendra Holliday 2013-02-17 15:41:29

    Once again, let me just say: MIND. BLOWN.

    Thank you, Everyone!

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


    JIm Keeney 2013-03-21 09:18:09

    Kendra, your sexual experience with your frends is mind blowing. On the one hand it made me sexually excited, but on the other I feel so culturally (sexually) deprived. I could only hope and dream of having some of those types of experiences in the second half of my life. Kendra, any help or advice you can give me to help this flower to blossom would be very much appreciated. I am that perverbial “open slate” ready to be written on.


      Kendra Holliday 2013-03-21 09:28:37

      This site offers lots of advice and resources. So does SEX+STL site. Attend http://www.sexstl.com events! If you’d like to book a consultation with me, that allows for more personal, quality time to explore your sexuality and options! http://www.beopenandhonest.com


Capnmarrrrk 2013-02-17 17:03:23

I think your Friends and Lovers would all agree that being with you is ALWAYS Epic!

We love you too!


PepeCartucho 2013-02-17 19:05:38

Your sister has Hair on Pussy and armpits ?


Sophia Agapedis 2013-02-17 19:46:50

This was a fantastic story! Thanks for sharing it!


Matthew 2013-02-17 21:09:09

I must admit, this was pretty hot to watch! I felt like a perving voyeuristic uncle at times, though.

It is nice to read your perspectives on it!! The reveal was absolutely priceless. I wish I would’ve taken a picture of Kendra’s face during the discovery of my hiding place in Cyberbia.


    CapnMarrrrk 2013-02-18 14:49:18

    I can only imagine that this is what it is like every time with K. You are a lucky, lucky man.


      Matthew 2013-02-18 15:53:02

      I am a seriously fortunate man indeed!!! I must say…you’ve done quite well for yourself also! 😉


Min 2013-02-17 21:25:47

“This…is Georgia. So this is perfectly okay. Now get to it!”

Having lived in capitah T, capitah S The South I was rollin’ after reading that line. That man gets points for such a perfect quip.


ChasH 2013-02-18 10:49:51

Only in the Internet Age. If I had read about this in the early ’90s I would never have believed it.


DH 2013-02-18 16:44:32


This is easily the hottest thing I have read in a long time… Well done, Marrk & Bianca… I absolutely love the twist at the end.. HOLY SHIT!


bimotarich 2013-02-24 01:33:12

nice! I wondered when the three of you would finally get together! So glad it worked out well! And glad Matthew got to watch! I look forward to hearing about more adventures!


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