Male Sex Workers for Women

By Kendra Holliday | August 10, 2014 at 8:02 pm

A perverted gentleman.

A perfect gentleman.

The other day I received this message:


I was wondering if you could offer advise on how to get started or if its even plausible to do what you do but as a male instead of a female?”

First of all, I offer consultations for this type of thing. You can check out my website for more info.

Second, the answer is yes, it’s possible to be a male sex worker for women. You can apply to be a Cowboy 4 Angels, a service that offers straight male escorts for women.

From the website: “Cowboys need to be very attractive, dedicated to a top level of fitness, presentable, well-groomed, stylish, charming and desirable. Cowboys need to be confident but not arrogant, yet savvy. All need to be emotionally mature, stable and possess a genuine respect for women.”

Read this interesting article inspired by the television show “Hung” on male sex workers representing all kinds of niche markets – black men serving as “bulls” for parties, men hired for cuckolding fantasies, strippers and more. If you’re going to be a sex worker, figure out what your specialty is – working with people with disabilities? G-spot orgasms? Tantra? Massage?

Here’s an article featuring a man in Australia, where prostitution is legal. He seems to have a handle on what women want – to be pampered, worshiped, made to feel special, and oral. Lots of oral sex.

If you want to be a successful male sex worker, in addition to looks, brains, and personality, you need to be compassionate, confident, sexy, mature, intuitive, a great listener, and able to read body language. The focus should be on the woman – not your penis. You also need to be able to see the beauty in your clients, no matter how old, fat, or annoying she is. You need to be good with condoms.

What other qualities would be important for a male sex worker who is seeking female clientele?



youknowwho 2014-08-10 21:46:42

Chef, dishes, laundry, cunninglus. . .yep, that’d do it for me!


james 2014-08-11 08:06:16

Good dancer!


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Since @Square banned me,people are asking if they can send me gift cards as payment.Does anyone know if utility companies accept gift cards?


3 miracles, 3 timewasters, 3 crises who can't pay, sex worker workshop tomorrow- thanksgiving week. Karma better kick in. Mitzvahs galore~


Just watched Awakenings... aww so poignant! Robert DeNiro rocked the tics, and Robin Williams beard was distractingly sexy.


As a bonafide expert on beards, I can tell you that square or round beards are better than pointy beards.