Military Instructor Schools Two Sisters: His Version

By Kendra Holliday | September 6, 2013

Yesterday I posted my version of an elaborate roleplay scene I did with Cap’n Marrrk and Bianca. Here are some thoughts from “Captain Mark Thomas”.

Ties are so sexy.

Ties are so sexy.

This was a very challenging scene for me as I was going solo topping two women who could get bratty real fast. I dressed with a purpose – silver shirt and a gold tie. I went for the expensive clothes vs the polyester costume look. I spent time practicing my head space trying to take on a faux, relaxed military pose, and friendly, but professional.

I invited both women into the house and collected their permission slips, checked the signatures and answered basic questions about the program. While interviewing them, I asked them questions too and took notes and consulted my notes and had separate folders with their “information” in it. I thought it was important to have a realistic feel to it with my props.

I told Bianca to sit up straight and Kendra to act more polished, and for them to sit with their knees  together. I told them that once they were admitted to an Ivy League School, that they could pretty much write their own ticket about what they wanted to do with their lives, so it was really important they go through the process correctly.

Bianca had a mosquito bite on her bottom and asked if I had any hydrocortizone. When I gave her the tube she hiked up her skirt and asked Kendra to apply it, at which point I hopped up and immediately left the room.

When I returned we began the Simulated Upper Class Student Panel section wherein the older students would check to see if you were school material. The first thing I did was give them a Jagermeister Shot telling them it was fake practice liquor because the state wouldn’t let me serve minors, but on campus, even though they were dry, the students would still try to make you drink. I didn’t give them any more because I wanted them to have a fire in their bellies, not barf on my floor.

Then I walked them back and forth a few times to practice walking with their books because backpacks weren’t used at this school. Next was Egg and Spoon Race time. Large eggs, tiny plastic spoons. GO! Halfway across the room, I jumped up into Bianca’s face and yelled “Boo!” Of course she dropped the egg.

“It is” I told her, “very important that you take responsibility for your actions and offer to clean up the mess. Now go in the kitchen and get some cleaning supplies. Remember, they are judging everything.”

Next, I tested their ability to stay focused and get good grades. “Remember,” I told them, “You’ll be living in a co-ed dorm, so there will be a lot going on around you and you have to stay focused.” I had Kendra read a passage from a racy book and told them it would be followed by a quiz. So Bianca sat on a stool blindfolded while Kendra bent over a table and began reading from Delta of Venus. I used a hand vibrator on both women, while also using a violet zapper on Bianca. I switched back and forth trying to spend time with them both. Aya!

The quiz had 10 questions with a bonus extra point (see below). Much to my surprise, they both only got 3 answers wrong though they were totally guessing. So I gave them 5 swats for each wrong answer. I put them next to each other and bent them both over the table while I pulled their panties down and started warming them up with the paddle, left cheek and right cheek only count as “1”.

Next, I said that I had read Bianca had great spacial awareness, so I pulled out a 100 piece children’s jigsaw puzzle and gave them ten minutes to assemble it all. Of course I was witholding a piece, but was quickly found out. Both girls panicked when I started the timer, and as before I started to tease them both mercilessly with spankings, vibrations and rear entry cunt eating because their panties were off by now. Oh no!

While they worked on the puzzle, I belted one woman with a “silver” belt and another with a “gold” necklace and while kissing them, I made them recite to me that these were symbols of slavery to their sexual lust, which was one of the questions on the quiz. The timer ran out and the puzzle was still not fully assembled. I gave them five additional minutes and at this point I just took Bianca from behind, bent over the table with me holding one leg in the air. It was HOT! Bianca finished the puzzle while we fucked. And that was the end of our Student Panel. Both women received stuffed animal prizes.

We went back to the couches and I told them that it was very important that they decided how they wanted to approach getting into school. How bad do you want to get into school? Are you the “You’ll do anything and be the aggressor, or are you the let them ‘do anything you want to me'” passive type.  Bianca, being the former came to me and jumped on to my lap and began grinding her pussy against my pants which I took down and she rode me until I came while I breathed into her ears nibbled her neck and made her repeat that she was a slave to her lust.

When I looked up, Kendra was playing with herself on the couch so I went to her, rolled her back and put her legs around my shoulders and entered her. She came quickly then “kicked me out” which meant somehow I was standing there outside of her with a hard dick while she shuddered. We had a laugh, then I turned her around, shoved her face into the cushions and fucked her until I was ready to come again. We took a breather and I told them Congratulations, they would both be going to an Ivy League School in the Fall.

Aannnd Scene!


Below are the materials I used to assemble the scene. It all began with emails and head fucks.

High School Seniors were nominated by their teachers and school for an Advanced Training in order to get them accepted into Ivy League Schools. The instructor knows the admission counselors to all the schools and the procedures to get in. This is training for that process.  There are a series of emails to string the students along. 1. You are a candidate, send brief paragraph why we should accept you. 2. Your [generic name] essay has been received, please wait. 3. You [generic name] have been rejected. 4. Oops [real name] sorry there was computer glitch, here is your teacher pairing, Teacher Bio, permission slip. 5. Brief intro from teacher, and location.

When the student(s) show up. Brief interview (make ‘em sit up straight, practice walking, collect permission slips). Be prepared to boot them out if they don’t have their permission slips.  There are two phases: Student Life panel by “upper classmen” to see if they get along. Basic Low-Level Hazing. “Simulated” Jaegermeister shots. “Oh this is just a simulation here at my house. This isn’t real liquor. It’s just a baking flavor. It’s as fake a liquor as I am a real teacher (not at all). Just one shot. (We don’t want our bottoms drunk and stupid!)

This involves hazing. Egg and spoon race (make them drop the egg, then take responsibility for the mess and make them clean it up.).  Next, “Can you stay focused and study during distractions.” Listen to a reading followed by a quiz. I had two women, so I had one read a passage from “Delta of Venus” and the other sit blindfolded and listen while I teased them both (back and forth) with a small vibrator and violet wand knockoff. Then I gave them a quiz with swats for wrong answers (see below). Next was a timed jigsaw puzzle (100 pc.) assembly for spacial awareness and hand-eye coordination.  A much more aggressive hands on tease and distract while the timer runs out. Swats for incompleteness.

Phase two: Admission Counselors Interview. Two types of people. Aggressors and Submissives. Which one are you? How badly do you want to get into the school? What is your approach. “I’ll do anything to get into this school” take charge student. Or “do with me what you want”. Now is your chance to violate your student. 🙂

**The Quiz**
Delta of Venus: The Painter’s Tale Quiz (Read the excerpt here before taking the quiz!)


1. What is the wife’s name?

A. Marge
B. Louisa
C. Louise

2. Describe the wife

A. Chalk-white face, burning black eyes deeply sunk in her face, eyelids painted green
B. Sharp, fox-like face, fiery red hair, eyes as green as the sea
C. Plump, round florid face, lips like cupids bow painted red, piercing blue eyes.

3. What did the belt symbolize?

A. Chastity
B. Slavery to her sexual hunger
C. Keeping her pants up.

4. When the artist begged his friends to “take” his wife, what did he mean?

A. Take her shopping
B. Escort her from cafe to cafe
C. Have sex with her.

5. When the wife was alone with Antonio what happened?

A. She was overcome by blinding, Maddening desire
B. Tried to run away
C. Lay there like a dead fish.

6. What was his response?

A. Ran after her
B. Told her to wait because there was plenty of time
C. Splashed cold water on her.

7. He was crouched over her prone body like a_______

A. Spider
B. Lion
C. Bear

8. In this story, what is “honey”

A. What bees make
B. her vagina
C. vaginal lubrication created from her arousal.

9. Order the events:

____He slipped his head under her so that he could suckle at her luxuriant breasts
____He put her legs around his shoulders, took her violently
____While she crawled about the room on her hands and knees, he knelt behind her and inserted his penis, his whole body over hers, also moving on its iron knees and long arms.

10. The orgasm was so strong she______

A. she thought she would go insane, with a hatred and joy like she’d never known
B. rose up on her haunches like a wild animal and screamed her pleasure to the heavens
C. was surrounded and drowned by the tidal forces of pleasure, it’s warmth surrounding her in a pillow of cotton.

Bonus point: What is a Nymphomaniac?

A. A dirty whore
B. A woman who desires sex constantly
C. Me
D. All of the above


polynewb 2013-09-07 08:23:24

Oh so HOT! Any student would be lucky to attend this school. 😛


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