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By Kendra Holliday | December 16, 2012

If you check in with this blog regularly, you’ll recall I recently received a really nice Jack Rabbit toy from California Exotics.

Well, imagine my surprise when only two weeks later, I received a very similar rabbit vibe in the mail to review! And yes, it was purple again.

There was no way I could write a different enough review for such a similar toy back-to-back, so I turned the repeat rabbit over to my good friend who has been in the market for a high-quality, g-spot and clit stimulating vibrator. Here is her assessment!

The California Exotic Novelties Triple Motor Silicone Jack Rabbit

Triple Speed Jack Rabbit by Cal Exotics

The first thing I noticed about this toy was the weight. It is pleasantly heavy, and it feels balanced in the hand. The surface material is a matte-finish silicone with clean, smooth edges and a pretty swirl pattern that complement the basic rabbit-vibrator shape. Its overall high quality is evident straight out of the package.

The controls are simple, with an on/off switch that is separate from the three switches that control the function of the rabbit ears and the shaft. You can switch the speed or vibration pattern and know that you won’t break the mood by inadvertently turning the whole unit off.

The rabbit ears have seven different speeds and patterns of motion. It was fun to have four options ranging from a simple buzz-quiet-buzz-quiet in two speeds to a sort of a rising wave pattern and a short-short-long pattern. In fact, I used this toy a couple of times before I really decided which pattern I liked the best. For science, you know. “Doing the wave” has a whole new meaning for me now.

The shaft of the toy does a corkscrew motion, something I’ve not experienced before. There are three speeds; the slowest one was plenty for me. The matte silicone surface can require more lube for an older woman; more speed means more friction, and I didn’t want to make pit stops for more lube. The corkscrew motion didn’t look like much when I was holding the toy in my hand, but when I was using it inside me, it felt like a writhing beast in there! I give it two slippery thumbs up.

The only issue I had with the unit was the spacing and angle of the rabbit head, and it may have been due to inexperience on my part with the whole rabbit vibrator genre. Once I figured out the right angle and depth for the rabbit ear experience, it was a smooth ride to a deep, clenching orgasm.

I think I’m going to give this toy a shorter name. Thumper?


Let’s hope Cal Exotics sends me something really different next month – I’m gonna tell them the weirder, the better!

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