My Blogging rEvolution

By Kendra Holliday | July 30, 2017

I’ve been blogging since 2006. At one point, I was posting 5-7 days a week. I was a blogging FIEND.

Choose your porn sites wisely!

This current iteration of my blogging career features 575 posts. I consider it my vita. People see the topics I cover and how open and honest I am and feel compelled to reach out to me. They know they can tell me ANYTHING.

Blogging was my internship for what I do for a “loving” now – talking consultations, intimacy sessions, fantasy facilitation, play party hosting, and SO much more.

Back when I was a baby blogger, people would contact me and say, “You are SO fascinating. I’d like to meet you for coffee and pick your brain!”

At first, I was flattered. Who, me? I have no degree, I have no license. I have no letters – M.D., LSW, Ph.D. – after my name. I’m just a friendly neighborhood MILF slut who puts it out there.

I am YOU – without a filter. I am YOU – raw, and without fear.

So, I did it a few times – met with strangers and let them gush eagerly at me and ask tons of questions. It felt very one-sided, like I was cooking them an exotic dish and they were gobbling it up with relish and leaving fulfilled. Meanwhile, I left feeling drained.

Why should I go hang out with a stranger and help them on their journey and forsake time with my daughter, friends, family, and lovers?

So, I came up with a plan to thwart the intense – but super interesting! – invasion of my time and energy. The next time someone approached me, I returned with, “Sure, I can meet with you to discuss polyamory/fetishes/relationships/you name it. My rate is $60/hr.”

To my great surprise, they AGREED.

Wait, what? I’m not a licensed therapist. I’m not a certified life coach. I’m just a brave mom-next-door who’s in touch with her sexuality.

But, holy shit, it WORKED.

People were EAGER BEAVER to pay for my hands on experience, my alternative views, my judgement-free space, my wisdom, and most importantly – my female energy.

These are both me:

Kendra Holliday portraying Perverted

Kendra Holliday will help you work the kinks out!

Thanks to our warped society, my unconventional approach to living an authentic life and replacing the fear with love was IN DEMAND.

So much so, that after a year or two, I raised my rates to $80/hr. Then, a couple years later, $100/hr. Now I’m considering raising them to $120/hr. I always hesitate to do that – it feels wrong, but always turns out to be right. (Pro tip: I grandfather in current client rates. I have one $60 client who’s been seeing me for years, but of course he tips because he fucking loves and values me.)

Nowadays, I hardly have time to blog, which is why I’ve been republishing old content, pushing timely topics to the top, and finding other quick and dirty ways to check in with my burdensome but bigly important blog baby. I’m too busy traveling, fucking, doing cock-n-ball torture and other crazy kink sessions, attending conferences, and dealing with some

deeply personal shit.

Which I am about to share with you. Brace yourself for original content that has nothing and EVERYTHING to do with sex.

It’s so funny – I post on facebook and twitter daily, and always think, gosh I wish there was a way to expand on these bite-size thoughts. I need more room to express myself.

HA – I have a FUCKING blog. I can write 1000 word entries instead of puny 140 characters.

So, here I am again, ready to shake this joint up.

Roll on a condom and get out the lube – shit’s about to get real.


PS: You have my daughter and partner to thank for this. More on that later.


Joan Price 2017-07-30 12:20:59

You’re an extraordinary person. I knew you through your blog long before I met you, and although you had shared provocative and often intimate content here, getting to know you in person was a revelation. You are sexy, smart and feisty, yes, but you are also sweet, compassionate, and eager to learn what others have to give and teach. Your friends and clients are lucky to have the opportunity to interact with you.


    Kendra Holliday 2017-07-31 08:37:31

    Thank you SOOO much for this friend love note Joan! I’m always passing along your name when it comes to sex tips. You’ve introduced a few game changers into my love life! FTW!


Matt and Amy Van Slyke 2017-08-02 14:15:21

Kendra, we LOVE your blog, and are always so interested in what you’re getting into. It’ll be great to see new and regular content again if you’re up for it!! Your adoring fans will certainly appreciate it, and sounds like you’ll be happy to get back into long-form posts.

Looking forward to more of your sexy self!


    Kendra Holliday 2017-08-03 22:24:24

    THANK YOU!!! You two are the best!! I’m eager to post more, gotta knock out this conference the next couple days 🙂


Keith 2017-08-04 21:41:03

I have missed reading your blogs. Hey we’re always entertaining and enlightening. I can’t wait to read more from you!


    Keith 2017-08-04 21:42:31

    *They are always entertaining and enlightening. Embarrassingly, auto correct wins again.


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