My Breasts

By Kendra Holliday | January 26, 2014

My breast.

My breast. Photo by Stan Strembicki

For being such a beast, my partner Matthew is heartbreakingly gentle with my breasts – he knows how sensitive they are. They are B cups, a handful for me, but his paws dwarf them.

He cups them gently, caresses them, cradles one of them as he brings it to his lips. He can fit my whole breast in his mouth easily. He worships them both in equal turns, he toys, he tongues, he teases, and then he starts sucking…

And I go mad, I writhe and wriggle and gasp and squeal, as if I’m trying to get away, but that’s the last thing I want to do. He holds on to me…

He’s tugging me down a dark, shadowy hall by a chain attached to my nipples and my cunt – my pussy twitches with every warm, wet suck. He doesn’t stop, the corridor goes on and on, I become dizzy and disoriented as he consumes me…

And then he gets me to the end of the hall and throws open the door and I’m dazzled with light and warmth and showered in sparks of burgundy and gold…

Take me.

Take me. Photo by Stan



David Wraith 2014-01-27 16:13:53

I’ve watched them work over the past few years and I remain a fan.


Eddie 2014-01-27 16:27:19

Wow just read this article and your other one from today. I went to a tarot session this afternoon in which the guy described me as having polyamorous tendancies. I never knew this word and have since read a couple of articles and your site seems very savy. You have a new European follower.


Dan 2014-01-29 19:33:17

What a fine body you have my dear; and to have all of you loved? How nice. M. should worship your breasts; perfect size and shape and perkiness. What a blessing.

Indeed. Why do we men so find ourselves attracted to a woman’s breast these days? So a comic last week where a kid was in the bushes eyeing a ladies ankles, titled “Puritan Poor”. Is it a boy/ mom thing? A “nine months getting out and 80 years trying to get back” thing? To suck. I’m OK with this but I wonder if other guys worry about the “mommy thing”?

I think not. We are too in love with naked breasts and the women who wear them proudly to even ask. I’m told breasts in the Renaissance era were not viewed as s sexual element so much, true?


scott 2014-02-01 14:25:20

It’s more than a titillating photo of a beautiful woman. It’s a photo of a woman of truth.


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