My Favorite Sex Toys for Men

By Kendra Holliday | May 7, 2016

The other day someone saw my sex toy curio and remarked, “You sure have a lot of toys for women in there.”



Well DUH.

My partner has a lot of toys at his house, too, more of the male and BDSM stuff.

Here are some of my favorite male toys – I recommend these all the time:

Tenga Flip Hole – My partner Matthew reviewed this a while back. I like it better than the Fleshlight. I have to say, he wrote that review five years ago, and he still has that thing and uses it from time to time! It holds up well. Personally, I think it’s really hot watching a guy jack with a toy. Sometimes I’ll look that stuff up on porn sites. It’s interesting how quiet men are when being stimulated, but when they cum, they make sexy noises that turn me on.

Tenga Egg!

Tenga Egg!

Tenga Egg – Women have their yoni eggs; men get Tenga eggs! These are so much fun! While the Flip Hole above is meant to be used again and again, the Tenga Eggs are cheaper and more disposable (though you can use than more than once if you want to). I keep a basket of them by my bed – they come in several designs.  I like experimenting with different men – some find the sensation to be spectacular. Some cum fast, some find it feels weird. One of the guys I tried it on was uncircumcised, and he wasn’t that impressed with it.

Cock rings – you can get a set of three silicone rings for less than $10. These are good to have around for backup, or just to switch things up a little. They restrict the blood flow from leaving the penis, so you get a harder, longer lasting erection. Don’t leave one on for more than 20 minutes, though – you don’t want to do any dick damage.

Aneros – SO great for anal play! Does an amazing job stimulating the prostate for an extended, full body orgasm. It comes in many styles, including vibrating. THIS is a great instruction sheet for how to get used to the incredible sensations the Aneros can elicit, and how to experiment with movement and focus. In fact, my partner reviewed an Aneros a while back, and a commenter scolded him for “doing it wrong”. I don’t think you can “do it wrong” unless you hurt yourself. (Speaking of stimulating the prostate and hurting yourself, did you know you can stimulate it from anal play, or rubbing on the outside like on the taint, OR, for the extra brave, you can stimulate it through the urethra via sounding rods! I hosted a sounding demo the other day; it inspired me to get my own sounding kit.)

The Pulse – I learned about the Pulse from sexuality expert Joan Price. She reviewed it on her blog, Better Than I Ever Expected. I’ve had a couple male friends get one and they got off great with it! The cool thing is, you can be hard or flaccid when using The Pulse, and you can use it solo or with a partner, so it’s quite versatile.

The Pulse by Hot Octopuss

How about you? Do you have a favorite male sex toy? Is there something you like to use on a regular basis?


AlanK 2016-05-07 15:50:09

Add the Hugo to your list. Remote controlled prostate vibration. Especially good with a friend to provide penile pleasure. Works fine for women too. And this is a male toy that is fine solo but better used with a partner, which I greatly prefer.


Free spirited 2016-05-07 21:33:37

The best toy is a little vibrated we found that vibrates to musical type tunes. Its small and remote controlled so when we are in public or with vanilla friend’s we use it and its our dirty secrete.


David 2016-05-29 07:14:54

I have always wanted to try the Aneros. Is it better to do it solo or to have a teacher help me the first time to find the right spot with it. Matthew is very lucky to have you as his partner and guide.


    Kendra Holliday 2016-05-29 07:24:22

    I think solo play is great with the Aneros. You can really focus on your own sensations. Of course, adding someone else’s energy can enhance things in a different way…


Mandy 2016-06-21 21:54:40

I re read the article to see the comment… Why do people insist that a sex toy has to be used a certain way to be correct? Did he not experience prostate pleasure? And even if it was more anal pleasure, what of it? Sheesh, people.


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