My Menopause Survival Kit

By Kendra Holliday | August 13, 2017

On Holliday!

My friend Steffy tipped me off to a Women’s Clinic that worked for her. They really care about their clients, and they don’t jack up the prices like some of the clinics do.

Still, I had to pay out of pocket because they were out-of-network with my lackluster health insurance. Each visit cost about $150.

They suggested I do a spit test for hormone levels, as that is more accurate than blood. So I did that, and they provided me with a very detailed report. I was impressed with how thorough and efficient they were.

It turns out that not only was a little high on testosterone, but I was also high on stress hormones (duh) and very low on progesterone and estrogen. So they prescribed a plant based hormone cream specifically designed for me, to be applied at bedtime. I replaced the Paxil with this hormone elixir. It cost about $115 (not covered by insurance of course).

I felt immediate relief!

And I got my orgasms back after three days or so off Paxil. It was weak and like watery waves, but I wept with joy all the same!


And more energy! I felt motivated and positive. I was getting shit done! Woo hoo!

The hormones help A LOT, but they don’t erase the symptoms altogether. They certainly make them more manageable.

In addition to the whoremones, here is what else I keep in my menopause survival kit (keep in mind this is what works for ME – every person is different. It’s important to experiment and find what works for you.)

  • a spray bottle of water in fridge to spritz on myself for immediate relief
  • ice
  • ice packs
  • all those heat pads I used to put on my tummy for menstrual cramps – now I was freezing them and putting them on my neck!
  • glass dildo in fridge for quick core cool down 😉
  • FIJI water – mmm, electrolytes
  • Whenever possible, I get 10,000 steps in each day. I take a dawn walk, a day walk, and a dusk walk. Helps me keep in touch with nature/trees/sun/flowers…
  • T-Balance Plus thyroid supplements – helps with night sweats
  • Cheryl’s Herbs

Cheryl’s Herbs

Dildo in the fridge!

I’m so glad I figured this all out through lots of research and trial and error. Before I had this kit, I was non-functional – sobbing, lying on the couch, useless. Four psychotic episodes. There are entire weeks during the months of June and July I can’t remember – pics on my phone I don’t recall taking. That’s some scary shit!

I’m so glad I’m feeling better.

Ahhh happy to be here!

I’m pretending this stage of my life is about being reborn as a witch. It feels magical and other worldly – a painful and beautiful process. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, but I’m fortunate to have a strong support system in place. My family and friends have been so compassionate and understanding.

And it’s providing me with much wisdom and perspective so that I can continue helping others who are struggling with life’s curve balls.

And you know what else? It’s kind of awesome living in a man’s world with a man’s thermostat. It’s nice not having to bundle up every time I go to the grocery store or a movie theater!

So now that I’ve caught you all up on what’s been going on with me, how about we cover something kinky next? Say, a little male chastity cock cage action?

Stay tuned! Love, Kenderella, the Queen of Kink 🙂 , aka

I am Kendra Holliday, first of her name, Mother of Dragon, Lover of Free Folk, Queen of The Beautiful Kind, submissive to the King & Lord God Obatala, Matron of Menopause, Daughter of Astonishment, Servant of Sex-Positive, Sister of Sexuality! 💖

Queen Kenderella

PS: Hormones are NO JOKE. Keep that in mind the next time you’re interacting with a teenager, transperson, middle aged woman, or ANY human being at any given time! 🙂


AlanK 2017-08-16 08:33:36

Exercise. Exercise. Serious exercise. Best anti-depressant there is when drug side effects are worse than what they cure. But please be careful; as you now know, depression kills people. Monitor your feelings carefully. We want you with us for a long time.


    Kendra Holliday 2017-08-16 09:34:16

    Oh yes! I will update the post – whenever possible, I get 10,000 steps in each day. I take a dawn walk, a day walk, and a dusk walk. Helps me keep in touch with nature/trees/sun/flowers…


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