My Penis and Everyone Else’s

By Kendra Holliday | September 26, 2017

We’re all inundated with spam like this:

“Want to be well hung, with a thick, muscular tool? Now you can”

“She gives me head EVERY night now that I have such a large pecker”

“The trophy can now be in your pants”

and my personal favorite:

“For anyone who has ever wished upon a star for a bigger dick, here is the answer.”

I love imagining some guy sitting there wishing on a star, but not for a pony like most people, but for the pony’s DICK.

I have to admit, I’ve only been with one micropenis in my life, and it was a shock. I think it would have gone over better had the guy said something to me ahead of time and not let me discover it on my own. Man was that awkward.

There’s a great documentary on the subject of penis size that was on BBC as part of a body image series. It’s called My Penis and Everyone Else’s.

The narrator of the film, Lawrence Barraclough, had to work hard at getting in to men’s pants and persuading them to let it all hang out. Granted some of his ideas are a little in-your-face, like when he walks around crowded streets wearing a sandwich board that proclaims loudly, “I WANT TO TALK ABOUT PENISES.”

At first Barraclough could only delve into the topic by speaking with experts and visiting sites online like, a resource that focuses on penis insecurities. He also visits a sex toy factory that sells products such as “The Stallion Pump” and herbal enlargement pills. (Note: none of this stuff works.)

Then he was able to come up with more creative ways to broach the subject, such as “preaching” to crowds (no one dares speak up, and then finally a black man does, and what he has to say is so sweet!) and hosting a clay penis sculpting session with a few women. Admittedly, the ideal penises in these women’s imaginations turned out to be on the hefty side. Barraclough admits in the film that he is half the size of an average size erect penis. But what is the average size, anyway? That is discussed as well.

Just about every woman interviewed in this doc comes across as heartless – take a look at the interview he conducts with the girlfriend of a man named Jared who’s about to undergo penis enlargement surgery – she really puts her penis – I mean, foot, in her mouth! (Just wait till you hear Jared’s pre-op penis size – now that’s a shocker.)

Barraclough gets to sit in on Jared’s penis enlargement surgery and watch this group of medical professional mutilate a perfectly normal sized cock and turn it into Frankenweiner. Holy shit watching that scene made me want to cry. They peeled it like a banana and stuffed his cock with bits of his own ass. They briefly follow up with Jared a few weeks after his surgery at the end of the film. Here’s a hint on how he’s doing: ouch.

The film concludes with a penis gallery photo exhibit. Grassroots-style, Barraclough solicits men to send in snapshots of their manhood, and within two weeks he receives over 100.

He opens the exhibit at The Foundry Gallery in London, and it’s just a matter of time before male patrons are stepping into a photo booth and leaving their own genital fingerprint to add to the wall. It’s like a group hug for penises. I have to admit I felt fulfilled.

I’m currently working with a client via Skype who has a micropenis. He wrote this essay about his experience. Unlike the man I interviewed a while back, this man’s story has a happy ending. Instead of developing sexual anorexia, he has learned to eroticize his condition in the form of SPH (small penis humiliation) fetish.

Hey, life’s too short – might as well make the best of it!


chris 2017-09-26 12:15:49

“Many a small thing was made large with the right kind of advertising.” (Mark Twain)

A lovely and thoughtful posting, Kendra, about an insecurity that will never go away for many men, no matter how much is said aboutt the subject. It’s not just a cultural obsession, it seems to be a growing one. A tip o’ the cap to the man who managed to discover that the curse of the puny pecker was really a blessing in disguise.


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