Flaying Babies

By Kendra Holliday | May 3, 2015

Interesting reading from an intactivist!

Interesting reading from an intactivist!

Flaying, also known colloquially as skinning, is the removal of skin from the body.Wikipedia

In the United States, it’s often the default to slice off the foreskin of infant boys. You can watch the three most common procedures here – Plastibell, Gomco, and Mogen. Caution: it’s bloody and brutal and the pinned down babies cry, even though they get numbing injections.

The rate has dropped about 10-20% in recent years. I hope it continues to drop.

I gave birth to my daughter in 2000, and I was SO glad she was a girl. My ex-husband’s family was Jewish, and the pressure would have been strong to circumcise for religious tradition reasons.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m fine with penises that have been cut and scarred, but I hardly ever get to play with an uncircumcised dick, so it’s a treat when I do! They’re so slidy and silky…

I work with a lot of men intimately on their sexual dysfunction, and all of them are circumcised. Granted, I have several lovers, and they are all circumcised and functioning fine. I can only think of one man I know at this time who is uncircumcised, and he moved here from Europe in the 8th grade.

He said it was a shock to his system to be in the locker room with all the other boys. He was terrified he would be forced to undergo the procedure!

He likened it to nipple amputation. “Pretend you were in a society where nipple removal was commonplace, and you were a freak if you still had yours!”

A lot of people think an uncut penis looks funny, but it just depends on what you are used to. We see cut penises in almost all the porn out there.

I was curious to read Please Don’t Circumcise Your Baby Boy: The Case Against Male Infant Circumcision, by Roland Hume, a British man who moved to the United States in 2001.

He also experienced culture shock – from our faulty healthcare system, to all the gun-toting mania. But it was the rampant practice of circumcision that shocked him most of all.

I expected his book to be very jerky and ranty, and he does get a little harsh from time to time, but for the most part, he argues his case against circumcision with sensitivity. The ebook is succinct – he doesn’t bog it down with loads of case stories and statistics – just enough to get his point across.


A Yearning for Yang

By Kendra Holliday | April 29, 2015

Yang is characterized as hard, fast, solid, dry, focused, hot, and aggressive. It is associated with masculinity and daytime. – Wikipedia, on yin and yang

Basking in the glow of male energy

Basking in the glow of male energy

The night before, I had been with a sweet, beautiful woman. The next day, I was with her polar opposite.

Every time I get with Matthew, I feel thrilled and torn – I want to hang out and joke with him, but I also want him to dominate and be mean to me. I want to make love, but I also want to be fucked.

I want to make the most out of each and every moment we’re together.

Unable to make up my mind, I tend to resort to a trust fall approach and let him dictate the mood, which works well for us.

For instance, the last time he came over, he texted me ahead of time with the following instructions:

“Naked, on your knees, facing away from the front door, hands behind your back, don’t speak.”

It ended up being a very intense 20 minutes, leaving me emotionally and physically wiped out for the rest of the day.

This time, I was wearing a cute little red silk shortie pajama set, and ran up to him eagerly when he arrived. We kissed and cuddled and I walked him back to the bedroom by the hand. He chuckled at all the slut droppings – toys, massage oil, and candles strewn about from the night before.

He pushed me down on the bed and crushed me with his formidable weight, which always makes me giggle uncontrollably. Then he relieved us both of our clothes and we reconnected joyously: he had me, filled me, surrounded me … it didn’t take long for both of us to cum.


A Yen for Yin

By Kendra Holliday | April 28, 2015

Yin is usually characterized as slow, soft, insubstantial, diffuse, cold, wet, and tranquil. It is generally associated with the feminine, birth and generation, and with the night. – Wikipedia, on yin and yang

“It’s my birthday Monday, and I want YOU to be my birthday present, sweetie!” my girlfriend Rachel announced to me.

“ME?” I exclaimed. “Um, OK!”

We both play with men a lot, so we wanted a chance to enjoy feminine delights without cock bobbing around for a change. Don’t get me wrong – mff threesomes are SO MUCH FUN, but when you’re a hot bisexual woman, it’s not easy scheduling girl-on-girl time!

Matthew was a total gentleman about it, by the way. Lord knows he gets plenty of action on his own, so he gave me space and his blessing and never once joked about joining us. This was a nice change from all the other men I’ve been with in the past who were – oh fine, I’ll say it – selfish babies when it came to my girlfriends.

I made her a special birthday dinner, with salad, vegetable lasagna, artisan bread, champagne grapes, wine, and homemade french vanilla chocolate chip cookies. I excitedly lit candles, put on some romantic music… I felt so cute in my vintage teddy.

She arrived, we had a relaxing dinner, she loved everything, we couldn’t stop talking!

Finally she said, “Dinner was just wonderful sweetie, but I’m ready for dessert!”

I was getting cougared for a change!

Girl-on-girl action!

Girl-on-girl action!


A Close Shave

By Kendra Holliday | April 26, 2015

I have a beard fetish.

I have a beard fetish.

It’s Sunday afternoon.

Matthew gets out of the shower, towels off, then hands me the shave cream to apply to his rough cheeks.

He takes a drink of whiskey from his crystal tumbler, then hands me the glass. I take a respectful sip, then hand it back.


With a sense of wonder, I slather the rich, white cream on his face, trying to cover every square inch of manly stubble.

I sit on the floor in the bathroom doorway and watch in awe as he shaves with a razor. When I was a little girl, I watched my daddy shave, and I feel the same abject devotion and fascination now.

He’s so big, strong, and manly. With the razor, he carves decency and civilization into his face, removing any traces of caveman and brute.

Then, with a flick of the razor in my direction, he indicates that I need to stand up and service him. I hop up and he hands me the blade and offers me one of his cheeks so I can act as quality control.

Tentatively and reverently, I drag the razor shyly down his cheek.

“Harder,” he commands, staring into space.

I obey, and my next swipe is more assured.

He offers me the other cheek.

Then he looks up.

I hold my breath as I run the razor down his bulging Adam’s apple. I might as well be sticking my finger up his ass. I treat him with utmost care and respect.

He drains his whiskey and hands me the glass with a nod, penetrating me with his steely blue eyes. “I need more.”

I scurry off to refill it for him as he rinses his face off with hot water. I exchange the amber firewater for a towel.

I take it and gingerly pat his handsome face dry, under his chin, around his nose, my lips parted with concentration. I want to serve him well.

Then he takes his razor and mimics the shaving ritual on my already ridiculously smooth cheeks and neck. He takes his big hand and tilts my face up and over.

“Be still,” he breathes, “I don’t want your blood on me. Yet.” I freeze. He runs the razor down my neck, down the most sensitive hinge of my throat.

Then he takes his aftershave cologne and pats it on himself, then anoints me with it, my face, my neck, my wrists….I am marked with his scent.

He strides into the bedroom, and I follow him.

He puts on a t-shirt and jeans. Aloof, he nods towards his belt on the bed. The same belt he used on me earlier.

I reach for it and ask him in a small voice which way it goes. He indicates to his left, and I snake it in between his belt loops. I work my way around his wide torso, and cinch it at his fly.

“I feel like I’m chaining down the beast,” I murmur.

Then he pulls a button down shirt off the hanger in the closet and hands it to me. He turns away from me and relaxes his arms so I can dress him.

I slip his shirt up his arms and around him, and my breath is lost in the whisper of cotton….

I feel like I am suiting the King up for battle.

Once he is dressed, my services are no longer needed, so he walks me to the door.

In a daze, I go to my car, get in, turn the key, and drive away.

He watches me intently from the doorway the entire time.

Epic Play Party!

By Kendra Holliday | April 23, 2015

Party time!

Party time!

I hosted a big, upscale play party a couple weeks ago, and it was EPIC!

These parties take SO much work to organize. I spend countless hours just on screening and email correspondence. Everyone has so many questions (I added FAQ to the Party page!), and there are details galore to sort out.

One of the biggest challenges is finding a venue. It makes it much easier when someone in the community has a big, classy place and offers to host, but when that isn’t an option, I have to rent a place, which is nerve wracking.

Case in point: A week before this last party, my original venue canceled on me!


So I called in my troops and we ended up finding an even BETTER place. I have a core group of awesome friends – I can’t do it alone!

Super Slut Powers – Activate!

The gorgeous lake house in the country was spacious and modern – IDEAL.

I wore an electric blue dress.

People started arriving at 7pm, and we socialized like a normal party for a couple hours.

The place was TEEMING with gorgeous redheads – there were like a dozen of them. And so many other sexy, well-dressed people! Women in sparkling evening gowns, men in kilts and tuxedos…everyone was walking around with huge smiles on their faces. Excitement and anticipation was in the air!

Sissy with Scarlet

Good Sissy! Photo by Ricky Sherman

My friend Sissy Maid was in full French maid attire with fishnets and heels, making sure drinks were filled and pillows (tee hee!) were fluffed.

At 9pm, my partner Matthew and I made an announcement. We dedicated the evening to our friends, Warren, Jade and Adam, who had been to some of my parties in the past, but would not be with us this time – just that afternoon, we attended Warren’s memorial service. I started to cry, and Matthew stepped in and picked up where I left off. He always has my back. We reminded everyone of guidelines and etiquette, and then kicked off our icebreaker – a girl pile!

I stood in the middle of the great room and eagerly stripped off my dress, inviting women to join me. We started off with four or five, and it eventually swelled to twenty writhing, orgasmic lusty ladies! It’s crazy – I always envision a soft core porn scene, with women gently kissing, touching, and sighing, but it’s always more kinky and intense!

We took turns being the lucky lady in the middle, reveling in all the hands and tongues and sex toys. You always hear about women taking 20 minutes to orgasm, but with all that concentrated attention and positive female energy, women were popping off left and right! Squirting, screaming, gushing… toes were sucked, asses were spanked, pussies were fucked… and there was a HUGE audience watching it all go down, some overlooking the scene from the balcony. As an exhibitionist, that was a plus for me!


The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty

By Kendra Holliday | April 16, 2015

 Joan Price, senior sex expert

Joan Price, senior sex expert


My group, Sex Positive St Louis, is hosting her! You can get event details here. The events are FREE!

Joan Price is, among other things, a senior sex educator and author. I reviewed her book Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex a couple years ago. I’ve been wanting to meet her ever since.

She has a new book out called The Ultimate Guide to Sex After Fifty. You can pick up a copy at Left Bank Books, or at one of the events. Shameless Grounds also has copies available in their lending library.

A lot of my clients are 50+. The oldest person I’ve ever been intimate with was 91. He experienced cunnilingus with me for the first time in his life! He was surprised it was pleasant – he had always been told female genitals were dirty and smelly. He thought sex toys were disgusting.

People of all ages often have misconceptions about sex. Joan’s book tackles some great topics in a very readable, approachable manner. She teaches her readers about sex toys, masturbation, partner sex, health, dating, and more.

The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50

The Ultimate Guide to Sex After 50

Aging is about change. We might not have the same abilities we had in our twenties, but that’s okay – we can enjoy a new way of enjoying our sexuality. I had a 55-year-old man tell me he wanted to get back to how he was in his twenties – an aggressive power fucker. With his erectile dysfunction issues and hip problems, I knew that was an unrealistic goal, so I introduced him to different methods of lovemaking and intimacy. I helped him come to terms and embrace his evolving sexuality.

I tell you what – tantra is MY secret weapon. When I get less flexible and mobile and can’t assume as many vigorous sex positions as I get older, I’m going to start incorporating tantra more and more into my lifestyle. Lots of breathing and eye gazing closeness with my partners – ahhhh.

Joan touches upon tantra in her book, as well as other sexually creative elements such as BDSM.

Did you know a flaccid penis can feel pleasure and achieve orgasm? Do you know where the P-spot is? Did you know that too much togetherness can hamper our libidos? Have you ever thought that maybe sex workers save marriages? Is sex a need, or a desire?

And then there are the tough topics – mismatched libidos. Being in a sexless marriage. Cheating. Joan calls on other experts to weigh in on these issues, and offers a checklist to review called “Should I Stay Or Should I Go?”

She offers lots of tips, encouragement, and validation. Stop dwelling on the things your body can’t do, and start celebrating what it CAN do.

Actively seek out therapy and solutions.

Here is Joan’s mantra:

– Desire follows action.

– Use it, don’t lose it.

– Just do it.

And remember – LUBE IS YOUR FRIEND. Along with signing copies of her books, Joan will be passing out free samples of uberlube as part of her mission to make St. Louis a happier, healthier place!

Swinger Etiquette – Newbies, Take Note!

By Kendra Holliday | April 12, 2015

I’ve been hosting sex-positive play parties the past year – you can find more info on this page.  They’ve been wildly successful! I can’t keep up with the demand! A lot of swinger newbies attend, and they are understandably nervous and inexperienced. They ask a lot of questions. Here’s an example:

Just wondering what others think, have experienced, and advise. We totally get the standard play party rules (seek consent, etc.), but are wondering how you transition from casual introductions/conversation with brand new or recent acquaintances to PLAYTIME.

Also, what’s a good way for members of one couple to engage with members of another couple (“Mind if I kiss your husband/wife?”). Does anyone else feel awkward about this, or is everyone else smooth as silk?

I replied with my play party rules and etiquette:

Everything is on your own terms and consensual. People are friendly and nice, so feel free to introduce yourself to others, and ask permission to play. And feel free to say no thank you. Guests are mature, respectful, gracious, and fun-loving. We have a lot of nervous and excited newbies – please make them feel welcome! TBK parties tend to have really good, sex-positive energy.

You can expect to see some super sexy action going down (GIRL PILE icebreaker!!!), but you don’t have to play if you don’t want to, or you can just play with your partner, or do whatever feels right to you. There will be spaces for public play, as well as some privacy. BDSM, bisexuality, and other forms of creative sexuality is encouraged! Feel free to bring toys. Safer sex is smart, so we’ll have condoms and lube on hand.


Life or Death Drama

By Kendra Holliday | March 28, 2015

“We plan, god laughs.” – Yiddish proverb

When you make plans and a wrench is thrown in them, it’s usually easy enough to improvise, adapt, and overcome.

I’ve had so many wrenches thrown at me this month, I’m black and blue and barely standing, much less blogging. But whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?

Well, how much can you take before you finally break?

There’s a quote I often refer to when the going gets rough: “I can’t go on, I go on.”

But you know what? Nothing I’ve experienced now, or ever before, compares to what my kinky local friends Jade, Warren, and Adam are going through right now. It’s a true life and death drama, and it is fucked up and cruel. I am sick over it. It’s a fucking nightmare.

Drama: Any situation or series of events having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or striking interest or results.

You can read a summary of their dire situation here.

But you can’t read their story at Kink and Poly anymore. The site, once deemed the Best Sex Blog in St. Louis, has been taken down. I’ve referred SO many people to Jade’s incredible website over the years.

Here are pics of me with Warren, and with Jade:

W and me

W and me



Jade from Kink and Poly!

Jade from Kink and Poly!


My Willow Tree

By Kendra Holliday | March 22, 2015

You guys, I just love my pubic hair!

Or should I say, public hair? :)

Just look at it – doesn’t it resemble a willow tree?

My sacred willow tree.

My sacred willow tree.

Even the stubble around it resembles a starry night. I should get a little moon tattoo above it, ha. Maybe my belly button is the moon, the source of my being…. alunapull.

This area of my body is so full of sacred femininity, mystery, pleasure, Yin… Look at that Y! Look how it reaches up as if in celebration!

The hair is soft, musky, and leads to luscious pink folds of skin. Salty and sweet. I’m tingling right now.

I love Sunday mornings. I am worshiping myself and feel love. They say that if you are surrounded by love, you are already in heaven…

Topless Tarot with My Daughter

By Kendra Holliday | March 14, 2015

The hot tea made me a little warm, tee hee!

Topless Tea Party!

The other day, I attended a SEX+STL women’s only Topless Tarot event with my daughter, and it was wonderful!

The ages of the attendees ranged from 14 (my daughter) to 65. There was one other mother/teen duo there as well, in addition to about 20 women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds.

This was not the first clothing optional women’s only event we’ve had (in the past, we’ve done Pussy Parties and Topless Tea Parties), but it was the first one my daughter attended. So it was kind of a big deal! Naturally, I wanted it to be a positive experience for her.

I think ALL young women should have the chance to experience body-affirming moments. It’s so funny – for a lot of us, the older we get, the more comfortable we are in our skin. We don’t appreciate our bodies when we are younger, thinner, and more vital.

My daughter has a wonderful, strong, beautiful body, but she is wracked with all the insecurities I had at that age. I remember feeling so awkward and inferior. I compared myself to every other female – girls my age, models on television, older women. I remember some of the weird things I tried to improve my appearance – slouching, lots of makeup, starving myself, padded bras, walking around blind without my glasses.

When it finally seemed futile that I would never be beautiful and measure up to society’s standards, I went ahead and shaved my head and wore black all the time. I eventually outgrew that phase, but the body image struggle continued through my stripper phase, my married phase, my pregnant phase, my divorced phase, my nude goddess phase… heck, I STILL struggle, but I’m not going to let that hold me back from celebrating my body, feeling pleasure, and being naked!

It’s painful watching her struggle. The Topless Tarot party seemed like a gentle exercise, and of course, she was happy to give it a try. She and I are used to seeing each other naked around the house, but it would be different with others there.

Here is me at age 27 with my squishy little newborn daughter, almost 15 years ago:


Got a Shameful Sex Secret? It’s Time to Talk About It

By Kendra Holliday | March 8, 2015

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

This article is part of a series that delves into the issues brought up in The Dysfunctional Bedroom: Top 5 Sex Life Woes.

Many people seek me out because they have no one to talk to when it comes to sex. I’m the only person in the real world who knows that Lenny likes wearing pantyhose. Or that John wants to find a dominatrix. Or that Jenny has rape fantasies.

I’m like an atheist priest.

They feel guilty about something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, I was raised Catholic…”

They need someone they can be open and honest with, someone who won’t judge them, someone who is fluent in the language of sexuality.

They need compassion.

“‘Our secrets keep us sick’ is a well-known maxim within the therapy community,” says Amy Luechtefeld, a sex-positive psychotherapist in St. Louis. “The companion quote to that is, ‘We’re only as sick as our secrets.’ In any case, secrets tend to consume an inordinate amount of our energy, resulting in lies and shame and generally have a parasitic effect.”

How do you shake the shame that festers in you like sex cooties?


Some thoughts from my partner of seven years, Matthew…

More and more people are thinking outside the confining cage of social norms these days and exploring the option of opening their relationship. While this is something that can be truly amazing and freeing, there are a number of considerations that should be made piror to, and during, the process.

What kind of door is it that you are about to open? A single or double door? Revolving door? Sliding door? A Security Door? Here is a very short list of some truly important items that you should also think about:

1. Move Slowly

There should be no reason to rush this process. If you find there is a high degree of expedition in your partner’s, or your own, eagerness to open the door, examine it. Do not go forward with the process if one of you is not happy with your current relationship. If the door you are opening is not well adjusted, balanced and oiled; it will not function properly. In other words, someone could get hurt.

Opening doors can lead to many great things.

2. Define Guidelines

It is extremely important to discuss limitations and you should certainly have some in place at the onset. These can be any number of things.  Perhaps you would only like new partners to use the front door, keeping the back door reserved for yourselves. Safer sex is a must of course.  A great way to start the guidline discussion is:  Who? What? When? Where?  (The “Why?” should have already been discussed by the time you get to setting up guidlines.)

3. Mutual Respect

It is imperative that everyone involved feels respected.  From primary partners, to new partners, to potential partners. Don’t slam the door in anyone’s face once you’ve opened it. Of course, you aren’t going open the door to anyone who you don’t think should come in, so there should be no need to slam a door. However, there may be a need to lock it sometime. People who choose not to respect your relationship with your primary should remain outside of the door, knocking.

4. Be Honest

Do not be afraid to acknowledge any feeling you have, no matter how small or silly you may think it is. Those small emotional responses can smolder and turn into a raging fire quickly if they are not placed on the table. One thing that you can be sure of in life, aside from from the fact that you’ll die someday, is that honest, mature communication is always beneficial.

5. Jealousy

Be prepared to experience being emotionaly uncomfortable at some point, no matter how many times you talk about it, no matter how strong your primary relationship is. Early on, and even sometime after you’ve opened the door, you will naturally long for your primary partner and/or even wonder about the stability of your relationship when they are with someone else. Do not feel like you are doing something wrong, or are inferior. Realize that you are in love and keep being open and honest with each other.

Remember, what you are attempting to do is what so many other people are already doing, except they are climbing through windows. It’s much better to use the door.

The Dysfunctional Bedroom: Top 5 Sex Life Woes

By Kendra Holliday | March 4, 2015

Naked wisdom

I am not a licensed therapist. I do not have a degree in sexology. All of my knowledge and wisdom about human desire and happiness is based on my own research and personal experience.

This allows me greater freedom and flexibility when it comes to the sex and relationship consulting I offer. I’ve seen hundreds of clients in the past few years. Most of them have been men – men are more in touch with their sexuality and are more ambitious when it comes to solving problems and getting what they want. I think this is due to their higher testosterone level, but even more so, the double standard in our society that still represses the majority of women.

It’s interesting to note that most of my clients divulge things to me in our first session that they haven’t revealed to the real psychologist they’ve been meeting with for months. It’s important to address the deep, dark sexual secrets, because they influence everything on the surface – it’s all connected.

Here are the top reasons people seek me out for guidance:

They need an atheist priest.

I’m the only person in the real world who knows that Lenny likes wearing pantyhose. Or that John wants to find a dominatrix. Or that Jenny has rape fantasies.

They feel guilty about something. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Well, I was raised Catholic…”

They need someone they can be open and honest with, someone who won’t judge them, someone who is fluent in the language of sexuality.

They have baggage.

The baggage society weighs you down with can weigh a TON. Often people will repeat the same mistakes over and over, getting with a man who treats them as crappy as their last partner, who is echoing neglect from their father.

Something terrible happened to them years ago.

Someone wronged them.

They screwed up.

They still pine for their “true love.”



By Kendra Holliday | February 21, 2015

Do the right thing.

Do the right thing.

I used to HATE winter, but then I learned about hygge.

What is hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that translates into: “GET COZY AND HAPPY EVEN THOUGH IT’S FUCKING COLD OUTSIDE!”

Well, here is what the Visit Denmark website says:

“Hard to explain and even harder to pronounce, the Danish word hygge (pronounced ‘hooga’) roughly translates to ‘coziness’. In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. There’s nothing more hygge than sitting round a table, discussing the big and small things in life. Perhaps hygge explains why the Danes are the happiest people in the world!”

Turning a negative into a positive = LIFE’S SECRET WEAPON.

I have a Norwegian friend and I make him pronounce it for me. Over and over, hee! As an ignorant, but now *enlightened* American, it’s a tricky word to say! But at least I know how to DO IT.

Since I learned about hygge, I’ve surrounded myself with glowing candles, soft scarves and blankets, warm spirits, and cozy-inducing activities. Mood lighting and inviting textures are KEY. Group sex is optional. :)

While the ice pelted down on us like pop rocks last night, I had an amazing foursome with some loved ones. We were one big, erotic cuddle pile!

Here are some examples of MY hygge – I range from sweet to sexxxy:


Crazy Little Thing Called Love – No, Limerence

By Kendra Holliday | February 19, 2015

Are you obsessed with
the wrong person?

“Love is a human religion in which another person is believed in.” – Robert Seidenberg

I have two close friends who are suffering from limerence.

From Wikipedia:

Limerence is an involuntary cognitive and emotional state in which a person feels an intense romantic desire for another person.

Some of the components:

– Intrusive thinking about the limerent object. (Note the word “object” used here when referring to a human being. The thoughts become pretty possessive.)

– Acute longing for reciprocation.

– Unsettling shyness in the limerent object’s presence.

– Intensification through adversity.

– Acute sensitivity to any act, thought, or condition, with one’s mood being affected by the limerent object’s actions.

I’ve experienced limerence many times in my life. The first time was in 5th grade when I freakishly obsessed over Michael Jackson. The second time was in 7th grade when I became obsessed with Duran Duran. I thought about Simon Le Bon’s sperm a little too much, let me tell you.

When limerence is mutual, it’s magical. It’s New Relationship Energy. It can fuel you for weeks, even months, until you get to a more simmering, contented love destination.

When limerence is one-sided, that pretty much puts you in the “stalker” category. One-sided limerence cloaks a person in delusion, false hope. You’re lovesick. When you’re under the spell of limerence, you are never bored. Nor are you mentally healthy. Your energy is being channeled down a dead end street.


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