Planning our Fuckation

By Kendra Holliday | July 19, 2014


It’s called fuckation, baby!

You’ve heard of staycations – how about fuckations?

Last year, my partner and I popped for a trip to Austria.  Next year, we’re shooting for Alaska. We also want to squeeze in a tropical getaway – Mexico? Bermuda? Desire?

This year, we’re really busy with work, kids, and saving up.

So we decided it would make perfect sense to carve out days dedicated to pure pleasure and reconnecting – time is so precious, and you can never get enough intimacy, right??

So this year, we’re going to Heaven!

My friend Shawn has a similar idea of celebrating sexy time. “My girlfriend and I have dubbed June 1st Sexmas, and May 31st Sexmas Eve.”

Our fuckation will involve just the two of us – no screens.

We’re having a hard time deciding on themes – we want it all!







Vanilla sex!

Nuru time!

Eating, drinking, being merry.

Lounging, dozing entwined.


Getting messy.

Getting clean.



Orgasms galore!


Making love…

Eye contact.

Skin on skin.

Intentional quality time.

Retreat. Recharge our batteries. Reconnect. Worship. Get back to center.

One of my clients admitted to me that his hour-long sessions with me are like mini-cruise vacations for him – an oasis of hedonistic bliss amidst the chaos of daily responsibilities. If intimacy is a priority for you, schedule time for it. Treat yourself. Otherwise, you’ll get cranky, stressed, and even sick. Wanna be a good parent? A good worker? An asset to society?

Then get fucked! Or at least get a massage 🙂 !

Responsible hedonism: As long as you take care of your duties and obligations, you can have as much fun as you want, as long as you’re not hurting anyone.

What do YOU need?






Molly 2014-07-19 08:36:35

I love this idea… I think fuckations should so be a thing and I am going to try and plan one for this summer when my kids are away. One of the things we love is going to a local nudist/swingers club where we spend the day naked in the sunshine enjoying one another but doing something like that at home would be amazing too.



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