Play Piercing Party

By Kendra Holliday | March 17, 2017

We all have a light side, and a dark side – sacred, and profane.

I have a couple friends who bring out my dark side, and one evening I hung out with both of them, and that made for a dark and crazy night!

Let’s call them Ziztur and Dr Doom. Ziztur took all these pics. Dr Doom brought the human skull. They both collect medical oddities and are experts in health and anatomy.

I did a play piercing session with Ziztur years ago

Stick it to me!

and wanted to try it again. I found it fascinating, and loved how the endorphin rush felt after the needles came out.

So, we arranged an elaborate play piercing party. I was expecting it to be pretty tame, so I was pretty shocked at how weird things got!

Here’s me drinking wine out of a beaker – ha, it looks like piss!

Cheers! It’s about to get weird…

Ziztur is super creative and talented. She pierced my back, then glued feathers to the needles. I brought a bird mask, and voila – creepy bird lady!

Creepy bird lady

Here’s what my back looked like after the needles came out:

Just a flesh wound

The next day, I had a couple pink spots, and a couple days later, you couldn’t even tell I had a bunch of needles stuck in my flesh!

Of course we kept everything clean and wore gloves. Ziztur had all the necessary equipment.

She also sewed a woman’s thighs together! They were both giggling like crazy.


Here’s another person’s arm

pierced arm

And I sewed the human skull to a man’s nipples. I have super sensitive nipples, so it was wild sticking needles through this guy’s nipples. The entire time, I taunted and teased him. He loved it.

Skull and needles

Talk about kinky!

After the party, Dr Doom and I stopped at a local watering hole for a nightcap. We ran into a guy there who had a portable dialysis machine or something like that. He was drinking and smoking.

The next day, I found Dr Doom’s skull and crossbones bow tie on my sidewalk. Phew that was a freaky night! I had fun, but it put me in a dark place for a few days afterward. Needleplay is pretty edgy.

It’s important to balance the light and dark aspects of life, and face your fears.

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