By Kendra Holliday | December 20, 2017

I’ve reached my ideal relationship goal.

At the beginning of our relationship, when my partner Matthew would go on a date, I would lie in bed, heart pounding, unable to sleep until he called me when the date was over. I would imagine all kinds of scenarios, some hot, some scary, and would anxiously hold my breath as he recounted details of the date. As the story would flesh out, I would cautiously relax, but still be slightly wary.

Time and again, after each of these encounters, he would make me feel special and secure in our relationship. I also grew accustomed to the strange sensations.

Nowadays, I can sleep fine when he’s out on a date. I don’t have to be on a date myself, I can be doing my own thing, hanging with my daughter or a friend, or enjoying some alone time. This is a big accomplishment!

Whenever I start to feel jealousy or possessiveness creep in, I remind myself that my partner is not an object. I can’t put him in a closet when I’m not with him. He deserves as much happiness and exploration as I desire for myself.

Here is an example.

Last weekend, I took my daughter on a retreat four hours north of St. Louis. We spent the time frolicking in a tiny village, creating art, making music and friends.

Meanwhile, Matthew had a date scheduled with a new woman, someone we both knew. She was in transition and wanted to find out what polyamory was all about. She approached us about it, asking how it all works. She came to the right people.

With her last boyfriend, she told him she was okay with him being with other women, as long as he let her know about it. Unfortunately, he couldn’t handle being truthful and cheated on her, despite her generous offer!

She knew she deserved better than that, so she decided to make the most of her fresh start.

They had their date. It went from 6pm until 10am that morning – EPIC!

Meanwhile, I played, slept, and felt quite happy and content all around.

He and I talked on the phone after she left his house, and he gave me the salacious rundown.

She arrived at his house, they got food, had dinner.

He gave her a dress I wanted her to have because as beautiful as it was, it was the wrong color for me – I am pale, and she has an olive complexion. She tried the plum, strappy dress on in front of him, and loved it! He sent me a pic of her wearing the dress. She filled it out so nicely, and looked radiant.

She was excited to wear it out with him sans bra and panties, but before she did that, he gave her a full body, warm oil massage, and ate her pussy to shivering orgasm. He kept his pants on that round.

They went out to hear a band. They ran into some guy friends and confused the heck out of them. Did Matthew and Kendra break up? No. Was Matthew cheating on Kendra? No! That blew their MiNd!

He explained our relationship and how honest and free it was, and she snuggled up against him and laid her pretty head on his chest, smiling. It didn’t bother her one bit to hear him talk about me. I was glad to hear that. She GETS it.

On the car ride home, she said ever-so-cutely, “Oops! My top fell down.”

He turned and saw her large breasts hanging out. Of course he fondled them, asking if she liked her nipples pinched. She said yes, so he manhandled them as they drove, and she came like crazy. This woman is extremely orgasmic.

By the time they got back to his house, he was raging hard and couldn’t wait to get inside. So he didn’t. He asked her to suck his dick, which she did immediately, right there in the grass. I’m told she’s a great cocksucker.

He told her he wanted to cum on her tits, and he did, under the light of the silvery moon.

Then they went inside and he drew her a bath in his magic spa tub. He lit candles, put on music, and she basked in the warm bubbles.

After the bath, she sat next to him on the couch in a robe. She kept teasing him, flashing him playfully.

That got him revved up again, so he requested a cocksucking encore.

His wish was her command!

She got down on her knees again and happily obliged. At one point, while she was gung ho in the sloppy blowjob, she took his hand and put it on the back of her head. He loved that! That was her way of telling him to commence the facefucking, so that went down hardcore.

You really should click to enlarge.

When he was about to cum, he took his hand off the back of her head and growled that he was close. Earlier he let her know he didn’t care what she did with his cum, so he figured she would pull back and he would cum on her tits again.

Instead, she took his load in her mouth, swished it around, then grabbed an empty beer bottle that was sitting on the table. She spat it into the bottle.

He took this pic to share with me, and now I’m sharing it with all of you! Can you see her beautiful breasts framing the bottle? Pics like this are so sexy to me – they leave a lot to the imagination. Somehow, this image of a naked chick in front of a beer bottle with cum in it turned out classy! It all depends on the lighting and the people I suppose.

Then I think he worked her over again until she came a few more times. They finally fell asleep snuggled together, her head on his chest.

Wow. Didn’t it sound like three dates in one? You can read his version here…

I heard all this and got so turned on! I didn’t bring any toys with me, so I had to resort to my old-fashioned hand when my daughter went off to play with her friend. I came thinking of his cum in her mouth, the sounds they made…

She said she’d like to be with both of us some time. She’s never been with a woman before! I’d love for both of us to suck on her tits at the same time since she’s so into that.

Hot-n-heavy sigh!

UPDATE! We had a spontaneous threesome the other night! I have to tell you about it. And right now, she’s on her way over for an encore! And in between that, we’ve had post-worthy dates with a beautiful couple. So much sex, so little time! I hope we document it all before it slips away, but if it does, please fill in the blanks and make your own fantasies cum true……..



Kira Eros 2012-08-12 20:46:54

I really enjoyed reading this because it’s so relatable. I get so sick of talking to other poly/open relationship people and always hearing,”no, I never get jealous.” I hope someday I reach the same level of comfort you have.


Ginger 2014-03-25 19:59:55

well that was certainly fun to read 😉


gfalls 2014-09-02 15:45:50

How can I get details like this? My husband and I have been trying to be poly but he has a problem with sharing and it makes me feel insecure. I am ok with him seeing other people but want to hear things like the story you’ve shared. Instead he feels like he is betraying their trust if I even see a picture on his phone. I’ve tried communicating but it feels like a one way street.


John 2017-12-21 23:58:14

You and Matthew have such a great relationship. I like how he can tell you who and what he’s done and you can tell him the same. **sigh** Maybe in my next life….


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