Powerful Touch

By Kendra Holliday | July 20, 2014

I love to explore.

I love to explore.

So this sex surrogate work I do is hugely important, and I really and truly love it.

When I am engaged with someone and riding the waves of passion, I feel it in my core – in my heart and in my cunt – even if I am only giving the pleasure. I feed off the energy, it’s circular and ALIVE. It’s simultaneously relaxing and energizing.

I am honored to share intimacy with good people. I love mentoring and teaching others about sexuality and themselves.

I spend time with SO many interesting folks. They’re so diverse, but they are all keenly interested in a common goal: healthy human connection.

From the Middle Eastern Muslim man whose arranged marriage failed, to the man with a serious muscle disease who was told he would die by the age of 20, to the Catholic man who puked the first time he had sex, to the 44-year-old man who hasn’t had sex yet, to the man who was molested by a family member and can’t orgasm when other people are present, to the Asperger’s man who is clueless about courtship and body language…the list goes on and on.

After a recent sweet cock worship session, a client reported back to me:

“I felt giddy and somewhat euphoric and more energetic than usual the rest of the day — almost to the point of downplaying it so that others wouldn’t notice anything different about me today.  And it’s more than I can justify on the basis of a conscious memory of the fun I had.  It’s more like I had to stop and think about why I was feeling this way.  It’s almost like I’m feeling the effect of pheromones, or a spike in oxytocin from all the touching, or a spike in testosterone resulting from the whole thing — maybe arousal combined with touching — it’s like I’ve been mildly drugged, definitely enough to be noticeable.”

Look at all the articles and studies out there about how healing human touch is, not just for premature babies, but for humans of all ages.

We need to touch each other more often.

My friend has a cuddle club that meets once a week. They all get together and talk about science or watch a television show in a cuddly, consensual fashion.

There are many types of touch – healing, nurturing, soothing, caring, sensual, erotic, intense – do you know the difference?

The other day I was touching an inexperienced man with erotic intent – trailing my fingers gently all over his body, tuned into his male energy, slowly heading toward his erogenous zones. He was used to massage and other therapies, but this felt different to him. He said my caresses made him tingle all over and flush with pleasure. So nice that the feeling can linger, and carry over into other parts of our lives.


James 2014-07-20 17:42:51

This reminds me of when I lost my virginity. I was so young and the woman I was with was in her mid 50s (although she looked like she was in her 30s she was gorgeous) I was so nervous and inexperienced and I think she sensed that. Instead of going straight for the sex she actually coached and guided me, broke everything down and taught me what pleased her and what I liked.

To this day I don’t just think of her as the person I lost my v-card to, I think of her as the one that open my eyes to my sexuality and open a desire to explore. Kendra woman like you are needed in this world because you do so much good and I thank you for it.


Algernon 2014-07-21 11:02:39

Amen. Touch is nourishing. All the qualities of touch you name here, and more. Unintentionally I have been on a fast from most kinds of touch, but after a recent performance a spectator who may have fancied me a bit in passing put a hand on my arm and the intangible communication of erotic curiosity was clear as the smell of mint.


Dan 2014-07-23 20:31:31

wow and yes. When I was going thru my divorce and getting massage 2x a month on Friday to treat myself to a healing…coupled w/ a chiro visit; I would have LOVED a connection that included my cock and balls and not a Happy Ending thing actually. Just a You are AlL important and All needing Touch, no? yes. I love the work you do.


Stormy 2014-08-01 09:34:32

Wow…I’ve been looking at Your website for a long time, You are amazing! Always scared to “reach out”, married and mismatched, AND have crazy? fetish(es)…more than anything, am “touch deprived”…have been to massage therapists on numerous occasions, but they always stop..just short…of bliss…I hope some day to work up the nerve…Stormy


    Dan 2014-08-06 11:23:25

    this delightful lady stopped blogging six months ago but check our what she has written. I’ve asked her to write a book.


    In your town you will find erotic massage therapists. Not the soul workers and healers as expert as Kendra, but…sometimes you can indeed find a connection here.


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