Sheri’s Ranch: Where Fantasies Cum True

By Kendra Holliday | January 8, 2013

Have you ever been to a brothel? I haven’t, but would love to check one out firsthand!

I got a press release from one the other day that caught my attention:

Legal Nevada brothel lets clients live out their fantasies in detail…

Photo from Sheri's Ranch website

Photo from Sheri’s Ranch website

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (December 27th, 2012) – The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel located outside of Las Vegas announces the launch of “Sheri’s Playland,” a new wing of six bungalows designed to fulfill the most common sexual fantasies requested by the brothel’s clientele.

Sheri’s Playland allows clients to be the star of their very own sexual fantasy, playing out their desires with one or more of Sheri’s ladies in a fully-constructed bungalow, dressed like a movie set that convincingly mirrors the real-world setting of the fantasy.

Sheri’s Playland was created to provide highly detailed and immersive erotic scenarios such as:

•    Lustful Locker Room: teaming with steamy cheerleaders undressing after a big game, clients can watch the girls through a playful peephole or join them for a lesson on straddles and splits. This bungalow comes with a sex swing, so that visitors can explore every imaginable position with a gorgeous cheerleader. The sex swing allows ease of
movement for numerous sexual positions and enhances sex for disabled individuals and people with muscle or back conditions by providing a hoist.

•    Naughty Classroom:  Discipline must be dealt to Sheri’s misbehaving schoolgirls, and the customer is the lucky teacher assigned to the task. Bad girls and boys must wear a “dunce” hat and be spanked with the paddle. The naughty after-school activities are only limited to what clients can imagine.

Photo from Sheri's Ranch website

Photo from Sheri’s Ranch website

•    Sexy Secretary Scenario: A corporate office complete with a spy cam so that the CEO could peak under the dress of the seductive secretary. This scenario allows clients to do everything they’ve ever wanted to do to the attractive woman in their office. A very common and oft-requested fantasy.

•    Geisha Girl Bedroom: Journey to the orient for an amorous encounter with an exotic beauty without ever leaving the ranch. Clients are transported to a world where they are the center of the geisha’s universe and she exists only for their absolute pleasure.

•    Massage Parlor and Spa: Relax in a “full service” massage parlor and enjoy the most satisfying rub down imaginable with one (or more) of Sheri’s ladies. Clients can get hot and bothered with the woman of their choice in the sauna or relax with their stunning companion in the Jacuzzi.

•    Ultimate Girlfriend Experience: Another extremely popular fantasy, clients can cuddle with the girl next door and whisper sweet-nothings while enjoying popcorn and a movie in a state-of-the-art home theatre. A Tantra Chair is provided in the very likely event that innocent necking leads to something that requires more intricate positions.
The Tantra Chair is designed to add ease and fluidity to countless sexual positions while also making these positions easier for intimate couples of all ages.

Located in Pahrump, (Pleasant Valley) Nevada, outside of Las Vegas, The Resort & Spa at Sheri’s Ranch offers a nice get-away. Unlike many other brothels in the state, it styles itself as a “Resort” sitting on 20 acres of land. With upscale rooms and furnishings, volleyball & tennis court, a spa and outdoor swimming pool with Jacuzzi, Sheri’s caters to both singles and couples. For more information about Sheri’s Ranch and Sheri’s Playland visit


This all sounded too good to be true! Intrigued, I fired off a few questions, which they responded to promptly:

1. Is prostitution legal in Nevada?
Prostitution is 100% legal in several rural areas of Nevada. It is not legal in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas. Here is a relatively accurate Wikipedia article that covers most of the details.

2. Do couples really go there to fulfill fantasies?
Yes, Sheri’s Ranch has serviced numerous couples. Not all of our ladies service couples, but quite a few of our ladies specialize in it and have return/regular visits from couples.

3. What kind of women work there? Is this link really accurate and kept up-to-date?
Yes, our line-up is 100% up to date and accurate.

4. What kind of men go there?
Honestly, all types. Men from all walks of life visit sex workers, from heads of state, to celebrities, to blue collar workers. As long as you are a gentleman, you are welcome to negotiate a party at Sheri’s Ranch.

5. I think if someone was going there for the first time they would feel quite intimidated taking the plunge. Any advice for those new to something like this?
It should be understood that Sheri’s Ranch has “de-virginized” many men. Not only will our ladies make men who never visited a sex worker before feel comfortable – but they will comfort a man who never had sex at all before. Sheri’s Ranch is the cure for the 30-year-old virgin. No need to feel intimidated at all.

6. Is Sheri’s disability friendly/accessible? Yep, just found the answer to that one here.

7. I think a lot of people would be surprised to learn that a brothel gives back to the community – have you really worked with the organizations listed on this page?
Absolutely. Sheri’s Ranch is proud to be a worthwhile contributor to our local community. Pahrump is a small American town and small towns yield people with big hearts.

What do you think? Would you try visiting a place like this? Which fantasy would YOU choose to experience?


Vlada 2013-01-09 08:14:06

Thanks to college i tippet the “Naughty Classroom” fantasy 😀


DH 2013-01-09 08:17:43

I’ve been to a brothel near Pahrump before- kinda… it was advertised as a brothel MUSEUM with interesting oddities, so my friend and I took the long ass drive out there from Vegas… Arrived upon a damn trailer park in the middle of NOWHERE whole place looked dilapidated with milk crates as doorsteps.. Vibes didn’t feel good at all… We didn’t go in.

I’m skeptical of “resort” claims being burned once before… This place turned out to be one of the most well known brothels just outside Vegas… ??!!


    Jeremy 2013-01-11 11:39:18

    Hi DH,

    Check out the Sheri’s Ranch virtual tour on Google maps…that’s no trailer park:


The Lusty Chick 2013-01-10 20:21:38

My Favorite working girl (Air force Amy) worked there briefly after leaving the Bunny-ranch.


Michelle 2013-01-15 21:14:09

I have looked into this before and would love to go there to check it out.


Ernest 2014-07-20 23:12:28

I want to make mines happen for real.

It is so difficult to find another place, besides Las Vegas, you can enjoy being with a beautiful woman sexually.


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