By Kendra Holliday | January 26, 2014

This is my life.

This is my life.

Thanks to a client no-call, no-show yesterday, I missed my financial goal for the week. I have a reservation policy in place in order to avoid my time being wasted (my biggest pet peeve!!!) but he was an established client and I had seen him three times before. I dunno, maybe he had an emergency, but there I was, all dolled up and ready to greet him and help him conquer his Mommy issues, and then… nothing.

Luckily, I’m not desperate like I have been in the past. He didn’t fuck up my mortgage payment, just my home improvement goals. I need new windows and a new furnace. I plan on buying a new car this year. Trying to be pro-active. I’m SO proud of being a financially independent, single mom. I work really hard, I have unique and special talents, and I’m always trying to meet the right people. LOTS of networking opportunities happening these days. I have meetings with strip clubs, swinger groups, the local chapter of AASECT, Wash U Med School, and more!

So, yeah.  The one thing I lack is time, and the one thing I always need is money. I have everything else. I live a rich and beautiful life. I have an amazing kid, greats jobs, an amazing partner, and amazing SEX, PASSION, FRIENDS!

Here are some recent highlights:

– I was featured in Playboy last month. It drives me nuts when a journalist runs with a story and doesn’t fact check and publishes errors. I couldn’t BELIEVE he quoted me as saying I’m not a feminist. But hey, I appreciate the opportunity to spread the sex-positive word.

– I got to tell my story in Redbook this week. They were so good to me! They allowed me to help edit the article and they promoted it and offered such a positive message on polyamory! Color me pleased.

– My partner went to a conference this week and hooked up with a couple women. It was SUCH a turn on hearing all the details! My heart always races and I get squirmy when he relays the stories. One had large breasts, dark hair and pubic hair. The other was more petite, with red hair and shaved down below. He loved exploring both of them and experiencing their powerful orgasms, and cumming all over them or in them. And then when he came home, he was red hot and rarin’ for ME. We couldn’t get enough of each other!

Do you realize how many “monogamous” people go out of town to conferences and cheat on their partners? It’s like an unspoken free pass, but you can’t tell anyone about it!

And all you guys who are contacting me for sex and relationship consultations – you might be barking up the wrong tree. I think you need to have consultations with my man! He has amazing success with women. It’s fascinating learning his techniques. I wish he’d write more guest posts!

– Meanwhile, I had a special date with a young, handsome, fashionable, wealthy virgin. (WTF, RIGHT?) He flew in from out of town. We went to dinner, and stopped at a swinger happy hour. Then we went back to his hotel room downtown. Right as we were about to get down, the fire alarm went off (frozen sprinkler system), and we had to evacuate to the lobby. Once we were clear to go back to the room, we slowly undressed and explored each other.

In his mid-20’s, he was super lean and fit. His arms and torso were corrugated with muscle! I ran my fingers down his body and it really was like a washboard. He was so sexy and fresh! Now, you know I’m a goddess and it’s all good, but I’m 40 and have a soft tummy, so I was aware of the age and athletic disparity. But oh my god, you should have seen him! He was euphoric to gaze upon a beautiful woman up close! He was ecstatic to touch my breasts! He was speechless to feel my mouth on him! The look on his face – it was like he was gazing upon a glowing, celestial miracle in the sky, so full of wonder and awe. I had an incredible time. He did, too!



What’s more, I have my health. For the 40th year in a row, I am STI-free. I had a colonoscopy the other day (I’ve been meaning to write about it, I’m all clear down there), and my teeth are in great shape – my hygienist marveled at how it only took him 20 minutes to clean my teeth. Good oral hygiene is SO important to overall health and happiness!

I have a lot to smile about. We’re accomplishing great things. I’ve got a couple big events coming up – a SEX+STL fundrasier (sold out) and an upscale swinger party. Gotta keep it classy – no smoky clubs or dirty warehouses. It’s SO much work planning these events – I’m renting a luxury vacation home.

And I’ve got a few more events on the horizon – gonna lead a sex worker advice session next month! And travel and grow and write and fuck!


polynewb 2014-01-26 09:51:20

Mind is still blown over that Adonis being a virgin! You bring up a great point about Matthew, if only more men knew that a strong confidence is really what heats the panties.


capnmarrrrk 2014-01-26 10:37:06

I’m so glad to hear about everything! I’m sorry to hear your client skipped but that’s just a ripple in your pond. I have to call bullshit on one thing. Your daughter is anything but commonplace.

You’re wonderful and I love you.


Etienne Perret 2014-01-26 11:27:13

Sorry about the cancellation…this is why airlines overbook their flights. People have things come up that leads to changes. Don’t let it be a reflection on you.


Stephen 2014-01-26 23:05:44

The time seems ripe for you to find a literary agent in St Louis and put together a book proposal.

You can find an agent and/or publisher in the index of the books by people like you that you like to read.

The combination of your life story, the horrors and the thrills, mixed with sexeducational advice and a shmexy shot of you on the cover, and I think you can sell enough copies to make a few bucks. You’re already comfortable with the media and of course you are a good writer.

And worse to worse, you might or might not have a sister who can totally help you with everything book related.

It’s time. I want to read it, and I know many many others will as well.


    Kendra Holliday 2014-01-27 07:25:28

    Oh thanks so much for this comment. I totally agree – I have so many incredible experiences, and only a fraction of them end up on this blog. The editor at Redbook asked if I wanted to be connected with a book agent, but I’ve tried a few times in the past and it hasn’t been good. I want to write my memoirs or a book about motherhood and sexuality, and then the publisher wants me to write about sex toys or something I’m not into, and it falls apart. Plus I have trouble finding time to write a blog post, never mind a book! My sister is in the process of getting a book published. It’s always been a big goal of mine. Maybe someday…


santa 2014-01-27 10:41:50

I wish I was a virgin again so you could be my first time! My first time was so disappointing…it was over almost before it started…lol! I wish I was with a loving and so sexy of a woman like you!


    Sandy 2014-01-31 21:24:45

    So role play a virgin!


David Wraith 2014-01-27 16:12:06

Who’s awesome? You’re awesome.


jinny 2014-02-15 14:20:29

This kind of post may seem more diary-like than bloggy but it’s the type of post that stands out to underscore your integration of your total being. It rounds the corners of the persona that is depicted here, although that persona is definitely not square.
Thank you.


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