Speaking of Swallowing…

By Kendra Holliday | January 20, 2013

This lovely prose was originally published in 2008…

It’s 8:30am. I get a text from Matthew:

where can i find you?

I text him back my location – I’m housesitting, and he’s never been there before:

take a right, take a left, park in the driveway – door is open, I’m upstairs…

He finds me.

I hear him ascend the staircase.

I’m in one of the bedrooms

He sniffs me out

He fills the doorway

I pretend he’s an intruder – he doesn’t belong here!

My heart is pounding

but we embrace

no talking

start kissing

Then he leads me to the bed

He pushes me onto it and silently and assuredly strips me

He’s clothed,

I’m naked.

He worships my breasts

He gets down there and eats my pussy sooo nice

really amazing, his arm is hooked around one thigh, and his other hand is grabbing on to my belly, like a bear claw.

He has me locked down, I’m not going anywhere. not that I want to…

His tongue teases me to orgasm, but i can tell he doesn’t want to stop

He wants to eat me all day

but we don’t have much time

so he stands up

grabs me by the ankle and yanks me to him

ends up yanking the whole bed along with me

unbuckles his belt

pulls out his hard cock and I kiss it – it already has some morning dew on it

He shoves my head down on it

and I just go to town

Then he drawls –

let’s get some pussy juice on it for you

flips me around and sticks his cock in my pussy

fucks me doggy style, just a few deep strokes

pulls it out and shoves it back in my mouth

now it tastes even better

he does that a couple more times

then he starts fixing to cum

he whispers –

here it cums

and then he chants softly –

take it take it take it take it

shoves it in deep –

there it is

my mouth is filled with his seed

then he says magnanimously –

just swallow it.

I do

then I pull back and gasp

he pushes my head back on the bed, plants a kiss on my forehead and says –

Good morning.

He admires me for a moment, smiles tenderly and says –

There you are, all milky white.

kisses the curve of my hip, then kisses me on the lips, and walks out of the room, down the stairs and out the door, leaving me panting on the bed.


Kendra Holliday 2013-01-21 07:37:28

Hee hee, it’s fun to play like this! Gets the blood flowing…


santa 2013-01-21 10:06:28



Kimberly 2013-01-24 10:26:26

Good lord! That was Hott! Except the swallowing part ; )


    Kendra Holliday 2013-01-24 10:34:29

    hee hee gulp! I feel you


aimstraight 2013-01-29 12:33:45

phewww… sweats me alright…


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