Storytime With Daddy!

By Kendra Holliday | December 27, 2012

Have I mentioned how much I love my awesome friends?

I heard about a kinky playdate my friends had and was so impressed with how it went down that I BEGGED them to share the story with you all.

Take it away, Capn Marrrk! Here it is, in his words:

It all started with a text to my wife Bianca from Sissy Maid:

“Um… I, I was wondering if you would be interested in having me rub your feet and brush your hair while my girlfriend Foxxy orally stimulates your husband to completion? I know this is an odd request, but I want Foxxy to spit his seed into a condom afterward so she and I can have cumplay with it when we go home.”

A smiling Bianca showed me the text. When I was done laughing at the awesome unexpectedness of the request, my response was, “Sure, I can spare 10 minutes!

Storytime with Daddy!

Another text came down the line: “Foxxy wants him to read Daddies (Little Golden Book) while she gives him head.”

Ahhh, so THAT’S how it was going to be? Okay, I can roll with that. It sounded to me like we were going to do some roleplay. I don’t have a lot of experience with scenes.

I thought to myself, “Shit, if Foxxy is going to give me a blowjob while Sissy combs Bianca’s hair and rubs her feet, it’s going to be a short visit. I need to do something to make the visit worth their time, and make it last longer than 10 minutes (if I’m lucky!)”

We set our date up for Saturday.

Friday rolled around, and Sissy texted us to let us know Foxxy was going to dress really slutty. Right then, I decided that I would play the part of “Disapproving Daddy.”

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined any kind of scenario where Foxxy even knew my name, let alone come pay me a visit for some kinky play. Foxxy is HOT, she’s a dancer with a HUGE sparkly personality, and she’s built like Robert Crumb’s Ideal Woman.  She’s definitely a Queen Bee, she has to be with the way she bosses Sissy around!

So I was very flattered, and a little overwhelmed. I’m not much of scene player, in fact, I have almost zero experience with roleplay. For a couple of minutes I feared I might be in over my head.

I had an idea… it pays to be observant, and luckily, I am. I don’t know much about Foxxy, but I see she’s always posting funny links to “Toddlers and Tiaras” on her facebook page. Clearly she has a thing for pageants. I think I’ll put her through her pageant paces…

My headspace.

When Foxxy and Sissy arrived on Saturday, I was ready because I spent a large portion of the day getting in the right headspace and a little time preparing the house. Foxxy looked SUPERHOT. She was wearing a super short skirt showing off her powerful legs, and platform stripper shoes. Me, I was wearing brown corduroys, short-sleeved white button down shirt, kitty tie, sweater vest and glasses.

Hanging out in the kitchen, Foxxy could tell that I was already in character from my disapproving looks.  I told her that she was dressed like a whore, and how did she expect to the win the “Miss Little Pink Hearts Pageant” if she looked like a whore? What was her mother thinking?  I pulled out a bandana and pretended to start wiping off her make up. She began to “cry” and whine about how she put on the makeup just for me, and really wanted to win the Pageant. Well if she wanted to win, she was going to have to practice!

I then laid out a runway on the floor with tape, then told Foxxy that she wasn’t allowed to step off the runway because it was surrounded by sharks and piranhas, and that she need to practice her runway walk. If she stepped off the runway, there would be consequences.

Of course Foxxy lost her balance what with her high heels and “ fell into the water.” I had to discipline her with some swats to the ass, but she has so much muscle I don’t know if she even felt it. Bianca brought me a paddle to help out.

On the runway, it’s not enough just to learn to walk, but you also have to engage the judges. Bianca and Sissy agreed to be judges during the Q and A. Foxxy did NOT want to participate so she stamped her food and howled in defiance. With the threat of more paddlings, and an ice cream bribe, we pushed through the difficult questions.

I won! I get a prize!

Finally it came time for the Talent Portion. I marked out the “runway” with x’s, Twirl, Stop/Make Eye contact with the judge, Big Finish, which Foxxy passed with flying colors. Aided with a generous portion of Seagrams “Go-Go Juice”, she stuck the landing. She was rewarded with a tiara and a cigarette break.

This is the part where I mention how hot Foxxy is again. After the smoke, we were sitting on the sofa next to each other and she asked me softly, “Daddy, will you read me a story?”

Right next to us on the couch, Sissy was rubbing Bianca’s feet, and I began reading the story to Foxxy. You may wonder if I was nervous having observers in the room watching. The answer, “No.” In the past year, being a member of Sex Positive St. Louis has gotten me invited to a Squirting Demo, a Blow Job Demo, several Clothing Optional parties and a Swinger’s Party. As a result, I’ve become somewhat immune to having sex in front of others. Go figure.

I read the story to Foxxy forwards and backwards as Bianca held the book for me and turned the pages. Foxxy wonderfully sucked my dick as I fingered her pussy and played with her breasts and massaged her fantastic ass. I would have loved to eaten and fucked her. Foxxy’s ass, wow… I wanted to see it  arched up in a heart while I fucked her doggy style.

This story has a happy ending!

Sissy brought a condom and I had it ready for when I came. Boom! My part was over.

When we were done, Foxxy told me she had intended to snowball me and pass it along to Bianca. Bianca was surprised at this and insisted Foxxy get her ass over and kiss her right now. So Foxxy and Bianca shared a long, deep kíss and a grope. It had been a while since Foxxy had gotten a great kiss from another woman.

So while I’m extraordinarily flattered that I’m first in what looks like a new Daddy storytime hobby for Foxxy, Bianca is the big winner here because Sissy has reported that Foxxy was talking about her desire to play in bed with Bianca while they both order Sissy around to clean and serve. She even got texts later about how Foxxy could still smell Bianca’s hair product on her fingers. A hot Foxxy can have any guy she wants, but I guess a woman she’s attracted to who can kiss back is, well, a Blue Ribbon prize.

Meanwhile, I wrapped up my sperm in the condom and tied it off like a balloon, then dumped it into a baggie Sissy brought. I have personal issues with the quality of the product produced, and felt if given more time, I could do better, but that’s a story for another post.

I signed the book, we chatted, then off they went to enjoy the rest of their night.

So – how did I end up in a place where I had no problem having another woman come over to my house, suck me off in front of her boyfriend and my wife, then package it all up to go?

THANKS, Sex Positive St. Louis!


David Wraith 2012-12-27 10:25:32

SEX+STL, making St. Louis a sexier place since, like two years ago.


Bianca 2012-12-27 11:03:48

The whole experience was really exciting. To watch Cap’n Marrrrk get into the Daddy role and boss Foxxy around while she complained like a little spoiled girl was priceless. Then sitting next to them while he read her the story and she went down on him and while Sissy gave me the best hair massage…. it was lovely. I also have to share the fact that Cap’n Marrrrk was coming up with Daddy rhymes of his own while Foxxy was eagerly sucking him. It was fantastic… like sexy open mic. This is going to be a year full of kinky and adventure. I can’t wait!


Bimotarich 2012-12-27 23:30:33

Thanks for sharing! Great story! Keep the kink alive! My sweetie has been calling me daddy too as of late… hmmmmm…..


Gary LaBrot 2012-12-28 21:19:42

What an amazing evening! I had no Idea that Capn had such detailed plans! It was fun and sexy! The preplay gave everyone time to get comfy and settle in.Pageant play was perfect for Foxxy since she does it all day everyday anyhow! I was very turned on and notice my rubbing of Bianca’s hair was become harder and more intense as I watched, I had to ease off as not to get too rough.Bianca and Foxxy’s kiss was very hot! I was sitting next to her when they engaged and the weight of their bodies were pressing against me. I could hear their rapid breath and slight moans as they coupled. I’m still giddy! And Capn….we will see if we can work on that heart shaped ass arched in front of you soon.


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