Sweet Torture

By Kendra Holliday | February 27, 2013

Photo by Steve Truesdell

Photo by Steve Truesdell

Thanks to a business trip this week, I get to indulge in my cuckqueaning fetish.

Normally when I think of out-of-town trips, I ponder the possibility of having sex with someone new – a hookup.

This time, I wasn’t into that. In fact, I was feeling the reverse. I was a little peeved about having to leave town, so I stumbled across an idea while packing.

I was acting like a whiny kid and having a hell of a time packing, and my partner Matthew was helping. He asked me, “What do you want to bring besides your vibe?”

I flippantly told him, “Actually, I was thinking about not taking anything with me and just forgoing orgasms for a few days.” Usually I get off at least twice a day, so that’s unusual for me.

He leveled a stern gaze at me and said, “Be careful what you say, because if you decide on that, I’m going to make you stick to it.”

OY was I sure? I thought hard on it. It had been a while since we played around with orgasm restriction. There was one time when I went to California and ended up fucking a hot artist, but since I wasn’t allowed to cum, I had to hold really still and just let him use me to get off. That was pretty hot.

“OK,” I agreed. Then I had another idea. “Can you fuck someone while I’m gone?”

He smiled. “I’m sure I could work something out.”

“So I’m not allowed to cum at all, but you’re allowed to fuck and cum all you want?”


My pussy twitched!

Meanwhile, I had my ballcrusher guy on orgasm restriction, so it was turning into quite the setup. When I pointed that out to Matthew, he grinned wickedly. “I like being at the top of the sex food chain.” Then he dragged me to the bedroom all caveman-style. “Let’s get you off one more time before you go.”

So. It’s been four days since I left town. The first couple days were so busy, I almost didn’t miss my glorious sex life. But these past couple days have been CHALLENGING. I keep thinking horny thoughts and squirming in my seat!

In fact, right now I’m even more worked up, because in a matter of minutes, I’m about to watch him fuck our friend Phoenix… 


OK, it just happened. As I sat in my hotel room all by my lonesome and with rules in place, they enjoyed a rousing romp full of oral, orgasms, and positions galore! Can you imagine watching your partner get with someone else and not even have the the option to rub one out??


Actually it was pretty cool getting such a good view. Usually I’m buried on the bottom or busy with someone else, so it was nice just to watch. And it’s funny that just a couple weeks before, he had watched ME get fucked on webcam!

I loved watching her disappear beneath him, with only a small arm and leg visible. I liked watching them peel each other’s clothes off, all giggling and growling. I liked watching her suck his dick while she lay on her belly, her little legs waving back and forth in the air. He kept interrupting their fucking so he could devour her pussy. They fucked every which way until they were both flushed and out of breath. He finally came all over her quivering torso in great big spurts, and then trained the webcam on the spilt glistening seed so I could see. They looked like white handprints!

I kept thinking to myself, “God I can’t wait to get off in a few minutes, I need relief!” and then I would remember I’m not allowed to get off for another 24 hours, when I am back together with him again. I definitely want to cum from a good pussy eating, and then get filled with cum, and get off with the vibe to top me off…

God I’m throbbing!

Tomorrow is going to be a loooong day! 🙁

How do YOU want to get off next?


Kendra Holliday 2013-02-28 05:36:07

Next day now, and I’ve learned my lesson when it comes to my limits – I would have loved watching them if I could’ve gotten off, but instead I had to go to bed unsatisfied. Grrr I felt like Grumpy Cat for sure! I was hoping I’d have sex dreams and an orgasm in my sleep (that’s only happened twice in my life), but nope. Dang!

Lesson learned!


Capnmarrrrk 2013-02-28 07:51:06

Smarting off to the Big Man, gonna get you every time.


CrazyCockAcres 2013-02-28 09:07:49

I can completely understand what you were feeling, twice when I was out of town my wife played with a lady friend on her birthday and another time with another couple we were close with. Thoughts that raced through my head were unbelievable. All I wanted was details, but I like the idea of hearing it or actually watching it from afar.


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