Third Time’s A Charm

By Kendra Holliday | October 29, 2012

This chest makes an excellent tuffet

Remember my last vagina update?

I had a hysterectomy on Sept 6, and was disappointed to have to wait at least six weeks before I could resume my normal sexual activity.


FINALLY, I went to my doctor last week, and after weeks of fog, he cleared me for take off!

He opened my vagina up with a speculum, looked inside, told me everything appeared perfect, but dabbed the end of my vagina where my cervix used to be with silver nitrate to protect the healing tissue just in case.

“You’re free to do anything legal in the state of Indiana,” he announced with a smile.

Of course that opened the door for lots of jokes involving pigs and sodomy, but I digress.

As soon as he left the room, Matthew hopped up and pretended to hump me right there on the exam table.

Then he asked me if I wanted to steal a speculum from the stash in the drawer, but I declined. I wanted to come by a speculum honestly, and happily, I did! But that’s a story for another post…

It was a very inconvenient week for us to re-consummate our relationship, but we were determined to squeeze it in. We were so excited! So the next night, he stopped by late.

I was wearing all white – a long white dress, with lacy bra and panties. I wanted to virgin roleplay, but without the blood. I can’t believe he snuck up on me! I was lying there, eyes closed, and never heard him coming. Suddenly, his big hand clamped down over my mouth! My eyes flew open, and there he was, looming over me.

I was so glad to see him, I forgot about being annoyed with him for startling the shit out of me. Hard to believe someone so big can be so stealthy!

We eagerly undressed and got into bed together. After kissing and some sweet vanilla foreplay, he finally eased his hard cock all the way inside my wet pussy.


We were supposed to take it easy, but we couldn’t help but get frisky, so after a couple positions and me cumming twice, I reached for some new lube I got, even though I was plenty wet. The lube was JO H2O Anal – I bought a big bottle for $16.

I applied some and we resumed fucking. He had felt like cumming a couple times himself, but he held back, because he wanted to savor it. Now, though, it seemed like something weird was going on. He wasn’t ramping up, but stalling out.

Finally he said, “My dick feels weird. It feels…numb.”

“What? Are you serious?”

“Yes.” He pulled out and demonstrated, flicking the head hard with his fingers.

“Stop that!” I yelped, disappointed.

We tried a couple more times, but it was game over. He wasn’t going to cum that night. I don’t know if it was the new lube (the label didn’t hint at any desensitizing ingredient), being worried he would hurt me, or heck, maybe the silver nitrate, but the encounter felt like reading a really good book, but not getting to finish the last chapter.

We fell asleep holding each other, and I felt funny.

The next morning, we didn’t have time to try again, so we parted ways. I felt uneasy at work, and was relieved when he called to tell me he planned to come over again that night to pick up where we left off.

It was another late night encounter, and we were both really tired.

This time, he didn’t get hard like he usually does, and I got anxious again. Is he worried about hurting me? Is he no longer attracted to me? What’s going on? Should I say something, or let it ride? I tried to remain calm and not infuse the situation with my anxiety.

We changed gears – I got off with a vibrator, which turned him. We spooned, which was better and he finally came, but the energy between us was different, not as intense. It turns out his back was bothering him and he had other stuff on his mind.

I was NOT expecting our reconnection to be somewhat awkward! What with our amazing chemistry and experience, I assumed things would be instantly electric.

Was the spell broken?

A couple nights later, we got together at his place for another late night rendezvous. We sat in the cozy candlelight and talked for a long time. I felt very content and was getting really sleepy, so I started to wonder if we would skip sex that night. Was that what he wanted? Would I feel bad about it later?

Before I could think too much about it, he checked the time, announced he would have me out of there in 15 minutes, then took off my pants and lovingly licked me. I t felt soo nice, but I didn’t feel an orgasm building.

He stood up and pulled down his pants, revealing his lovely hard dick. I eagerly got down on my knees and sucked it. After a moment, he huskily ordered, “Turn around and bend over.”

I complied, and he shoved his dick in me and firmly grabbed my hips. It fit so nice and felt so right. He fucked me with a purpose, and just like that, our mojo was back!

I immediately came, and he soon followed.

Euphoric relief! We were back on track!

And as promised, I was out of there in 15 minutes.

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