Top 10 Things That Have Been in My Vagina

By Kendra Holliday | December 13, 2018

I thought this would be a good topic to follow the vaginal penetration post.

A few years ago, the Riverfront Times published an article titled Top Ten Things That Have Been in The Beautiful Kind’s Vagina: NSFW. I was SO honored. I’m pretty sure no other woman has that distinction. The article is by now out of date, so I’m going to offer my own, more accurate version. GOD my vagina has been good to me! Holy shit I’ve had a lot of people and things in my vagina! (For context, click here to see what my pussy looks like – the glorious gateway to my vagina!)

10. Tapio, my wooden dildo. One of my favorite sex toys. My lovely super smooth dildo glows like a tiger’s eye and smells like cedar. Very warm and inviting. He is the most living inanimate object I’ve ever fucked.

Tapio wooden dildo

Tapio wooden dildo

9. An abortionist. I seriously can’t imagine what life would be like right now if I hadn’t gotten an abortion in 2007. It was a sucky situation and a difficult decision to make, but I am infinitely grateful I had the legal option to exercise my right to choose.

I love contrast.

I love contrast.

8. Big black cock. I’m sorry, but even if the cock isn’t technically “big” (and lord knows I’m not a size queen!), it still sounds better to say it that way. I’ve had the pleasure of fucking several handsome black men. Here is one of them.

7. Hitachi Magic Wand Attachment. OMG I LOVE THIS THING! I use the Hitachi Magic Wand every day, but every once in a while, I add the attachment. It fits over the head and inserts perfectly snug. I lube it up and it’s like a benevolent alien tentacle bathing me in white light, inside and out. It’s gripping and intense and when I cum, it hurts so good! My vagina grabs on tight and doesn’t want to let go. I yelp when I pull it out after my rockin’ session, phew!

This is my favorite Hitachi attachment!

This is my favorite Hitachi attachment!

6. Yoni egg. These eggs will ground and center you. They will also surprise you. I had an amazing kundalini experience wearing one while being fucked… turned my world upside down, was so intense and unexpected, it was scary! But totally worth it. All these moments make me feel so in touch with myself and ALIVE.

5. Rockabilly Girl’s fist. It was a very loving, fulfilling act. Rocked my world.

You can't rush fisting.

You can’t rush fisting.

4. A gang bang featuring eight amazing men and their amazing cocks, fingers, tongues!

3. My uterus – My uterus is an awesome bag of magic. It held my daughter as she was being formed, like a divine purse. It also held other life forms that didn’t make it. And when I decided I no longer needed it, I opted for a hysterectomy. The good doctor made three small incisions in my belly, cut the uterus free, and yanked it out of my vagina. You can see a pic of my shiny, pink uterus in this post.

2. My partner Matthew. There are many incredible cocks in the world, but his is my favorite, because it’s attached to a loyal, strong, confident King of a man who loves me unconditionally and understands that I am an extraordinary woman and I WANT IT ALL.

1. My daughter – That’s right – my daughter has been in my vagina. In fact, she’s the only person who has come OUT of my vagina as opposed to IN my vagina. I’m so glad I was able to have a vaginal birth – many women don’t get the chance. Sometimes when we are sitting around and I’m doing her hair, she’ll blurt out, “I can’t believe I’m your vagina monster. I came out of your vagina 13 years ago, and now I’m bigger than you!” I laugh – it’s so true. And so unbelievable! We’re such great friends. I created an incredible person.

Next: The 10 Worst Things That Have Been in My Vagina…


santa 2014-01-01 12:11:09

I really like your vagina!


Kendra Holliday 2014-01-02 08:37:15

I really love learning about people’s masturbation habits, especially in the early years. It’s so fascinating! Silk, pillows, faucets… Now you’ve got me thinking about all the places penises have gone! 🙂


Sandy 2014-01-02 15:01:01

Yes, isn’t it funny… The vagina is one of the most private places. But at the same time, in a typical family it’s the most public place too in the sense that every member of the family has been there. Not to mention the publicity I saw it get during childbirth in a teaching hospital!


    Cell 2016-05-31 22:17:12

    Sandy this is a wise comment and my husband and I laughed our asses off!


CHoward 2014-01-02 18:35:37


It’s not my intention here to be deliberately negative, but I’d like to
find out from your male or female commenters this following
question if I might:

For me particularly I’ve noticed that during sex that when I’m
inside a woman that the vagina seems like, well umm,
if I might put it this way, kind of chilly in a temperature kind of
manner. I read from some of your readers that they said it was
warm and kind of toasty in there – but I have to admit that
I myself have never had that experience . I wondered if
other men or women have ever had that kind of experience or
comment from someone. Just curious .

And Kendra I have a question for you: I gathered from one of your
posts that you had one client in which he pretended to be a
schoolteacher sort of guy and he had sex with you and your girlfriend
and it was recounted by him that you orgasmed real intensely
after he had screwed him for just a little while. So are you really
a highly easily aroused woman when you have sex ?


    Kendra Holliday 2014-01-02 18:54:16

    I would say most pussies are warm and wet.

    I sure can be highly easily aroused during sex, but not all the time. Depends on my mood and the circumstances. I really like roleplay, and chemistry is King!


    Sandy 2014-01-02 22:22:38

    My impression was always that it was pretty warm, almost hot. It’s a deep internal body area and should be at around 98.6 F at all times. In the old days, a rectal thermometer reading was always considered to be the most accurate because it was deep inside the body.


CHoward 2014-01-02 22:44:16

I very much enjoy hearing your stories I guess primarily because as
a guy I can relate to some degree with a woman who has the feelings
that you have especially when you were a young girl.

My first experience was with a woman much like yourself she came
across with the pussy very easily and that DID NOT make me think
any less of her – in fact I felt rather flattered that she went to bed
with me. And the fact of the matter is, I liked her really, really well.

To me woman who is not so upity is more likely to get my attention
then a woman who considers yourself far above me. She had a nice
hairy pussy like you do but she had a very disconcerting habit that
she wouldn’t fuck me with the lights on, and I love to see a woman’s
body while I’m having sex. Another bad thing is that with her she didn’t
didn’t realize that I was new all this and I was quite excited finally
going to bed with a woman!! I’d wanted to fuck her all the time and here
she was coming across with the pussy the way I wish she would.

I had a lot more opportunities but for various reasons that the would
take too long to explain I didn’t get my fair share before the start of the 1980s. But I think I know why you have such an appeal, it’s because it you have a attractive face and the fact that you are out there about sex all the time and that has an effect on how attractive you come across
to all your blogger and this and turn tends to cause people to pay attention to you. I love women but unless I’m very comfortable around a girl then it becomes difficult for me to get a real warm connection with her.

But least I’m a guy who really enjoy screwing! Keep up the sexy talk
and tried to include a lot more good pictures like you had where you were
sucking that one guy off and perhaps maybe even some pictures of you fucking
one of your clients (without showing the identity of course).

Keep up the sexy talk and your own personal observations; it’ll keep us
coming back!!


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