Twelve Days of Dickmas

By Kendra Holliday | December 23, 2016

You know what gives a sex worker a serious case of frosty burnout? An onslaught of timewasters and disrespectful horny men.

It’s winter now, and I’ve been dealing with a bone chilling, relentless dick blizzard.

It’s enough to make my pussy FRIGID.

Baby, it’s cold outside. Don’t be all rapey, virtual, or otherwise.

I feel like I’m doing the heavy lifting. Other women are opting out – they’re had enough and are done with dick – which makes more men cluster up, desperate and eager, their testosterone levels sloshing out and flinging on anyone they can access.

If you want to warm a woman up, make her feel comfortable and respected.

If you want to wear a woman out, be pushy and insensitive.

Believe me, I LOVE sex and men and doing what I do, but when it comes to the creepers, it goes like this:

On the twelfth day of Christmas

my horny fans sent to me:

12 Dicks Drumming

Don't be this boner.

Don’t be this boner.

Eleven Pricks Piping



Gather around, manchildren!

Ten Dicks a Leaping

Nine Dongs Dancing

Eight Dicks a Milking

Seven Dicks a Swimming

Six Cocks a Laying


Four Calling Dicks

Three French Dicks

Two Turtle Dicks

and a Penis in a Pear Tree.

Now repeat twelve times.

See? Exhausted.

Merry Dickmas, Everyone!

Luckily, I get a boner break – I’ll be on vacation Dec 26-Jan 10. First Hogwarts in Orlando with my daughter, and then Iceland with my partner! I’m excited to see magical landscapes and the Northern Lights!

And then I will return, refreshed and ready to rendezvous again! See you next year!


Joan 2016-12-24 12:02:36

“If you want to warm a woman up, make her feel comfortable and respected. If you want to wear a woman out, be pushy and insensitive.” Yep, you said it perfectly (as you always do). Thank you for all you do, Kendra.


    Kendra Holliday 2016-12-29 06:13:33

    Thank you, dear Joan!


bimotarich 2016-12-25 02:50:18

One of my students will hopefully be going to Iceland this February to study geothermal energy generation… wish I could join her, I have always wanted to go there… have met several Icelanders on my adventures… always nice folk!… hope your have a relaxing escape!


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Reptiles and men made my heart race plenty the past few days.


This weekend we were driven off road 5x. 2x =snapping turtles, 1x= box turtle, 2x = asshole men who ran stop signs & didn't give a fuck.


What does my badass bruise look like? The stretch marks enhance it.


I passed the tampon & got a hysterectomy the same year my daughter had her menarche. 👯