Update on No Shave May

By Kendra Holliday | June 6, 2017

I’ve been wearing a lot of sexy, slinky dresses lately sans stockings. I have to admit I felt nervous a couple times and wondered if anyone noticed my stubble. If they did, they didn’t mention it.

Here is my hairy leg, soaking in the tub:

Haven’t shaved since late April

It also feels strange saving a few steps getting ready for a date or going out. I keep thinking I need to budget an extra 15 minutes for shaving in the shower, but nope, I get to skip it! One woman commented online that shaving was “classy.” I guess that means I’m being uncouth? Oh well, I never claimed to be a lady!

SIGH. I’ll never get this hairy!

This chest makes an excellent tuffet

This pic was taken on a lazy Sunday morning, lounging around in bed, feeling furry and loved….



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