Vagina Update

By Kendra Holliday | October 15, 2012


I know it’s not fair, but I’m totally pissed at my vagina.

I’m upset that it isn’t 100% healed yet after my hysterectomy, which happened on Sept 6.

I haven’t had anything in my vagina in over a month (ok, maybe just the tip), and it’s really starting to BUG ME.

You don’t have to tell me I’m being unreasonable and a spoiled brat – I know.

Last week I went to the doctor and I was hoping he would tell me I was cleared for FUCKING SEXUAL intercourse, but the day was so shitty I knew I wouldn’t get good news, and sure enough, he told me I needed to wait another couple weeks and come back for a check in.

He said my incisions and vagina were healing nicely, but there was a pencil point size mark inside at the seam where the cervix was removed that needed to heal over before I started banging things around in there. I have to admit, it had been so long since I had any penetration that when he inserted the speculum, and then later, jammed his gloved fingers in there to feel around, I got turned on.

But not for long –Β  he said I had a yeast infection. I took the magic yeast-banishing pill that very night, so no worries.

But get this – I’m still feeling the pelvic pain I had before. Don’t get me wrong – I’m still glad I had the surgery, since now I don’t have to worry about periods or getting pregnant anymore.

My partner and I were both SO disappointed to find out we had to wait a while longer. But gosh, it’s nothing compared to people who are dealing with infertility, cancer, or sex change operations.

We had a double date this weekend with a married couple where I couldn’t throw down like I wanted. That meant the wife had to take on both men all by herself, which left her going to bed with an ice pack between her legs. I admit, I was jealous. I never quite realized my fundamental need to be penetrated. So the husband face fucked me with his big cock and it was scary but made me cum at the same time. I’m glad my man got some pussy, but my god I’m just OBSESSED with his penis inside my vagina. Usually when I masturbate I imagine him fucking other women, but now I’m all about him filling ME up – at this point, it feels so taboo.

To add insult to injury I won’t be fully functional at the swinger party this weekend. Here’s a glimpse of my Roman Empress costume, by the way:

I have a feeling I won't be wearing this for long

Can you imagine being a slut at an orgy and no fucky for you? Sounds like a bad dream, no?

But there are some good things happening.

We had an amazing weekend getaway in Bourbon Country. This is a shot of me right before we headed to the bourbon bar and shared a flight of tasty, tasty bourbon (Big Ass was my favorite!)

Sexy back

And we practiced for the Blowjob Demo I’m giving Nov 16. It exceeded my expectations! I’m so excited to suck cock in front of a live and eager audience next month!

Here is a shot of the man I blew, right before I unwrapped him like a present and sucked him off until he came all over my tits:

Beneath the benign surface of clothing, menacing cock lurks.

His girlfriend got to see him get blown by another woman for the first time (she’s seen him get blown by a guy!), and my man narrated the scene in his deep, rumbling voice. (Ironically, the day after the practice run, he received the worst blowjob of his life from a new woman he hooked up with. When he told a friend of ours, the friend said philosophically, “A bad blowjob is better than no blowjob at all.” My man said, “I DISAGREE.”

Watch the teeth, people.

I suggested she should attend the demo, but we shall see. It’s already filling up fast – we’ll probably need to do more than one, which would be fine with me! (All proceeds go toward wine and refreshment – any extra $$ goes to SEX+STL. That means that the stunt cock and I are pro bono whores – pro bo hos! ha ha) It’s important that guests are carefully screened for private events like this – we want to avoid any issues – keep the focus on the positive. St.Louis is becoming more and more progressive and deserves happy ending events like this!





reading along 2012-10-16 06:33:06

A lot of women who experience pelvic pain (and dyspareunia and vulvadynia) have found that the problem is actually with their pelvic floor muscles rather than their reproductive organs. Not knowing the aetiology of your pelvic pain I can’t make much of a comment though. (I am a qualified sex therapist).


Akiba 2012-11-05 22:11:36

I just found you (and this site) and I have to say that I feel better knowing that there are women like you on planet Earth. I’m a barely legal guy and I like older girls who know what they’re doing. Thank you!


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