WHAT Is This World Coming To???

By Kendra Holliday | February 12, 2013

All hell is breaking loose!

All hell is breaking loose! Women attacking David Wraith. (I’m in hockey mask – YES!) Photo by Molly Algernon.

I have to ask:

The Pope is quitting.

Maker’s Mark is reducing its alcohol content.

FetLife is no longer able to allow certain fetishes on its website.


OK the Pope thing I can handle. It’s for the best. The Catholic Church has done more harm than good overall. Don’t believe me? Well, if I had a nickel for every time one of my sex consultation clients started off with, “I was raised Catholic…”

I’d be as rich as I feel.

The Maker’s Mark announcement that it will reduce its alcohol content from 45% to 42% due to high demand is a bitter pill to swallow, especially since I’m pretty sure we can put the blame on my partner Matthew.


Last year he saved all his empty bottles of Maker’s and we took a pic of the pile of sadly see-through corpses, but I can’t find it right now to show you. It was like an elephant bone graveyard.

The worst blow, however, is the announcement that kinky social networking site FetLife was penalized by Visa credit card company for being perverts, and their funding platform was yanked without notice.

BOY I know how that feels. I was permanently banned from PayPal two years ago for having adult content, and I’m STILL peeved about it.

But I’m just one slut. FetLife is HUGE! No one is safe from the thought police!

Here is FetLife’s policy on what can be shared on their site:

Common Sense Rules” which are as follows:

  • Nothing under 18 (including fantasizing).
  • As long as it’s consensual, it’s ok.
  • If it’s non-consensual, you can fantasize about it as long as it stays that way. Fuck The Thought Police.

Here is what they have to do now if they want to stay in business:

The Big Four no-no’s (even in fantasy) are:

1. Anything Under 18.

2. Incest.

3. Zoophilia.

4. Scat.

Yes, those are big taboos in our society, but WHY those four? Why not bloodplay and other edgeplay, like needles, vomit, sploshing? What if it’s just pretend? What about Furries? Seems like a slippery slope to me. It makes more sense to delineate between fantasy and reality than to censor certain thoughts.

Well. I’m about to post an incest roleplay scene here that would not be allowed over on FetLife. That’s because I don’t try to make any money on this site. I pay my hosting company $20/month so I can share my deepest, darkest thoughts with you.

You’re welcome.



DH 2013-02-12 06:37:55

Yes, yesterday blew my hair out straight. More on that later.

My ex spoke in tongues with me- that is, she was NICE to me, and even cracked jokes with me .

While driving home, a boulder the size of a full-size van rolled into the highway. I had to drive around that.

In amazement, I pull out my phone to text about that and discover the Pope’s resigning.



The Bee's Kness 2013-02-12 07:18:19

This week has been weird!

I made more money since last Thursday then I did ALL of last year.

I’ve been weirdly shy about orgasming. (me being weirdly shy is normal but not the orgasm thing, that’s just fucked up)

There’s something wrong with the brakes on the car that has C stumped. I’ve NEVER seen him stumped.

The pope throwing in the towel!?! It’s thrown the cosmic order of this out of wack…

Oh oh oh and one last thing!!!!

Two years ago today you & Matthew took a chance on a strange lady living in Illinois… Coming to St. Louis that day was like coming home. I thought I was just getting away for the weekend but boy howdy how life has changed! Thank you both for that. <3


kat&mark 2013-02-12 14:51:00

Priests giving bourbon to related underage cardinals in order to have non-consensual incestuous scatalogical sex with them? That would explain everything…


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