You Make Me Sick

By Kendra Holliday | October 29, 2016

Phew I'm tired!

Phew I’m tired!

You’re always hearing jokes about Roman Showers, but have you ever met someone who is really and truly into them?

I have. Let’s call him Puke Boy. And let’s ask him some questions.

TBK: What is the proper name for your fetish?

PB: Emetophilia. That includes anyone turned on by vomiting, even themselves vomiting.

TBK: What’s your preferred term for it?

PB: Probably “throwing up,” “getting sick” or just plain “vomit” when talking about a hot girl doing it, but probably “puke” or “barf” when talking about me or some dude doing it. I believe the actual act of throwing up on someone is called a roman shower.

TBK: What do you like about it?

PB: Although I am not into S&M and hate for a girl to be in pain, I am conflicted as the tender side of me wants to console her and make her feel better, while this perverted primal instinct inside of me suddenly awakens and is very interested. I actually get more and more aroused as her nausea builds. She’s trying to fight it, but she’s really helpless as there’s nothing she can do to stop it. Some soft moans as she clutches her stomach as she wishes it to either stop or just hurry up so she can get it over with.

Then there’s the waiting around and anticipation of when things are gonna get started, and a chunky sour burp signals it is imminent. She says “Oh no, I think I’m going to throw…” Just then the climax arrives and she opens her mouth and the warm thick liquid flows out of her mouth. No more words, as wave upon wave comes over her. Spasms grip her tight little body as her last meal is forcibly expelled. She’s able to get some breaths of air in between belches and some gurgling noises that come from well inside her. You wonder how such a petite girl could make such a deep sound. Soon the waves of easy flowing vomit turn into empty retches as now just a long string of drool hangs from her mouth. Before you knew it even started, she is finished and collapses on the floor, exhausted and relieved for the time being…

Part of it is probably how this is a pretty embarrassing event for people, and it’s not too often we can’t control our bodies. Something also about the fact that the vomit is from deep inside her, that this is deeper and more intimate even than having sex. The vomit was once food but has now been changed by her body to kind of become “part of her.”

Another emetophile describes it as his way of “consuming” her, and I agree with that too.

Note: I have no cannibalistic urges and have no desire to actually eat any part of her body.

TBK: Do you have any childhood memories that can be associated with this fetish?

PB: Back in grade school, I was always very intrigued when someone would get sick in school. It was always a big event that caused a lot of commotion. If a kid ran out of class sick, I always wondered what happened. If I could I would go look for evidence in the bathroom (cautiously!)

I don’t remember ever seeing a girl throw up, but would always hear stories about how some girl went home sick and would imagine what actually happened. There was the real pretty girl I had a crush on in 4th grade who accidentally got puked on by some geek. There was another girl (in 3rd grade?) who always seemed to be gone sick. I would imagine myself inside her stomach.

TBK: Do you like puking yourself? Would you want to puke on a woman?

PB: No, I hate puking myself, and haven’t puked because of anything other than alcohol since 5th grade. I was kind of a germophobe when I was younger–when someone at school would get sick, I would do everything possible to stay away, wash my hands often, and hold my breath while near them. I would feel pretty uncomfortable puking on a woman, even if she said she likes it. Also, apparently a lot of emetophiles are also emetophobes.

TBK: What kind of woman do you like to watch throw up? Any woman?

PB: Any woman I would normally be attracted to, which is average to short in height, skinny to a little “baby fat” in weight, long hair, and of course an attractive face.


TBK: What’s your favorite kind of puke? Chunky? Drunk?

PB: Any kind that is more than just basically water. It should have some substance. Kinda thick but smooth, and not too slippery and stringy. But I’m not too picky. Geez, I kinda sound like a puke conniseur there.

TBK: What’s your ideal fantasy?

PB: It’s very rare to see someone throwing up in public but I imagine coming across a random hot girl who appears to be in distress. I ask her if she’s okay and she says she thinks she may get sick. I take her to a secluded area. As she starts throwing up, I pull her towards me and kiss her. She continues to throw up into my mouth, which I hungrily swallow. Soon she is finished but we keep making out. She is strangely turned on by my lust for her insides, which then leads to the wildest sex ever.

I’ve also heard a true story of a college student who met some random hot drunk chick and took her back to his place. Soon they were making out and all of a sudden she pukes in his mouth. He was disgusted but I couldn’t be so lucky for that to actually happen to me.

TBK: What do you think of the smell of puke?

PB: It definitely turns me on, as long as I know who it came from (a hot girl!). All my senses are turned on by puke–especially hearing a woman throwing up.

TBK: Are you ok with cleaning up the puke? Do you like taking care of the girl afterward?

PB: Yes, I would love to clean up the puke and take care of the girl, especially if she didn’t know about my fetish.

TBK: Do you orgasm from the thought? Would you jerk off while watching a girl puke or have her puke on you?

PB: I don’t think I could ever orgasm just by thinking of something. But yes I would love to jerk off while watching her puke. Of course the most ideal situation would be having sex with her while she is puking on me/in my mouth.

TBK: Have you ever done that before?

PB: I have gotten a couple of escorts to puke on me using their finger. And as far as just watching, I jerk off watching videos of girls puking (lately I’ve seen a lot on youtube, but I used to have some fetish tapes of girls puking that I threw out when I met my wife and wish I had kept now).

TBK: Are you into poop?

PB: Not poop. But I am probably more of an “ass man” than a “boob man” and I would love to lick a hot girl’s asshole (only did this twice). There is really no part of a woman’s body that I find gross or turns me off. It seems the bodily functions she tries to hide actually often turns me on, but not so much poop and farting.

TBK: Do you enjoy regular sex as well?

PB: Of course!

OK. Here’s the kicker. Puke Boy asked me if I would puke on him. I told him I’d be glad to – for a price. Would you puke on someone for $1000? That story next!

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